Volkswagen Langyi: Add full synthetic motor oil, take a real shot of 25000km small maintenance process!

As a classic family model, Volkswagen Langyi has always been more popular in China. I have a 2019 280TSI DSG comfort version of VI. The car purchase time was at the end of 19 years, and so far, a total of 25,000 kilometers have been ran. A friend asked me, what is the cost of maintaining the maintenance of the public? Let ’s talk to you specifically, and share with you the whole process of minor maintenance of 25,000 kilometers.

From the perspective of the maintenance cycle, it was carried out for the first time at 5,000 kilometers or 12 months. I was more excited after buying a new car and ran to 5,000 kilometers in less than 4 months. After that, the maintenance cycle is 10,000 kilometers or once every 12 months. Of course, the premise is to add full synthetic engine oil.

For the price of the accessories, many people pay more attention to the car before buying a car. The full synthetic engine oil is 288 yuan/4L, the oil filter is 45 yuan, the air conditioner filter is 69 yuan, the air conditioner filter is 68 yuan, the gasoline filter device is At 88 yuan, the brake oil is 77 yuan/L, and the transmission oil is 204 yuan/L. From the perspective of working hours, if you are an appointment customer, you can get 20 % off. Take a minor maintenance of 25,000 kilometers, I have replaced the full synthetic motor oil and oil filter. A total of two projects, the working hours is 175 yuan, but because of the reservation, the actual working hours are 149 yuan. , Not expensive.

25,000 kilometers of small maintenance process

1. Before the maintenance, make an appointment, reach the 4S shop on time, the service consultant reception is timely, register the vehicle information first, then conduct appearance inspection, and mileage and gasoline registration.

2. The protection measures are done well, raised the vehicle, removed the engine guard, prepare the container that connected the waste oil, screwed the oil screw, and discharged waste oil.

3. Check the tire to see if there are any scars. If there are nails, tires will be performed without measuring tire pressure. After that, it will help eliminate small stones. It is very professional.

4, reduce the vehicle and add the full synthetic motor oil, just fill the 4L at a time. After that, I checked the brake oil without replacement. The liquid level was normal and the oil was clear.

5. Check the air filter and air conditioner filter element. After opening, it is not particularly dirty. He helped blow it and did not replace it.

At the end, the maintenance time was in 46 minutes. After the maintenance, the engine compartment was blowing with a compressed air, dealing with dust problems, and helping to wash the car once. In terms of price, it costs 482 yuan.

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