Men and men are dressed as women’s clothing for girls to test English level four, just because the girl said to introduce him to his girlfriend 2 after the test was finished.

The doctor groaned and stood up: “Why is a little girl so strong …”

“Brother, are you waking up?” My cousin didn’t know where to get out of it, and looked at me anxiously: “No one answered you, I called a classroom to find a classroom. Find you, how do you go to Teacher Liu Yu’s office, it is not saved, but it scares me. “

“Teacher Liu Yu?” I remembered the work permit and told the matter: “What do she want to do?”


Who knows that my cousin was stunned first and hit me again, so he said calmly, “Do you listen to who said what, to scare me, why are you so boring!”

“Fart, who joked with you!” Is the teacher of this school be as inexplicable as that Liu Yu, so he cultivated my cousin into a scum: “Liu Yu? Where did she go?”

Why did she get a coma? I touched it for a long time, and found that there was no piece of meat, but she always rolled in my heart, just felt that she seemed to have any ugly.

My cousin sucked the weather like a fish that was going to die for a long time, and then said, “Seven days ago, she was hanging on the office where you fainted.”

I almost rolled down from the bed when I heard: “What are you talking about?”


My cousin took out the mobile phone. When I saw it, my eyes almost stared out. I saw the news that the news was published, and Liu Yu’s black and white photos, which was the female teacher just now!


“Since the school workers say the accident, that office is locked. He also wondered where you came from the key, how did you go in …” My cousin swallowed the saliva, “Brother, Mr. Liu Yu died. Understand, you are hitting evil … “

How is this special … can the dead still come to catch the exam?

I never believe this. Even if the facts are in front of my eyes, it still makes people unbelievable. The Marxism -Lenie Mao Deng, who has been on for so many years, can’t accept it. However, this matter cannot be explained.

My cousin is usually particularly superstitious. The man has to look at the zodiac day. If you say such a thing, it is even more hot. Let me go to Dabei Kiln to find the big immortal she is familiar with.

I have a few words and perfunctory, and I was nothing to do. I still didn’t believe it. I was discharged from the hospital once and sent Qian Ding Xing Wan’s cousin to go home. I went back to home. The three old men who leased me with me were scolding the streets while LOL.

Then they saw me dressed up for a while, and laughed in unison: “Yo,” Catch the Chicken “station back on the street!”

My big name was named Zhuo Ji, and the most annoying this homophonic number was the most annoyed. They called Langlang. They came over and touched my buttocks and the chest of toilet paper. Half half.

It ’s like I do n’t believe that there are ghosts during the day. The more I think, the more I feel that what I met today is a dream. It’ s particularly unreal. There are really ghosts in the world?

It’s really puzzling.

Thinking about it, I do n’t know why I was so easy to sleep, I fell asleep again, and she was asleep and sinks.

“Huatang has a lot of splendid, Liangchen Meijiang Sheng song, today toasting his relatives and friends, love Yaner with the best.”

The fans stared, and heard that someone was chairing the wedding chair like a singing drama, but always seemed to be pulling me away: “Hurry up, hurry up, it’s too late.”

It’s not exactly Liu Yu who pulls me! While she pulled me, she had tears, and she was pitiful, making people want to help her wipe it.

But my body seemed to be hypnotized, and I just followed her without listening. I bowed my head and saw that I was wearing a big red wedding dress embroidered with golden phoenix, and I stepped on the broken golden embroidery shoes under my feet!

I had a groove, and I was dressed as a woman once in my life. Why was it like this again!

“Holding hands in my life forever, I am in the same time to the white head …” Liu Yu continued: “Walking through the red silk, things have become.”

I was manipulated by her like a puppet, and walked up the red silk on the ground. A man in a groom’s clothes was waiting for me in the red silk, but when I was about to cross, I was suddenly pulled by someone. A distant voice seemed to pass from the sky: “You fucking to die!”

I opened my eyes, dreaming?

The dream of being dressed as a bride was made twice. Why not let me have a spring dream? I turned over and wanted to continue to sleep. As a result, I turned my face and saw a few people who were leased with me squatting at my bed and staring at me. It looked at my eyes as weird.

“How many of your fools look at what I go to sleep?” I widened my eyes: “Is there something wrong?”

As a result, they shook their heads like radio gymnastics: “You didn’t sleep just now.”

I was frightened by this weird atmosphere: “What did I do just now?”

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