How to buy baby toys? What are the recommendations for babies of each monthly age?

Guide: After the baby has a baby at home, it will inevitably take into account the problem of buying a variety of toys for the baby, and the types of the baby’s toy market are also quite rich, so that parents are spending their eyes. I do n’t know how to do at all. To buy, I don’t know what kind of toys my baby can play.

Many people’s homes will update several different toys for their babies at home every month. Most of the cases are idle without starting to play. Therefore, choosing a baby toy is also a technical job. What do you have to recommend in the babies of all month -old baby?

Toys are not the number of quantities, but whether it can be suitable for babies,

In the process of playing toys, whether it can stimulate and promote the development of all aspects of the body’s ability. Therefore, mothers need to choose toys based on the characteristics and needs of the development of different menstrual stages of the baby.


In this regard, we can simply divide a few different menstrual stages:


1. Babies with a monthly age of 1 to 2 months old:


The first two months when the baby was born, he was basically in a state of sleeping, and the activity time and the ability to move were relatively small.

At this time, the development of the baby’s limb control ability has not yet begun, the hearing is more sensitive, and at the same time, the eyes are sensitive to the light and darkness of the color.

Toy choice:

The color of black and white tones and three primary colors, toys with sound feedback reactions, such as black and white cards, color cards, hanging bells, handling bells, swimming drums, fitness blankets, etc. When using, it can enhance the interaction between parent -child.

2. Babies with a monthly age of 3 to 6 months old:

During this period, babies have gradually developed in big movements.

Sports ability and hand -eye coordination capabilities are the focus of development. At the same time, babies have gradually entered their desire period and like to bite all kinds of things.


Consider the ability to grasp the baby’s hands and fits the baby’s understanding ability.

The need for children’s action, visual perception and satisfying the baby’s bite.

Such as soft building blocks, hand -grabbed balls, cloth books, polyhedron, children’s game table, etc.

3. Babies with a monthly age 7 to 9 months old:

At this time, the baby has already understood how to crawl and stand,

The development of fingers has also made more detailed finger movements from simple catching, and the coordination ability of the hands and eyes is more complete.

Babies will like to play some more difficult actions, such as picking, entering and exit, etc., such as more interesting content.


Follow the child

Toys with fine movements, hand -eye coordination ability, crawling and chasing needs, and establishing children’s cognitive concepts of the object of the object.

Such as an object constant memory box, egg duck, sleeve, fabric ball, tumbler, soothing doll, etc.

4. Babies who are 10-12 months old: Babies have been able to master basic ability to stand and move, and the flexibility of both hands has also improved.

You can use your hands to complete some more fixed and accurate actions, and do some objects of object pairing, knocking, throwing, and disassembling assembly. You also have a certain cognitive ability for specific objects.

Depending on the baby’s more diverse and rich toy needs,

You can choose some toys that help your baby to walk and satisfy your baby’s creativity.

Such as carts, building blocks, bath toys, clockwork toys, music boxes, etc.

5. Babies of more than 12 months:

At this time, the baby already has

Basic behavioral ability, learning to stand and walk also starts to speak, and the understanding of surroundings has gradually improved.

So there are more things to play.

Toys recommendation:


Babies over one year old can play some toys with higher complexity and need to use more thinking and understanding ability.

Strengthen the interaction between children and the surrounding environment, and improve the ability of children to cognitive and understanding.

Such as puzzle toys, beach toys, picture books, simulation toys, etc.


Important tips: When parents choose toys for their babies, the key is to meet the baby’s current development needs, and choose toys that babies can play and play. Toys that are really suitable for babies can help stimulate and promote children’s development in action coordination, things cognition, and brain thinking.

Today’s topic: In the purchase of children’s toys, what are you buying the most valuable toys? Welcome to leave a message for discussion.

Toy choice:

Toy choice:

Toy choice:

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