Wild Sports Equipment Series (Ten) -The electric folding bicycle

Wild Sports Equipment Series (Ten) -The electric folding bicycle

In just a few months in 2021, French electric bicycles or electric help bicycles (VAE) have set 500,000 new sales records. The wanton for the new crown virus does not weaken the enthusiasm for the purchase of bicycles, especially folding electric bicycles. As a result, the proportion of the traditional bicycle market is redefined.

As we all know, electric bicycles are a kind of transport that has less pollution than car. As the earth is facing increasingly serious environmental pollution, countries around the world are advocating ecological transportation movements. At the same time, walking out and moving towards nature is also the health concept of people admired and advocated. This article will make the most basic introduction to the purchase of electric bicycles for your reference. I hope it will be helpful to you.

Although some people do not fully advocate, the electric folding bicycle is included in the wild sports equipment. However, with the increase in travel activities and many types of tourism activities in recent years, this light, fast, and labor -saving electric bicycle bicycle has increasingly accompanied tourists to various tourists. In the face of various electric bicycles, how do we choose?

1. How to choose an electric folding bicycle that suits you

In addition to the price, brand, and use, you need to pay attention to the following 5 aspects when choosing an electric folding bicycle:

1: Dynamics

In French regulations, the nominal power of electric bicycle motors is 250 W. Exceeding this threshold, bicycles will be regarded as lightweight motorcycles, which means that the power of electric bicycles is limited and must follow relevant national laws and regulations.

According to the design of the model, the motor is located in the tooth tray, front wheels or rear wheels. If you choose a carbon -free and wear -free brush -free motor, this electromagnetic motor can run up to 10,000 hours without failure. However, most of the folding bicycles with a brushless motor are above 1,000 euros.

The folding electric bicycle is the same as other electric aid (VAE) bicycles, and the speed is automatically limited to less than 25 km/h. Once this speed is exceeded, electric help will automatically cut off. Of course, you can also cancel this speed limit restriction without authorization, but for safety considerations, it is strongly recommended not to use this approach.

2: battery

Usually it is represented by WH, AH or MAH. The higher the capacity, the stronger the battery. The choice of capacitance depends on your weight, road slope of frequent travel areas, and tires. In short, the higher the capacity, the larger the volume and the heavier weight. Moreover, it is more important that its charging time will be longer. Therefore, when buying folding electric bicycles, you must not only pay attention to the service life of the battery, but also choose the appropriate capacity and pay attention to the power of the battery. In principle, if a battery is charged for 6 hours, you must consider meeting the all -day needs.

There are two types of battery settings: plug -in and built -in. The plug -in is easy to replace, but it is easy to lose. The built -in battery is set in the frame, which is cautious and beautiful. The risk of stolen batteries is almost zero, but the power capacity is limited. It is inconvenient to replace the battery. However, no matter what form, the off -road folding electric bicycles in the suburbs should be able to ride on the foot when the power is exhausted!

3: help method

Electric auxiliary mode: There are at least three speeds, namely Economic (ECO), maximum (MAX) and acceleration (BOOST). Can cooperate with the foot to help march. The characteristics are: effort, you can complete a farther distance and ride in the suburbs.

Pure electric mode: Electric vehicles can smoothly complete the steady -free transmission with the blessing of the pedal. The characteristic is: only suitable for short -distance travel and alternation with public transportation or car.

4: Function and material

Most folding electric bicycles are aluminum -based frames, and there are few carbon fiber frames or seamless frames. The size of the wheels and the pads of the saddle have a direct impact on ride comfort. In addition, the handlebars and pedals should try to choose smaller electric folding bicycles on the premise of satisfying the cycling operation. Helping electric vehicle speed disks should provide at least 7 gear speeds in order to travel in cities and towns, villages, and Qiuling. As for braking, V -type brakes are more affordable, and disc brakes provide higher reliability. Which method to choose depends on your budget.

5: Weight

Compared with “ordinary” rigid bicycles, it saves space, portable and lightweight is the advantage of folding bicycles. The weight of folding bicycles is subject to battery and motor. Considering that it is convenient to carry, the weight should not exceed 20 kg. Otherwise, it will affect portability. Of course, the premise must be considered the maximum load supported by folding electric bicycles.

Second, the size and function of the wheels

The parameters of the wheels directly affect the adaptability of electric folding bicycles to roads and the comfort of cycling. Each wheel size has its advantages and disadvantages. It is best to understand these advantages and disadvantages before making choices.

1. 12 -inch wheels

Although this wheel size folding electric bicycle can go anywhere, it is not suitable for long -distance cycling. Especially in the countryside, it will allow you to experience every rugged bumpy of the wheels. Of course, if you often drive less than 5 kilometers in the urban area, you can consider a 12 -inch wheels. After all, it has a smaller storage size.

2. 16 -inch wheels

16 -inch wheels are suitable for urban travel. In addition to the compact folding, the wheel of this size can fully use the lightness of folding electric bicycles, which is the choice of entry -level enthusiasts.

3. 20 -inch wheels

It is the most common size in the market. The 20 -inch wheels achieve excellent compromise between compactness and ride comfort. It can drive in the city, and it can also drive on many rocky roads and dirt roads. Maybe it can make you have a lightly folding electric bicycle without spending too much money.

4, 24 or 26 inches

From the perspective of ordinary rigid bicycles, it is considered to be small, but the size of this wheel is already a giant on the folding bicycle. In theory, compactness is not the strength of 24 or 26 -inch folding electric bicycles. Their strengths are the stability of the structure and the adaptability to various roads. This is especially true for folding electric mountain bicycles.

in conclusion

: The 12 -inch wheels are designed for less than 5 kilometers, and they are designed with good road travel. The 16 -inch wheels better absorb the rough pavement. The 20 -inch wheels can provide the best power/performance ratio. Finally, 24 -inch and 26 -inch wheels are suitable for exercise. But folding bicycles with this kind of tires are no longer a true compact type.

Third, the reason for choosing folding electric bicycles

Today, electric bicycles have easily conquered the world outdoor sports market. In particular, the folding type is also welcomed by bicycle enthusiasts who are hoping to ride quietly in the urban streets and villages. In fact, folding electric vehicles can not only be in line with ergonomics, but also can be stored at will. It can not only be easily placed in the trunk of the car, but also follows you to take a bus or quietly lying under your desk. Folding electric bicycles is undoubtedly one of the first choices for modern people.

Kind tips

Don’t let the battery discharge too long. If you store bicycles for a long time, it is best to remove the battery. If this is not possible, charge it to about 60% of its capacity before storage.

Don’t forget to wear protective equipment. With electric help, folding bicycles can reach 20-25 km/h, although only wearing a helmet is mandatory. However, it is still recommended that the appropriate protection device should be worn according to the specific situation (such as: knee pads, elbows, gloves, rain protection gear, etc.).

Use the attached charger to charge the battery. If the battery needs to be replaced for some reason, make sure that the spare battery has the same power and voltage. The plug style and polarity must also be the same. Otherwise, danger may occur.

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