Guangzhou Auto Show | Meet the luxury of high taste, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota Wei Venza first debut

What is the experience of meeting high taste?

As the most large-scale car event at the end, 2021 Guangzhou International Auto Show is as scheduled

(November 19-28, in progress)


Even if there is “the most stringent” epidemic prevention requirements in history, it still can’t stop the enthusiasm of all major cars to bring new models for our consumers. According to incomplete statistics, this year’s auto show has more than 100 new cars, and in a new model, there is such a new model of Guangzhou Toyota New Car, which is particularly attractive, saying that it is the most eye-catching The focus is not all, it is known as

“The most expected Toyota Luxury SUV”


A senior media have seen this new car after a new car, even give this review:

“I haven’t seen this unique design for many years, but it is full of beauty and luxurious Toyota cars.”

Who is that?


It is the new luxury medium SUV in GAC Toyota.


Wei Yu Venza

. It positioned TNGA high tasteful SUV, which is expected to be officially launched in the first quarter of 2022, and pre-sale is now fully available. The first appearance can harvest such high attention, what is the charm of the Venza?

Deluxe, natural taste

The so-called “three generations will only come out a noble”, the brand is the same, luxury is required to accumulate and cultural inheritance. As a new member of the GAC Toyota Luxury Series, Weizhen Venza’s launch is not “passing the world”, it derived from the US version of the Venza, the US version of the world’s global version of the fourth generation of Harrier, and the first generation of Harrier stems from In 1997, the birth of the car was a luxury.


As a global model, Venza is named from VENTURE (Adventure) and Monza (Monza, located in Italy), it is highlighted to lead, courageous to explore, born with luxurious and modern aristocratic temperament.

More than luxury, the Venza model has been launched to break the boundaries of the past SUV and the sedan, and the comfort of the car and the practicality of SUV is one, and the North American luxury medium SUV segment. After 24 years, four generations evolve, Venza inherited luxury genes to the domestic market, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota is naming Chinese –


And the meaning “origin is from the intrinsic, self-existed”, which is both a Toyota alcoholic luxury, and it is more dare to enter the priority. Therefore, Wei Wei Venza is natural and luxurious, it is worth your fine taste.

Four dimensions, interpretation of luxury new experience

The elegant luxury seen.

At first saw Wei Yu Venza, the design can make people feel a elegant temperament, using the “refined-tech simplicity” design concept, the body shows an obvious low-counter sedan, very fashionable.

The front face section, the contour of the intake grill, the shape of the ladder, the internal use of large-area black honeycomb design is moving, the car standard has a little ridge with the sleeper front LED headlight and “double L type” light strip Shape sharp eyes, very recognized and visual impact; the overall car line is rich in hierarchical and three-dimensional stereoscopic, large-scale surface shapes the beautiful light and shadow effect, the details are highlight, and the trend of the trend Tail light, chrome door handle, window chrome-plated trim strip, etc., all decoration details, all over the body, highlight the luxury.

Light luxury, you get it.


If Venza’s design can make you feel this is a elegant Toyota car, then when you really sit into the car, close the door of the door, the luxurious feelings of the light luxury come. This luxury is not a simple and straightforward luxury, but a truly feedback that truly belongs to the automotive process.

At the point of interest, the instrument panel of Wei Yu Venza, the middle control station, saddle modeling armrest box, the interior plates have a large-scale advanced soft cover, seat, steering wheel, shift lever, door handrail and other frequent contact portions Package with leather fabric, people feel warm, exquisite handmade and elegant breath. At the same time, the interior has a large amount of metal chrome, piano paint, etc., so that the luxury is again sublimated, unavigified, the interior design of Wei Yu Venza, whether the work is still materials, “luxury big brother” Lexus The level of level.


In terms of configuration, Toyota’s first “dimming panoramic sunroof” is the first to be equipped with the Venza model. This panoramic sunroof can switch dimming mode and light transmission mode, in dimming mode, the sun is soft as passed through the white window. It is possible to enjoy 360 ° open translucent mobile space.


At the same time, it is also equipped with JBL luxury audio (with 9 speakers), 12.3-inch full liquid crystal meter +12.3-inch multimedia display + HUD lift display three-screen linkage, stream media rearview mirror, intelligent speaker network, face recognition , Wireless charging, latest nanoe-x negative ion generator, electric seat with ventilation, rainfall induction rain brush, induction electric tail, PVM panoramic monitoring system, reversing image (with dynamic guide line), etc. Let the luxurious atmosphere enjoy technology enjoyment.


The quiet luxury enjoyable.

Even in such a noisy environment at the Guangzhou Auto Show, the quiet performance of the vehicle Venza is impressive. It is understood that the Weizhen Venza’s body increases a large number of sound insulation materials, the whole car window glass thickening, high-cost front-side windows use soundproof glass, but not only the newly developed suspension is also equipped with a new damper, even When driving on the bump road, the sensitive response of the suspension not only can solve the noise caused by subtle vibration, but also keep the cabin and create a quiet and comfortable ride.


Opened driving luxury.

Weizhen Venza is the latest model created based on Toyota TNGA-K high-end platform, which is consistent with its “Deluxe Big Brother” NX, ES, etc. in Lexus. Under the blessing of the TNGA architecture core technology, Weizhen Venza has a lighter, higher rigid body, and by adopting a new vehicle evaluation and tuning method, the Venza also has a luxury car driving texture. .

At the same time, the platform can also be compatible with Toyota’s best power combination, and Venza is equipped with two power assemblies of TNGA 2.0L and TNGA 2.5L HEV. Among them, TNGA 2.5L HEV version is also the 2.5L dual-engine version of the 2.5L dual-engine version of the Toyota, but also the power of the latest fourth-generation THSII mixing system, and the power of output is more smooth and quiet. The fuel consumption can also drop 4.5L / 100km from the same displacement conventional fuel machine. In addition, it is equipped with a new generation of Toyota Safety Sense to intellectual (Toyota to avoid collision auxiliary set), you can implement quasi-L2 level automatic driving assistance.

From January to October this year, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota accumulated 664,578 units, an increase of 8.4% year-on-year. Recently, Guangqi Toyota 600,000 new cars also officially launched, and the total sales volume of TNGA model exceeded 1.6 million units. In this Guangzhou Auto Show, in addition to the Venza, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota TNGA hot models also debuted, of which the Landa family’s new power – TNGA new compact SUV sharp, first debut, there is no new choice for urban fashion SUV; The new C-HR is also exhibited in this auto show. As the Toyota Global Trend SUV, the new C-HR added TNGA 2.0L dual engine mixed version, bringing more choices to consumers. I believe that with the arrival of these new models, GAC Toyota can also come to the next level.


Write in the last:

Obviously, for luxurious definitions, Weizhen Venza gives its own unique answer. Deluxe If you just be too straightforward, it can only be called “Tuhao”. As a global classic model with 24 years of history, it has been in a global classic model of four generations, and the luxury experience and comfortable driving feature, it breaks the traditional luxury, in order to pay attention to enjoy high-quality life, longing and luxurious Users of connotation provide a high-quality new luxury car lifestyle.

And when such a Venza occurs, how can it be fascinated?

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