Simple essay | His noise

This is a city that speaks everywhere. In this city, the engine, tires and ground frictions of cars; air -conditioning machines, fans exchange hot and cold airflow rotation; electric rolling ladder, the conveyor belt operates without stopping; high -speed rail speed on the high -speed rail; The driving train is trembling; the elevated motor is also a rumbling motor, the sky is trembling; the sound of ramming on the construction site, the operation of the tower crane; the indoor electric drill drill into the wall; ; The oil pan in the small street burst, and the bean machine started; another breakfast shop here came out, the firecrackers at the door crackled, and the whole street was rang; There is also a treble speaker in the small commodity market.


All sounds reflected from urban buildings and reflected. Modern cities are layers of echo walls. In countless reflexes, the original sound is expanding, passing, and intensifying. I don’t know how many decibels are full of our ears and stuffed our hearing. Where can the human ear canal, where can it stand such a violent impact, day after day, year after year, gradually, the cocoons were grinded, and they became dull and even unaware.

And we, the screaming of these words, the sound of the sound is too weak, too slender, and a needle like a needle. But there was a light sound of this needle, and the screen was listening. You could hear a trace of clear sounds, penetrate it, soothe the senses below the mask, so that it keeps it soft and delicate natural texture. Let out a quiet world!

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