Laser Cutting Book: Article 63 Frequent failures and solutions (Part 1)

Laser Cutting Book: Article 63 Frequent failures and solutions (Part 1)

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Article 63 Failure and solutions, very useful precious materials, quickly collect!

1 The cutting effect is not good or not cut?

The power settings are small, the potentiometer is small, the light is biased, the lens is dirty, the lens is reversed, the focal length, the laser power supply, the laser power attenuation, the water temperature is too high, the voltage is unstable, and the voltage is determined according to the actual situation.

2 Can’t connect to the device?

Whether to install a board card driver, whether the USB line or network cable is inserted, the USB line or network cable is bad, the transfer board is bad, the board card, etc.

3 Push back to the original point to move in the opposite direction?

Broken origin

4 Cut the graphic deformation and cutting overlap?

Synchronous wheel screw loose, motor cable, bad motor, driver, voltage, etc.

5 The device can not start and go out in the air -driving room?

Whether the urgency stops, whether the external circuit is connected, whether the interior of the device is empty, whether the sound of the pop -up, if there is any sound, please check the main contactor and control transformer; For example, JGHY12570 water protection location is installed on the side, it is just the laser power supply below), the 107 water pump is short -circuited, the indoor open use is too small, etc.

6 High -voltage line fire?

This problem is indeed a headache. I suggest that the high -voltage insulation sleeve is put on the outside of the high -voltage line

7 The size of the graphics is large or small?

Is the output graphic size the same?

8 The color of the image is not the same as the surroundings?

Adjust the focus coefficient, adjust the W -axis focus, etc.

9 Is there a thickest phenomenon and light spots during the marking process?

Dynamic, DA board, etc.

10 The position of the label graphics shifts?

The position of the X -axis or Y axis of the lens shifts, and the center point adjusts the XY axis position according to the actual offset direction

11 Putting up the lens XY axis and dynamic motor abnormal noise?

Replace & plusmn; 12 & plusmn; 15V switching power supply; replace & plusmn; 12 & plusmn; 28V switching power supply

12 Not light?

Whether the cold water machine is returning to the water is normal, whether the position of the W axis changes, whether the DC48V32A laser power supply is normal, laser tube, etc.

13 Nothing to display the display panel?

5V12V24V switching power supply is normal, display panel, etc.

14 Do not return to the origin to display the panel failure?

Replace the offline card

15 Z -axis does not feed or exercise weakness?

Z -axis sending materials motor, driver problem, bearings, foreign body cards, etc.

16 glass tube?

The light control of the glass tube mainly includes laser tube, laser power, water circulation system and light signal, and light signals include PWM outlet signals, water protection signals, door switch signals, etc. Therefore, the laser pipe cannot be shot from the aspects of the laser tube laser power supply water circulation system and the light signal. Generally, first check whether the laser power supply is normal, whether the internal tube and outer tube of the laser tube are abnormal, whether the water circulation system is normal, if it is abnormal and often Make a corresponding replacement or adjustment. In the above aspects of normal conditions, the light signal should be considered. Generally, first use a short -connected signal (short -connected laser power current 5V and AIN short -connected water protection P and GND with no lock switch control L and GND). Test laser tube and laser power. If this method can normally out of light, it means that the laser tube laser power supply is not faulty. It is a signal problem with water protection switch, relay, door switch, board card PWM signal, etc., and you can rule out in turn. If this method does not produce the problem of laser tube or laser power supply, the replacement method can be solved with a bad judgment.

17 RF laser can’t control light?

In the case of normal laser power supply, the laser power supply DC 48V is normal when the waterway is normal; The voltage situation of 7 and 20 feet is not pressed at about 4 to 5V at the beginning of the DC voltage at the beginning, and the normal signal (low -level guidance) is at about 1 to 3V at about 1 to 3V. If water, power, and these two signals are normal, it can generally be judged that it is a laser tube failure. If the signal is abnormal, it means that it is a board card or a circuit problem.

18 RF laser tube replacement displays the laser tube connection error?

In connecting the plug -in (the internal line is not off -welded short circuit), the power cord (the left is right to the ground line with the ground line), and the waterway connection is normal to restart the cold water machine and the equipment. The problem of connecting circuit board is broken or incompatible, such as encryption tube and non -intensive tube. The circuit board is not compatible

19 cutting machine cutting is misplaced?

(After cutting or the distance of the common line graphics is too large) “

(1) Subcutation of feeding cutting first is the step distance of the feeding shaft = actual measurement length*original step distance/real length (set the feeding length). Whether to loosen the three is that there are relative sliding between the rolling net and the feeding shaft, and there is a phenomenon in depending on whether there is a Kabba phenomenon

(2) Unprocessed cutting misplaced first is the phenomenon of losing steps and losing steps in large vehicle motors or light shaft synchronous wheels. If the current is too small, the phenomenon is that the driver is bad or the motor is bad.

20 The feeding section is the material delivery?

The feeding captain is generally the sensitivity of the photoelectric switch or the light sensitivity of the photoelectric switch is not to the light sensitivity of the photovoltaic switch of the feeding machine. Even when there is a cut material, it will be sensitive to the light, so the presidential feed should adjust the sensitivity adjustment knob at the photoelectric switch wiring to adjust it to the indicator light of the material blocking time switch.

21 The light spots are too thick?

The light is not enough to adjust the light path and the overplay mirror roads well. When the dynamic focal length is well adjusted, the light spots are still thicker. The diameter of the mirror light spots is better at 13-14mm. You can make appropriate adjustments according to the requirements of the customer’s processing

22 Vibration Machine Dynamic Self -excitement?

The dynamic howling is to adjust the R103 R28 to adjust the self -excitation and howling the adjustment. If the power cord measurement is still driven, it is necessary to use the insulating film between the motor and the case to use the insulated film for a good isolation, and then adjust the R103 R28 and adjust it.

23 The sign or cutting size is wrong with the marking machine and cutting machine?

When the dynamic label machine is not moving up and down, the size is not correct. Generally, the parameter of the correction parameter data is changed or the error occurs. The general determination of the pulse number of the pulse number is calculated by the mistake.

24 The cutting machine is turned back to the original point?

Such failures are generally caused by the original point switch caused by the origin of the origin switch and the two types of backbone directions that are close to the switch and the mutual switch (magnetic control switch).

25 Cutting motor, motor driver, motor cable and driver’s power supply DC switch power failure?

The specific embodiment of such faults on the device is generally available

(1) The laser head does not move

(2) Such situations such as stagnation such as stagnation and jitter during the operation of laser heads are generally observed. First, this phenomenon will occur if the power supply voltage of 48V or 42V DC switching power supply is not enough or unstable. Consider whether to determine whether the motor of the driver motor or motor cable is determined that the motor must first observe whether the motor’s itself is smooth when the motor cable is disconnected from the motor cable and the driver is disconnected. Then you can measure the motor coil if the motor itself is running normally. For the six-line motor, AC, A+, A-are a set of coil AC and A+ A- to guide BC B+ B-as a set of coils, and the situation is turned on. If the above is abnormal, it can be directly judged as a motor failure; for the step driver of Baishan and YAKO, when the DC power supply is normal and disconnect the motor cable, if the indicator of the driver is not bright, it is directly judged to be a driver failure. If you cannot directly judge, you can use the replacement method; in such faults, the motor cable failure is a small chance of failure. When the motor and the driver are eliminated, the motor cable must be considered to detect whether there are short circuits and open circuits. Detailed interrupt measurement can be detected.

26 Laser can’t control light?

(1) Water level switch is bad.

(2) Interruption of high -voltage lines

(3) Laser tube rupture or burn burn

(4) Broken laser power supply

(5) Water -free cycle “Including water pipes and not working”

(6) Water protection line is broken or the contact is not good

(7) Laser power no 220V enters

(8) Laser power supply has no signal entering “Signaling line breaks and poor contact, bad relay controlled by light, bad board cards, and poor line welding”

(9) The online two -axis card is bad

27 Laser tube is weak?

(1) Laser tube burn or laser tube lens burning

(2) Laser tube light decay

(3) Burning a certain part of a laser power supply

(4) The power setting of the light is too low

(5) The power regulator is not larger

28 cut?

(1) Weak laser tube power is low

(2) Laser lens is dirty or damaged

(3) Laser lens is not good, loose

(4) The power of the light settings is too low -focal length

(5) The power regulator does not increase the maximum bias

(6) The power regulator does not adjust the power setting of the maximum laser tube too low

(7) The power regulator is not tuned and the largest panel is uneven

29 Can’t drive the machine?

(1) The machine is not powered on

(2) The air switch jumps

(3) Press the emergency stop switch

(4) Start waiting for the button to break

(5) 24V transformer bad

(6) The contactor is bad,

(7) Line break

(8) Poor line contact

30 24V switching power supply is broken? 30 machine x, the y axis cannot move?

(1) 42V switching power is bad

(2) Broken board card

(3) There is a problem with the signal line

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