Do you must cry ugly when you are out of your student? Look at Tan Songyun’s gray woolen coat, Yang Zi’s white sweater

How can the student party look good?

Actually, a few pieces are enough


The most important thing is how to match


Solid sweater


The most warm items that make us feel warm in autumn and winter are the sweater. It is extremely soft and comfortable to wear, and the whole person looks a lot gentle. Nowadays, there are more and more tricks of sweaters, but solid sweaters still occupy an unshakable position. Simple and easy to match are the safety choice you do not have the wrong.


A few days ago, Yang Zi appeared at the airport in a white sweater with a white sweater with a geometric floral pleated skirt.

Tan Songyun’s body restraint and wiring with woolen umbrella skirts, the little woman is full of taste



Of course, the babies who are afraid of cold remember to wear pantyhose!

With a white skirt, walking on the campus is definitely attracting a big ticket for boys.


With pants


Woolen coat

Don’t just know how to wear cotton jackets! The woolen coat is very popular every year, and it is also a item that girls of which age groups like!

Tan Songyun’s gray woolen coat, wearing a small fresh flavor on her body, with a white shirt or the same color underlying clothes, retro literary and artistic.

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