Choose long down jackets in winter, keep warm and fashionable, and other combinations are simpler

In winter, most beautiful women can’t go out, and there are some beautiful women who are unwilling to stay at home. When they go out, they will choose long down jackets, keep warm and fashionable, simple style. The length of the knee is very simple. The zipper is pulled up. This looks very warm. There is a shoulder bag obliquely. The splicing color of the geometric pattern is very beautiful. Of course, the beauty also bought something for herself. , Loose style, with a pair of light -colored sneakers, in fact, you can choose some light -colored clothes in winter to set off yourself.


The warm down jacket is loved by many people and wears a simple feeling. This beauty chooses a dark blue long down jacket, which is slightly slightly more booty than ordinary down jackets. The clothes are on the knee. Fur decoration, add color embellishment, looks very fashionable, dark gray tight jeans, with a pair of thick Martin short boots, dark colors are also very beautiful, it looks very low -key, and there is a style of young girls. Dark color matching is also comparison Common ways of matching.


The winter in Beijing is not particularly cold. It does not reach minus 30 degrees. The recent weather, the temperature during the day is still zero, but there are still many beautiful women wearing down jackets, the down jacket is very warm, and it can also be matched with a simple feeling. Fashionable beauty. There are still many ideas for your own match. This beauty chooses a white down jacket with the length of the clothes on the knee. The white looks very clean. Follow the style, it will be easy and warm when shopping.

In fact, there are many good -looking down jackets. In winter, we must wear a down jacket you like. Of course, you should pay attention to it. This beauty chooses a white long down jacket. Decoration, this will not be particularly monotonous. There is no button or pulling up the zipper. It is to show the inside. In the fashion block, many people also like this style of matching. Not the length of the knee, very simple matching style, stylish atmosphere, black thick heel, not very good, play a good embellishment effect.


There are many styles of down jacket design, which also makes the matching easier. It is to better display yourself and make yourself more beautiful. Winter matching and make yourself look better. It can also be set off. This beauty’s down jacket is very characteristic. The bright style style, several colors are specially spliced ​​together, black, red, and gold, it looks very characteristic, with a light gray sports pants, Wearing a pair of sneakers under my feet, wearing it very casually.

Wearing long down jackets, there is no difficulty in matching. Many people feel that pulling down jacket zipper, paired with trousers or boots, and some people like to show the inside in winter, so wearing down jackets will also open it, it will also be open. Mainly, it also needs to be more delicate. This beauty chooses a beige long down jacket without pulling up the zipper. The inside is paired with dark blue jeans, loose styles, and it looks more casual. It is more casual. In fact, her matching is also very simple. It is a style that many young girls like.

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