Book list recommended healing book “Freedom Lonely” Jia Pingwa wrote to us lonely

[Care for you] Today’s book “Freedom” is “alone”

[Sun] Author: Jia Pingwa

[Heart] Jia Pingwa’s prose is selected for the forty years, and it is written to every lonely passersby. May we enjoy the meaning of loneliness, more peaceful in our hearts, and more comfortable life.

[Breeze] The book consists of stories one by one, which tells about some of Mr. Jia Pingwa’s life experience and the current reality of all beings.

[Breeze] This book is emotional, chats, talks about society, and speaks of life. There is a vulgar wisdom, and the taste of life.

Good reading

It must be good to read books well. For example, if you can know the greatness of the heavens and the earth, you can understand the difficulties of life, have self -knowledge, predicting the first, not to be sad, not being favored, not lonely when you are lonely, not lonely when you are lonely, not when you are lonely, not when you are lonely. Lonely, so the desire to be invincible, abandoning glittering, chic, and annoying the world, self -esteem, self -reliance, self -reliance, self -reliance, self -reliance, self -reliance, self -reliance, self -reliance.

Be willing

The snake grew up in the molting, gold was found in the gravel, and the massage was comfortable after the pain. The spring was the prosperity of winter. I couldn’t bear it.


Since people come to the world like an ants, they suddenly die and die, and they are free. In just decades, it should be free. It should be chic. It’s.

About women

Be a woman’s personality independently, treat life enthusiastically, treat themselves, live for themselves, and live well. The more women will have a permanent attraction to men. This is equality. Equality with men really live femininity.

[Heart] This book is suitable for quiet reading at night. You can read it with a casual page. Slowly return to your heart from impetuousness and enjoy a moment of loneliness and tranquility.


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书单推荐治愈书单《自在独行》贾平凹 写给孤独的我们


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