“Second Sister” Jiang Yan’s singing frequently changes to you!

The Queen’s new clothes! “Second Sister” Jiang Yan had a day of rest, and re -entered the Taipei Dome tonight to hold a “blessing” tour. I did not expect to sing to the third game.In 15 minutes, I suddenly decided to replace the red queen out of the two days, switch to the new silver -gray ice and snow diamond -injusted goddess dress, and after singing “The Voice of the Wine”, she also changed from a skirt on the stage to pants on the spot.Pack.

In the past, the second sister with a rigorous personality was willing to change the outfit before the performance. It can be seen that she was relatively relaxed. When the second sister sang “The Sound of the Wine”, she finally dared to watch the audience and realize her wish to open her eyes.

“二姊”江蕙开唱频换装 给你不一样的感觉!

After singing the fast song “I Love You”, the second sister laughed on the stage and said on the stage that she was more open to wear new clothes and boasted: “It’s a good jump today!” He also said, “If you wear slippers, you will jump better.”

After Jiang Yan sang “The Sound of the Wine”, he also changed from a skirt to pants on the spot.

“二姊”江蕙开唱频换装 给你不一样的感觉!

Jiang Yan kicked funny and said, wearing so better to dance.

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