“Down jacket+nine -point pants” = the most fashionable dress this fall and winter this year, high and thin, stars are wearing

What? Can I choose one between warm and fashionable in autumn and winter? Can’t we wear in autumn and winter? No no. There is no fashion season, just lack of careful thoughts. In fact, as long as the suitable items are used for matching in autumn and winter, it can be more layered and more fashionable than the dressing of spring and summer. Don’t believe you and then look down!


2021 autumn and winter major fashion week shows have launched down jackets and pants. On weekdays, the bloated and rigid down jackets through innovative unique tailoring and different changes in fabrics, and with the right pants, can also appear on the runway of Fashion Week. accomplish.

The down jacket with cropped pants is a set of formulas that will not be wrong at all! Many celebrities have also demonstrated their upper body. This is both thin and high, let us stable the grace and temperature in the cold winter. Dear fashionables, follow the editor, take the following inspiration to wear the down jacket with cropped pants!

Why choose “down jackets with cropped pants”?

1. Simple inside, no effort

In the winter that is struggling to get up in winter, it is difficult to distinguish how to match five or six clothes. At this time, a down jacket can solve unnecessary troubles in the cold winter. The down jacket of the warm MAX and the versatile cropped pants can be achieved. Matching difficulties between clothes.


2. The password of tall dressing


The length of the nine-point pants is just right, unlike the short-point cropped pants, and it does not look too cumbersome like a mop pants. It shows the finest part of the body-ankle, with a wide-out down jacket. Not only is it not abrupt, but also very high legs and high legs. It is definitely a fashionable password in winter.


Picking guide for down jackets and pants


(1) With a thunder point


① “upper width and width”, no!

The down jacket version itself is very bloated and wide, with loose mop jeans, loose sports pants, which are also very bloated and bloated. The proportion is not very good on the upper body. The advantages of not being enlarged, but visually bringing a spiritual and sloppy impression.

② Long down jacket, no!

Ultra -long down jackets with a length of the calf are difficult to control, and it is often difficult for celebrity supermodels to match the ultra -long down jacket. Ordinary people will feel cumbersome and old -fashioned. Especially for the petite girl, not only will the upper body not significantly high, but it will be visually lowered by the ultra -long down jacket, which looks shorter and shorter, and it is more like clothes to control people.

③ Flower pants, NO!

Hua Hu’s pants will make people unable to find the focus of this set of wear, and it also increases the exaggeration of the autumn and winter clothes version. Not only will the whole set of clothes be very chaotic, to a certain extent, the vision will lower the height. If it is not well matched, it will look very tacky, and it will appear incompatible in the autumn and winter atmosphere.

(2) Appropriate accessories make it more divided into wear


① The bright color makes the autumn and winter vitality

The bright color accessories can cleverly resolve the “bulky” brought by the down jacket, adding the “intelligence” of wearing. It also makes the whole body more energetic and highlights. The combination of sports baseball cap and down shows the special ATHFlow dressing demonstration this year. Intersection

② Girls can cool up too

The lines of clean lines, like Chelsea boots, Martin boots. They modify their legs, and they are gorgeous with the nineteen pants, and they are compared with the bloated down jackets. They look very thin and thin, making the body proportions appear to be visually superior. This kind of match is really suitable for girls who usually take a handsome and cool route. The aura is strong!

③ Enhance the sense of autumn and winter atmosphere

The soft and fluffy down jacket is paired with a scarf of the same color, which keeps warm and a winter atmosphere. The embellishment of the scarf emphasizes the atmosphere of autumn and winter. Girls who usually like to take the soft girl and sweet girl line must try this match. It looks good and cute, full of vitality.

The matching demonstration of down jackets and cropped pants

① Middle down jacket+shark pants


The down jacket with shark pants belongs to the upper width and narrow wear. It is very recommended that a small girl to try it. It belongs to a set of universal wear formulas that will not make mistakes, showing high legs and thin legs! The loose down jacket covers the upper body In the defects, shark pants highlight the thin and straight leg shape of the lower body. For girls with Apple -shaped figure, it is a formula for “long -term and short -term”.

② Trip -off down jacket+high -waisted cropped pants

Trimming down jackets are tailored and neat, and it can be said to be a perfect match with high -waisted cropped pants. Girls who are not confident in the proportion of figures will find that they will increase the waistline and show long legs, optimize the proportion of the figure. Girls who usually like American styles boldly follow this formula, which feels cool and sturdy, revealing a sense of high -level everywhere.


③ down vest+casual nine -point sports pants


The novel tailoring of down vests not only retains the warmth of down jackets, but also makes it more convenient to bloated winter activities. With casual sports pants, it becomes a young lady next door to the Korean department. Sports pants are relatively loose and are very friendly for pear -shaped figures. Outdoor sports activities need to be carried out in winter, such a set of combinations are not restrained and full of fashion.


④ Bright colored down jacket+solid color nineteen pants


It is tired of watching black and white and gray in autumn and winter, and some colors add color. The high -saturated bright down jacket will make you “glorious” in the bleak colors in autumn and winter. At this time, it is not suitable for the blooming of the flowers. It is cleaned and unique with solid colors. Usually the wardrobe is full of black and white and gray treasures, it is very suitable for trying this style that is completely different from usual!


⑤ suit collar down jacket+contrasting leather pants+belt

The appearance of a suit is essentially down jacket. It borrows a hard version of the suit. The novel tailoring with contrasting leather pants, and the leather pants can neutralize the seriousness of the suit version. The addition of the belt makes the waist line highlight, increase the proportion of figure, and become long legs in seconds. The bold color matching is very avant -garde and fashionable, and it is very suitable for people who are empty artists and those who are willing to try new trends.

⑥ hooded down jacket+straight pants

With hooded down jackets and straight jeans, both seem to be the basic items, but they can touch a new spark to match. Straight pants are perfectly hidden with bad legs, and the hooded down jackets are not as official as standing collar. It is a popular Celine style this year. This set of wearing is laborious and fashionable, which is very suitable for the daily commuting of the student party and office workers.

After watching today’s wear inspiration, I don’t know if you have new inspiration and understanding of autumn and winter. I hope you can find the dressing style that suits you, the style is never defined, and use your imagination to create more possibilities!

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