Folding dining table | Small apartment essential

Folding dining table | Small apartment essential

What kind of dining table can be called the Tibetan Tibetan dining table, of course, it can be long or short folded dining table, and large and small units are not limited.

The full folding width of 35cm can also be a display platform on the side. One person can eat at home. This specification is also possible.

Half-development length 103cm Expand half into a small dining table, which can accommodate 2-3 people, especially suitable for a family of three or couples to eat

The full development length 171cm relatives and friends do not have to worry about no location when they come to the house. They can directly show their hands. It can accommodate 6-8 people

With a universal wheel at the bottom of the table, there is a brake function. Where can I push it? The movement is completely effortless.

Two specifications, one is 140cm and width of 70 after the expansion, the other is 171cm in length after expansion, 90cm width, and the height is 75cm

The inside of the table can also be placed with a folding chair, and you can put a maximum of 4 chairs

The method of folding is also very simple. Just take the table legs on the two sides.

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