45 days of carnival, Dongfeng Yun Grape Art Festival is about to swipe the screen! Come to Maitreya to unlock the summer

45 days of carnival, Dongfeng Yun Grape Art Festival is about to swipe the screen! Come to Maitreya to unlock the summer

Source: 【Yunnan Daily】

How to spend summer vacation?

Dongfengyun Grape Art Festival is about to open happily

Preferential benefits of each scenic spot in Maitreya have been prepared

Come to Maitreya, give you a different surprise

Take your family and friends quickly

Come and turn “Xia” together

Parent -child vacation, summer drama

Summer vacation madage, search for art

Tasting delicious …

Multiple ways to play happily

July 18-August 31st Dong Fengyun Grape Art Festival

Meet this summer happiness

The opening ceremony of the super drama

“I’m Legend” Art Drama Show

“Entering Yunnan · Watching Flower” oil painting exhibition

Light up the East Charm Grape Art Festival

Take you into the art world and feel the fun of life

Immersive experience of art of art

This is our summer that comes here

No band without summer

During the Grape Art Festival

The entire park is music show

F face of the original band

In the notes and rhythm

Let’s jump together for a summer, hiidi

There are also interesting visual feasts -IP tour

Cute Sudun and Happy Clown Patrol

A variety of interpretations such as gathered dance and interactive games

Bring your baby, friends

Feel shock, cute, fantasy journey together

Highlight at night

How can I have less fireworks show

Every Friday to Sunday


Walk on the summer night of Dong Fengyun

The sky blooms on the top of the head

Should not be missed

(Reminder: Hanfu dressing and fireworks show photos will be more scenery)

And “red object” invites you to come

Here is a good local original ecology

There are also characteristic cultural and creative beauty online

Many local big names are strongly resident

In addition to punching a photo

And the fun and delicious are waiting for you

How can the grape art festival be less grapes

Here you will also hold food feast -grape feast

Several flavors of grapes to satisfy food at one time

There are also grape limited desserts, grapes limited special

it’s here

There are grape sweetness in the air

You can also go to the Peninsula Paradise Fancy Wait

Pour pink beaches, experience sailing row

Watch the flying people performance on the water

Take your child to Meng Pet Park

Interact with various small animals

Go to cultural and creative stores, magic forests

Make DIY, punch card forest canvas

Go to the grass shed, the lawn of the seal, the Peninsula lawn

Camping barbecue feels the flavor of the fireworks on the earth

The ideal wild luxury holiday you want is here

Tired of playing during the day, choose a beautiful suction

Traveling without a hurry

I chose to live in the scenery this time

Early morning with Dong Fengyun’s rising

Welcome the first rays of sunshine in the bird Ming

The new day hi playing continues

Grape Art Festival

Xiaobian takes you “Hui” to play Maitreya

A series of preferential activities

Waiting for you to open!

Dongfeng Yun Town

Yunnan Red Winery

come here

Meet this summer romantic life

Experience the fun of grape picking

Taste the wine made of grapes

August 31

Teachers can visit with the teacher’s certificate

And provide free explanation services

And give a glass of wine to taste

Graduates from the middle and college entrance examinations can also be visited with the admission ticket

Lake Spring Ecological Park

Meet this summer’s “cold heart”

Lake Spring Hot Spring Water World

Top Ten Star Projects

Super big horn

Super big skateboard release passion


Before July 31st

You can also enjoy the following


Adult ticket daily price: 158 yuan/person

Weekend price: 178 yuan/person


Weekend price: 98 yuan

Student vote on weekdays: 110 yuan/person

Weekend price: 130 yuan

You must not miss it in summer!

and also

Huquan Ban Mountain Hot Spring

Also launched discount activities

Hot spring+spa two garden ticket prices (excluding meals)

Adult ticket: 168 yuan

Child ticket: 84 yuan

Student ticket: 148 yuan

Special Ticket: 99 yuan

Come and enjoy hot spring nourishment

Relax in a quiet environment

Taiping Lake Forest Town

Beautiful sea of ​​flowers

Blowing the cool lake wind

Playing with water

Eat delicious barbecue

Stay in the forest wooden house in the fairy tale

When the princess in the fairy tale

It can be achieved here

Come to Taiping Lake Forest Town

You can also enjoy the scenic spot discount activities

Graduation season activities: The small, middle -aged, high, and college graduates who graduated in the current graduates in 2022 can enjoy the entrances of the scenic spots from the scenic spots in the scenic area of ​​the scenic spots in the spots of the scenic seasons, and enjoy the graduation season special camping party. Comes with a tent to exempt the camp fees to the wild camping site for camping.

Summer enrollment exclusive activity:

Welfare 1: Honghe Prefecture tourists enter the park with their identity, and enjoy the summer of the summer.

Welfare 2: The national medical workers, active policemen, active military soldiers, and in -service teachers can enter the park with their identity certificates, and can also enjoy preferential benefits.

Welfare 3: Students can enter the park with their student IDs, and they can also enjoy preferential benefits.

Summer packages for limited time: Changyou Yiyu Summer Package: Huahai Slider+Huahai Little Train+Glass Rmuton+Speedboat Calligraphy Duck+Kart+Laser Shooting+Kayak, Original price 356 yuan/piece, summer special price 256 yuan/ open. Passionate summer package: Huahai slide road+flower sea train+glass drift+speedboat ducky duck+kayak, original price 276 yuan/piece, summer special price 168 yuan/piece.

Honghe Water Village

Here is like a eternal Jiangnan poetry and painting

Meet this summer “Jiangnan scenery”

Be in

You can see the lake and mountain color

Experience leisurely vacation time

园 Weng Forest Park

Meet this leisurely life in this summer

Walking in the park forestry trail

The fresh air of breathing “natural oxygen bar”

Climbing on the transparent glass boardwalk

A glance of Maitreya’s beautiful scenery

Or pick up a book in the forest book bar

Feel the romantic poetry atmosphere

Fresh graduates in 2022 rely on middle and college entrance examinations

And my ID card

Enjoy half -price discount for tickets for scenic spots

Dianxi River Wetland Park

Meet the coolness of this summer

Green and vitality everywhere

Wind blowing lotus pond


It is suitable for relieving the heat in the hot summer

Jinping Mountain Scenic Area

Ascend the 1999 layer stairs

Throughout Yanfeng Junxiu, gloomy and lush

Feel the aura, Lin Quan Youmei

Shock the potential of “it will be the top of Ling Jiao, and see the small mountains”

Meet this summer cure life

Keyi Town

Simple folk customs and folk customs

Take you immersed experience of national culture

Meet this summer national style

(Photo by Huang Yanjing)

Fresh graduates in 2022

With the examination of the middle and college entrance examination and my ID card

Go to Jinping Mountain Scenic Area

Hexiyi Town

You can enjoy the scenic area free ticket discount

Couples enjoy a 20 % discount on tickets

Teacher holding this person’s teacher qualification certificate

20 % off the ticket with ID card

More benefits

Waiting for you to unlock

(All the above preferential benefits are subject to the current implementation policy of the scenic area)

Maitreya players have been arranged for you

You who want to travel

You must not miss it!

This article comes from [Yunnan Daily], which only represents the author’s point of view. The national party media information public platform provides information release communication services.


come here

come here

come here

come here

August 31

August 31

Before July 31st

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