Preparing a dedicated table and writing table for children in elementary school is the most basic configuration


Preparing a dedicated table for children in elementary school is a sense of ritual, and it is also the most basic configuration for cultivating children to concentrate on writing homework …


In the past two days, the teacher asked the children to see the live broadcast of the live broadcast to the group.

I looked at the photos in the group and found a problem. Many classmates did not have a table specializing in homework.

给上小学的孩子准备一张专用读书写字的桌子 是最基本的配置

The daughter’s school is a child of foreigners in Beijing. The family is not wealthy, and many parents may not pay much attention to this.

The children are either on the table of eating, or on the coffee table or on the bed.

给上小学的孩子准备一张专用读书写字的桌子 是最基本的配置

Although this statement is not necessarily absolute, I think there is a table that belongs to his own. For a child, it is a point that he can take seriously.


Even if we can’t afford a particularly expensive table, but the ordinary two or three hundred dollars of tables, I think that every family can afford it, it depends on whether parents have this consciousness.

I think it is the most basic sense of ritual after preparing a table for him to prepare a table for him.

This is also conducive to children’s serious learning.

Even if a table is 300 yuan, it is only one dollar a day for a year.

Besides, a table can be used for several years, which is actually very cost -effective.

给上小学的孩子准备一张专用读书写字的桌子 是最基本的配置


My daughter is still very lucky.

Because I think there is a table that belongs to my own, it is great to read and write calligraphy and painting on it.

给上小学的孩子准备一张专用读书写字的桌子 是最基本的配置

So after she started the first grade, we prepared a table for her.

We can’t buy the most expensive tables, we can buy the tables that can be accepted within our ability.

In the first grade to the third grade, her daughter used a relatively small table. At that time, she picked itself, and it was the pattern of Princess Baixue on it.

Later, she grew up slowly, and she didn’t like the cartoon pattern, and the wallpaper was posted on it.

给上小学的孩子准备一张专用读书写字的桌子 是最基本的配置


给上小学的孩子准备一张专用读书写字的桌子 是最基本的配置

In the fourth grade, I decided to buy a larger table for my daughter.

I secretly placed an order on the Internet and bought a wooden table of 300 yuan.

给上小学的孩子准备一张专用读书写字的桌子 是最基本的配置

After the table arrived, my husband also asked for a long time to come back to install it.

给上小学的孩子准备一张专用读书写字的桌子 是最基本的配置

After her daughter came back to see the table, she jumped excitedly.

This table is her space.

With a new table, she learned more seriously.

She also packed the table every three differences.


Think about when we were young, did we also write homework on the table of eating, do we also want to have our own desk?

给上小学的孩子准备一张专用读书写字的桌子 是最基本的配置

If you have thought about this, then prepare a table for your children to read and write.

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