The beautiful girl is exquisite and stylish, full of Royal Sister Fan, wearing a black tight -fitting bag hip skirt and slimming

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Different ways to wear, it can exude a different temperament



The younger sister is simple and easy to wear a tide female fan. She is versatile and very thin, showing the elegant temperament of women, setting off the perfect curve, holding a small red bag in hand, and stepping on red high heels. It is particularly concise and beautiful. The comfort of the fabric makes the curve naturally sublimate and beautiful, making it more elegant and warm. Very elegant visual enjoyment, elegant and atmospheric. In addition, the split design helps stretch the curve of the legs. The body can also have a certain elasticity, so that it is pretty and suitable for the body, and the young vitality erupts.

Hip skirt


Beautiful shows the length of the waist. The design color of the slender waist and limb has a very stylish style, which adjusts the proportion and curve to the best state to shape the slender leg shape. From point to the film, they have unexpected highlights. The British style tailoring method makes the overall more fashionable. The graceful body posture is well displayed. It is very comfortable to wear, and the contour of the legs has curvy beauty, which shows the visual experience of the fashion taste.

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