In November, Beijing Consumer Complaints exceeded 16,000 heating underwear “lower cholesterol” as lies.

Beijing News (Reporter Li Tingting) The reporter learned from the Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau today that in November, Beijing’s 12315 information collection comprehensive service platform registered a total of 16,589 consumer complaint information, of which “12315” and “96315” two hotline registration complaints 13252, a total of 90.236 million yuan in economic losses for consumers.

In terms of classification, the commodity complaints in Beijing in November are mainly concentrated in daily department stores, home electronics and food. Registration service complaints are mainly concentrated in sales services, intermediary consulting services, Internet services, etc.

According to the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce, one of the recent complaint hotspots is concentrated in keeping warm underwear. Most of the warm -keeping underwear that promotes “enhance immunity” and “reduce cholesterol” is suspected of false publicity. For example, consumer Mr. Li called the 12315 center to reflect that he purchased heating underwear online, and the website promoted that “reduce blood viscosity, enhance human body’s immunity, improve blood lipid metabolism, and reduce cholesterol.” In fact Propaganda effects are suspected of false propaganda. After mediation by the industry and commerce department, merchants have returned the goods for consumers.

The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce reminds consumers that in the face of various so -called “functional” and “high -tech” warm underwear should be rationally purchased. First of all Underwear with special materials such as “wool bamboo charcoal fiber” is recommended to understand its real ingredients through composition logos. Secondly, you must choose a product that suits you, such as the elderly, children, and skin -sensitive people. In addition, it is best to buy products with a certain reputation for regular manufacturers. Do not easily believe that underwear has the treatment effects such as “improving blood lipid metabolism and reducing cholesterol” and other therapeutic effects.

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