How to pay attention to how to DIY computer host? After reading it, you may help you

In today’s era, computers have become an indispensable tool for our work. With the auxiliary of computers, it is not only convenient and fast in work; you can also play games such as games in life, so now young people basically have their own computers for use. Then the computers are divided into many of the most common computers. If it is fixed, you can choose a desktop computer if it is fixed. If it is a job needs, there is only a notebook. The desktop host is also divided into brand hosts and assembly hosts, which depends on personal choices.

Let’s talk about what should computer Xiaobai pay attention to a host?

First of all, my personal suggestion is not to DIY the host, because the risk of operation is very high, one accidental will cause the computer accessories to cause the loss of recovery. Therefore, Xiaobai, who has this idea, must be prepared for psychological preparations first. Although this way, there are still many friends with strong hands -on ability to DIY, and at the same time, Xiaobai also wants to try it, so that the host he installed by himself is still full of accomplishment.

The assembly is the console that purchases scattered accessories and has different mobile phone assembly machines. Before I prepared DIY, I did a relatively good homework. For example, friends who asked the computer and checked the information on the Internet because of the might compatible issues. ; About the price of price, you can go to Taobao and to compare and view comparison. The price of this same accessories is slightly different in which platform and which store. This depends on his evaluation and sales comparison. In short, remember that one penny is right.

You can basically start the above homework. It is recommended that all accessories and other accessories are assembled. If you reached a piece of order, this order may be chaotic and causing it to be removed and reinstalled. In fact, some seller’s customer service will send tutorial videos to be installed in just two to three hours after their homework. To set up the building, be careful and careful.

The following is the configuration of my computer Xiaobai’s own DIY. Of course, it also refers to the final choice of many information.

Motherboard: ROG Strix B560-A Gaming Wi-Fi version


CPU: i5 10400F

Solid state: 500G Samsung 970

Memory: 2 Genton Harbers DDR4 (8G) 2

Power: Ordinary Hangjia 650W

Heating: Patriot Bingzo W360 Water Cool (Black)

Graphics card: Seven Rainbow RTX2060ULTRA WOC 12G


Show: 27 -inch 144Hz (should be a miscellaneous card)


The mouse keyboard headset, etc.

I entered the ordinary black side thorough

Because I was worried about the reasons for turning the car, I asked the merchant to help the CPU on the motherboard before shipping. Friends can also insurance like this. The price is around 7K. Friends can refer to my configuration, but don’t refer to my price, because the price will float, so just look at the configuration. There are more than 120 configurations for running points for me mainly using CAD drawing and 3D MAX operation. There are no problems. In the secondary game, the Jedi Survival GTA5 Need for Speed ​​is not high or not stuck.

My price is compared with the same configuration brand machine and store assembly. Maybe I chose a brand with a higher popularity, so the price is based on my actual actuality.

If you do n’t want to do it, you can choose the brand host, so if you have any problems, you can find the merchant directly to do n’t know which accessories are like DIY. You can also find some merchants who specialize in installation to provide configuration for them to assemble.

So what should friends who want to pretend and be afraid of turning over the car?

The easiest thing is that you do n’t have to do your homework directly to the configuration you want. Go to the computer city to find the right store, you will pick the accessories you want. The staff in the store will help you assemble, and then you can watch it. If you solve the pressure, you can ask anything. You must pretend to be a kind of question. Remember not to pretend and do n’t talk too much. In the end, I will talk to the boss a little lower than buying DIY by himself, so this is a good choice.

This is just my own personal experience and ideas. The most important thing is to see everyone!

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