Is the fan of IQ taxes? Fan, tower fan, circulating fan, and comprehensive comparison of fan -free blades


Hello everyone, I am especially. Some time ago, I talked to everyone about the difference between the air fan and ordinary fan, and compared the three air circulators in detail. Many friends leave a message saying the difference between fan, tower fan and fanless fan?


Because I have found traditional fans, tower fans, fan -free fans, and air circulating fans to compare it for everyone. I believe that it will be helpful to your purchase. It is recommended to like it.

1. The differences of respective:

1. Air circulating fan and other fans:

In fact, whether it is a fan, a fan, or a fanless fan, in fact, the principle of air supply is the same, that is, to produce coolness by blowing the people, the difference is to make the wind softer as possible.


The biggest feature of the air circulating fan is that it can break the air and allow the indoor air to circulate rapidly. The advantage of this is that the fan does not have to be cool to the person, but it feels like the natural wind flows through the air flow of the indoor, thereby avoiding the headache and dizziness when using the fan in summer.

The reason why indoor air flows quickly is that the air supply is far away. It can be seen that the air circulating fan is designed by a closed polyetrack tube, so as to grow the air duct, so that the air outlet of the fan blades accelerates to achieve a farther air supply distance.

2. The difference between tower fans, non -fan leaves and traditional arms:


Compared with the tower fan and fanless fan, there are two problems with traditional fans. The first is that the space is large and the place of placement is not flexible. For the increasingly tense house prices today, space is money.

The second is that the front network gap of traditional fans is large and there are certain safety hazards. Even the anterior gaps on the edge of the traditional fan edge of the traditional fan will be relatively large.


3. The difference between the tower fan and the fan -free cable:

Speaking of fan -free fan, everyone always thinks about black technology and handsome, but what is the difference between fan blades and tower fans in actual functions?

In fact, the fan -free fan is not completely non -fanless, but hides the fan blades at the bottom of the fan. Therefore, the air duct design is very critical. Generally speaking, the air duct design of the fanless fan fan is very reasonable. Therefore, the noise is slightly smaller than the tower fan.

The second is that the tower fan is difficult to clean up. It is difficult to clean up the dense network in front and back, while the fan -free fan has no sanitary dead corner. It is easy to take care of it.

In addition to the difference between the price of non -fan -free fan, in addition to the differences in the wind, the fan -free fan generally combines purification, humidification and other functions, which can completely use more space to save space.

However, compared to the air purifier, the CCM value of the fan -free fan (total consumable purification) is not high. If the local air quality is too poor, it is recommended to use the fresh air or purifier.

Second, the effect of wind:

1. Wind speed:

The maximum gear is also turned on, and the wind speed of the four different types of fans was tested at the same place. It can be seen that the wind speed of the tower fan and fan is about 4.5m/s slower, and the wind speed without fan blades and circulating fans is 5.5m/s faster.


2. Sending air angle:

In addition to the wind speed, it is the contrast of the air supply angle. The air circulating fan shakes the most widely angle. Basically, it can be covered at all angles, while ordinary fans, tower fans, and fanless leaves can only turn left and right.

3. Actual feelings:


If you want to cool down quickly, the best effect is the air circulation fan. If it is straight to the person, in fact, the gap between the four fans is not large. The circulating fan can turn on the front network cutting wind. The ordinary fan has the natural wind of the green.


Third, convenience of use:

After talking about the most critical effect, let’s talk about the convenience of the four different types of fans.

1. Operation convenience:

Ordinary fan is Xiaomi, which can be achieved for me. It is naturally the most convenient for me. Both fan -free fan and circulating fans have remote control+fuselage control convenience, while the tower fan is the most inconvenient to control the use of fuselage.


2. Move/storage convenience:

Depending on the use scenarios, fans often need to move positions, so it is also important to facilitate movement. Among them, tower fans, fanless leaves, and air circulating fans have raised hands, and ordinary fans are not inconvenient to move.


When storage, tower fans, fanless leaves, and air circulating fans do not need to be disassembled and directly stored, and ordinary fans need to be separated from the base and fan blades, and it is difficult to store a large occupation.

3. Convenience for disassembly and washing:


As an electrical appliances circulating air, regular disassembly and washing are also very important. Among them, there is no sanitary dead corner without fan blades. Fan and air circulating fan can be cleaned up before disassembling, while the tower fan is densely tamper to clean up.

Third, other details:

1. Safety:


Speaking of fan safety is also very important. At present, all four fans cannot extend the little fingers, but traditional fans, tower fans, and air circulating fans are not a problem. The core of the pen can’t be stuffed, and there is no fan blades in the stuff, so the installation is the most insurance.


2. Power size:

The fan is an electrical appliance that needs to be turned on for a long time, so some friends are worried about power consumption, so I opened the four fans to the maximum gear for power testing.

Fan 14W, circulating fan 20W, no fan leaves 29W, while the power consumption of the tower fan was unexpectedly up to 35W.

3. Noise:

In terms of noise, I also tested the four fans after the maximum file. The fan was the lowest. The fanless blades and the circulating fan were similar, and the tower fans were the most noise.


At the same time, the maximum tower fans and fan wind speeds are low, while fan -free and circulating fan wind speed is fast, so comprehensive speaking, the noise of the tower fan at the same wind speed is the largest.



Personally, if your home space is large, the air conditioner is slow to cool down, or the long -term air conditioning effect is limited, then it is recommended that you start with the air circulation fan.

If you have sufficient budget and want a fan with a high -function value, then a fanless fan is a good choice.


If you just want a fan that is cost -effective and daily, then I feel that Xiaomi’s ordinary fan is really good.

As for the tower fan, I do n’t have the link. I personally feel that there is nothing worth starting. I also felt fresh at the time, and now I am basically gray.

Well, for the comparison and sharing of various fans, here is here. If you have any questions, welcome to discuss the comment area, and welcome to follow me to continue to share home -dry goods.

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