The child is used to the box bed of the kindergarten. Dad buys a dragging bed, and he sleeps if you want to sleep.

I am used to the box bed of the kindergarten. The child ’s dad bought a dragging bed.

This year, my friend’s child is in the first grade of elementary school, but the child is used to the kind of work and rest habits of kindergarten. Now the kung fu of eating at noon now has to go home and nap. But every time I say that the bed at home is not comfortable with kindergarten. The box bed in the kindergarten looks small, but because the height of the bed is relatively low to the ground, the child sleeps inside! So the friend’s husband specially bought a dragging bed for the child on the Internet, a normal height bed, and a bed hidden under the bed. After dragging it out, he was about the same size as the kindergarten box bed! Usually do n’t take up the place, the child wants to sleep when you want to sleep, and the bed changes to two beds. Friends who come to the family need to stay at home, and you can have a place to sleep. I have to say that this dad is too witty!


The dragging bed is a hidden bed installed under the normal bed. My friend’s husband is very seriously assembled. The bedboard of the wooden fence is very breathable. Like the box bed in the kindergarten, the mattress can be ensured. Children are comfortable to sleep on it!


This is like this after assembling. The above simple single bed, the below was pulled out and turned into two beds! The height is different, but the size is the same. Most children prefer a short bed, because the height of the box bed in the kindergarten is about the same height. The child does not need to worry about it.


Take a look at the happy look of the little guy. Just the first grade baby really needs a transition time to adapt to the life of elementary school students! But the sense of security given by parents can help their children easily through the transition period!

Not only the children of a friend’s house like to sleep in the bed, but the children of my sister’s house also like it. Most of the nap in the kindergarten are sleeping such a high level of bed. The teacher is easy to take care of it. , Children take a nap for a while, you can also have a good mental state in the afternoon or the interest class!

However, if the children’s room wants to put the next dragging bed, if it can be used normally, it must be left enough to drag the bed. Even if the bed does not take up space when it is not used, it needs an independent area when used! So it is not very suitable for small units or relatively small spaces in the bedroom!


And for some small units, a dragging bed is installed at home. If you come from friends, you will feel embarrassed to sleep on it. So it is basically only suitable for children’s rooms. However, today I recommend everyone a more practical dragging design. The bed hidden under the bed can also become the same height of a single bed after dragging it out. In this way, some friends at home come to sleep on the same height of bed, so don’t don’t, so no I feel embarrassed!


This kind of bed is actually only a lifting device than an ordinary dragging bed!

It is a bit like a bed with a storage space. It can be raised gently as soon as the bed is lifted. This kind of dragging bed that can be lifted. There is also a bracket that can be lifted and folded under the bedboard. When the floor is not ground, after dragging it out, the bed rises, and the bracket rises.


For some small units, this trailer is quite practical.

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