“Quick -handed advertisement, life manufacturing”, 2020 Kuaishou Advertising Creative Festival Award list was announced

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On August 21, the 2020 Kuaishou Advertising Creative Festival, hosted by the magnetic engine, officially announced the award list. After 4 months of solicitation, online horse racing, and review, a total of 12 gold, silver and bronze awards and 1 full -scale award were born. Among them, Dongfeng’s “Chinese Scenery” won the audience award, Tencent won the brand influence gold award for the village “Hope”.

The Organizing Committee of the Creative Festival of this fast -moving advertising festival received a total of 186,500 entries, and creative coverage of 268 brands such as P & G, Honor, Wang Laoji, Gree, etc., attracted more than 231 agency companies, creative agencies and MCNs. In colleges and universities, a total of 146,100 people participated in the national advertising creation of “fast -handed advertisements, life manufacturing”.

The full award list is released, and “Chinese Scenery” won the audience award

It is reported that the 2020 Kuaishou Advertising Creative Festival has an official track and the Honor brand track. In the end of the dimensions such as the horse racing, the 13 advertising creative works and the 7 groups of glory excellent works finally stood out.

Dongfeng’s “Chinese Scenery” punching journey won the audience award. The Dongfeng Scenery IX7 departs from the Potala Palace, and follows the scenery behind the RMB, punch the Three Gorges, Lijiang, West Lake, Taishan, Beijing, and drives 13,000 kilometers. journey of. This creative advertising short film has the relationship between the Chinese brand with the “Chinese scenery” through the scenery brand and “Chinese scenery”, which reflects the Chinese national self -confidence and cultural self -confidence. Long Jieqi, the founder of the jury and the founder of Loong, commented: “The work uses the car as a content link, and the background location of the background picture of the renminbi will easily cause ordinary people to resonate more.”

The brand influence Gold Award, Hua Luo Tencent is the village’s “Hope”. The short film focuses on the problem of left -behind children. It seems that the naughty ghost of the lies and spoofing village secretary is actually a good child who is strong and sensible and looking forward to his father’s return. The child’s imagination stems from disappointment and love, full score test papers, hoping to replace the accompaniment back. In the past 5 minutes, a short -lasting film calls on everyone to pay attention to the importance of rural economic development. This is also the demand of the brand’s main Tencent as the village, helping the countryside poverty alleviation, so that each child is gently waiting for the world.

The brand influence silver award was obtained by the QDC headset “Drunk Music, Forgets the self -forget” series. The urban workplace survival pressure is under great pressure and cannot escape the city, but you can “escape” back to your own small world. With headphones, the world is yours. The video combines the current social pain points, and uses the content full of drama tension to hit the target consumers’ hearts, fully show the unique performance of the product.

The “refusal to sell meat blind dates” to the exploration was won by the brand influence bronze award. Exploring the comparison of the common vegetable market and the blind date scene in life, the metaphor of the traditional blind date is like being picked by selling meat. In the end, whether it is the vegetable market or the blind date market, it does not want to be selected. It is better to turn passive as the initiative.

Basketball is the chase and dream of countless teenagers, and it is a place for youth and sweat. The CBA “Dare to Dare to Dare to Be”, choose three roles of players, coaches, and fans to tell the dream and responsibility of basketball. Every imagination in life has a shadow of dreams. Each adult is a child who is protected by his dreams. This high -burning creative advertisement for the CBA league is well received by the old iron and won the old iron love gold award.

In addition to these award -winning works, Procter & Gamble “Mother’s Day” and Anner’s “Mother’s Armed” based on the theme of “Mother” and have won the brand influence silver award and brand influence bronze award; Qingyang “cares about good things , Casting your king’s performance “won the brand influence bronze award;#, , 新 新 范#’s work” This killer is not too cold “and Huawei Honor X10” Honor X10, the strong is not afraid of darkness “and finally won the old old. Iron love silver awards. The memories of a generation Wahaha’s “Iron Cow’s Love”, the “Daughter’s Gift” of Youchen’s socks, and Gree’s “Let the world fall in love with China” and win the old iron favorite bronze award.


Precisely capture the trend of marketing change, and create a creative carnival for the whole people

The 2020 Kuaishou Advertising Creative Festival is the first advertising festival of Kuaishou, and it is also the first time the marketing industry has adopted a live “cloud opening”.


This unusual advertising contest has received a lot of high attention and strong support from 4A advertising, creative hot stores, marketing institutions, and industry coffees. Ma Xiaobo, chairman of the jury, Shengjia Advertising CEO & CCO, bluntly, “Advertising on the fast hands should be assumed to lead the Chinese people’s new lifestyle.” Keywords are actually short -video content marketing, that is, to achieve marketing goals through content. “

It is worth mentioning that the Honor Brand Circuit of Kuaishou Advertising Creative Festival also selected 7 groups of outstanding works of Honor to explore and innovate brand advertising expression with glory. These works start from the scenes that are happy in life. Combined with the specific storyline, they focus on showing the unique performance of Huawei Honor X10. If you encounter a scammer who trys to touch porcelain, you can use the glory capture function to record the moment of the crime and hit the moment of the crime. The scam of the crushed porcelain. The short film involves many complex scenes. Dark shooting, capture, high -speed photography and other high -speed photography have high performance requirements for equipment. While fully demonstrating the highlights of the product, it effectively guides the public’s thinking about life issues. Yuan Jun, CEO of Huxiao Digital Business School, summarized, “Most of the short video ideas recognized by the old iron are in line with three factors: one is compact plot, the second is the multi -story line, and the third is light content, pure advertising, pure advertising category The work is not friendly to the audience. “

As a short video platform rooted in the old iron economy, Kuaishou always uses “real”, “diversity” and “life” as its core value. High -quality exports. In this Kuaishou Advertising Creative Festival, ordinary people have become creators of creative ideas. They use real life scenes to interpret the content of advertising, and to promote brand creative marketing iterative upgrades. It shortens the communication distance between the brand and the user, integrates brand demands and business purposes into native life, allows the brand to jump into the sea, and truly interpret “fast -handed advertisement, life manufacturing.”

It is reported that the Organizing Committee of Kuaishou Advertising Creative Festival will hold an awards ceremony for the Creative Festival of Advertising Creative Festival in Wuzhen on August 26, awarding various awards on the spot, and publishing the “White Paper White Paper of Kuaishou Advertising Creative Festival”. Please look forward to it.

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