Li Lingyu is really not like 58 years old, wearing a Chinese cotton and linen shirt with purple pleated skirt, it looks age reduction and fashionable

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The temperament of a woman is not disappearing with age, but that we need to constantly recognize the changes in their temperament.

Choose to the most suitable clothing and the matching method that can highlight the temperament can present a more temperamental and younger shape.


Often for middle -aged women, the most simple clothing design style can better show a elegant and low -key fashion temperament. Let me see how to wear it with me today. Woolen cloth?

Sometimes I really have to admire the female stars in the entertainment industry. The management of skin and figure is really superb. Others do not say, but their self -discipline mentality is really worth learning.

Li Lingyu, who dressed like this, can you think she is 58 years old? There is no special design point for the overall clothing,

Wearing a simple Chinese cotton and linen shirt with a purple white skirt, the color is very pink and tender, very temperamental,

The whole person looks fashionable and age -reducing. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of her set of clothing!



First of all, we look at the color of her top very low -key. This light gray feels particularly soft, and it is also in line with her temperament.

However, the difference is that the whole person does not expose the age, but is matched with the pink shades of the lower body, which is simple but high.


Especially in other colors in the entire shape, the pink tone can be dressed in such a temperament, it is indeed her ~ It is said that this pink is particularly difficult to control, but in her shape Blending together, it is very young.

Design match:

The design of the clothing is very simple and atmospheric. First of all, the top is a very simple Chinese -style shirt. The design of the round neckboard buckle is very refreshing for summer.

And this Chinese style clothing can make her look very literary.

Although the lower body chooses a pink skirt, the design of the skirt folds can show the design sense of the entire shape, and to better modify her figure. The main thing is that the watch and the skirt are the same color tone It shows his particularly fair complexion, elegant and moving.



In fact, everyone’s perception of shirts is still a bit insufficient, and shirts are not just used in formal clothes. He can also be used as a very casual item, which can be worn alone, and it can be stacked with a variety of matching methods.


And the current casual shirt can be matched with simple and very atmospheric shapes,

You don’t need to use too much design, you can show a more advanced temperament.

The main thing is that he can better modify our figure, and can easily control without a slender figure.

Skin Skirt advantage


The skirt is different from the dresses. The design sense of the upper and lower bodies cannot be changed. It may be suitable for the upper body and not suitable for the lower body. Choosing the skirt can better choose the most suitable version based on the figure. It is thin and temperamental. Essence

The skirt is also very versatile,

Whether you want to match simple T -shirts, suspenders, or shirts,

It can present a young and temperamental style, and it has a good effect on the modification of the leg lines. You don’t have to worry about the legs that are not good -looking!

What do you need to pay attention to?

TIPS1: Simple color tone shows high -level elegant temperament

Although the two items of these shirts and skirts are very simple and atmospheric, there are no harsh requirements for the figure. Everyone is using them to match the shape.


Everyone’s skin tone and temperament are different, and the colors that can be selected are also different, and the design sense of these two items is very simple.

The color is also very simple and atmospheric. If the color contrast of the two items is too clear,

The shape of the show will be lost and the high -level elegance that can be prominent.

TIPS2: The fabric of soft and vertical, highlighting women’s intellectual charm

Whether a shirt is a casual design, or it can highlight a capable style, the choice of fabrics is very important.

Want to be able to present a more temperamental and more feminine charm,

Then choose fabrics with softness or vertical sense.

The soft and vertical fabric is not only for the shirt. If the skirt is also the fabric, the shape of the shape will be more feminine. Tall and high -level shape.

Fashion analysis:

In general, the shape of the shirt and skirt is not only simple and domineering, but also can highlight a minimalist style. When we choose them, we are more to see their simplicity and overall overall. The slimming effect presented.

The two items are very inclusive for women’s figure, so the shape presented by this combination is not only very temperament, but also allows us to better show the fashionable charm of dressing.


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