Taiwan’s famous snack pineapple crisp, formula and practice sharing, make good food and authentic

Recently, it is the season to eat pineapple and pineapple. A few days ago, pineapple rice was made. Many people prefer the sweet and sour taste. Recently, I bought some pineapple. The pineapple and pineapple are similar in appearance, but there are some differences in the taste. Pineapple is more sweet than pineapple and has little sour taste. It is a good choice for eating or making desserts. , Crispy inside, sweet and rich, and it is not difficult to practice.


Pineapple cake is a famous snack in Taiwan. The method is very particular. It is made of fresh pineapple meat, and then made of plasma. After baking, the taste is glutinous inside and the aroma of pineapple is overflowing. Absolutely. If you want to eat authentic pineapple cake, you can do it at home without going to Taiwan, and now many pineapple cakes on the market are mixed with winter melon. You can ensure the purity of the filling yourself without buying it everywhere. The taste is absolutely authentic.

【Pineapple Crispy practice】


step one:

First come to make pineapple stuffing, which requires 1,000 grams of pineapple, 15 grams of butter, 100 grams of maltose and 50 grams of rock sugar.

Step 2:

Prepare a pineapple of about 2 pounds. The pineapple leaves are smooth and there is no jagged. This can easily distinguish the difference between pineapple and pineapple. If you ca n’t buy pineapple, you can use pineapple to replace it, but the taste of pineapple is sore, and the amount of sugar needs to be increased appropriately.

Step 3:


Remove the pineapple leaves and bottoms, cut it half from the middle, and cut off the skin. The pineapple’s outer skin is very thin and soft, and it can be removed easily.

Step 4:

Dig out the inner thorns with a small knife, the pineapple’s inner thorns are very shallow, and it will be except for gently.

Step 5:

After peeled, the pineapple is cut, cut the middle hard core, and put it into the cooking machine into mud.

Step 6:

Chop the soft pineapple meat on the edge and put it in a large bowl. This can retain pineapple fiber and pour the pineapple core into the mud into pineapple meat together.


Step 7:


Put all the pineapple meat in the gauze, squeeze out the pineapple juice, and filter the pineapple juice to shorten the time of fried stuffing, but you don’t need to squeeze too thoroughly, leaving some pineapple juice will make the filling flavor more.


Step 8:


Put the squeezed pineapple meat in a non -sticky pot, stir fry over medium heat, stir -fry the rock sugar until the rock sugar is melted. You can also use sugar or sugar.

Step 9:

Fry until the pineapple meat becomes soft and soup, add maltose and then stir -fry, add maltose pineapple fillings to become very thin, and then stir -fry. The pineapple filling will slowly become sticky for a while. Low, then stir -fry, stir -fry until the filling is holding the ball, put it in the bowl and spread it out to cool it. When the filling is hot, it will be a bit soft, and it will harden when it cools.


Step 10:

Let’s prepare the pineapple part of the pineapple cake. First prepare all the ingredients: 100 grams of butter, 1 egg, 30 grams of sugar powder, 1 gram of salt, 150 grams of low -gluten powder, 25 grams of milk powder, 25 grams of milk powder, 25 grams of milk powder


Step 11:


The temperature of the butter room is softened to the state that can be pressed gently by hand, put it in the basin, spread it with an eggbeater, then add salt and sugar powder, stir it with a scraper, use the egg beater at a high speed to the color of the butter to turn white, and turn the color of the butter. The volume expands to twice, and the state is sent like a layered feather shape.

Step 12:


Add half of the egg liquid, use the eggbeater to fuse the eggs and butter, then add the other half of the egg liquid, then pass it at a high speed until the egg liquid is mixed into the butter, sieve it in low powder and milk powder, and then stir with a spatula to stir it into it into a scraper to be stirred into it into it. Put in a fresh -keeping bag, press it gently, and refrigerate the refrigerator for an hour to relax the dough.


Step 13:

Divide the cooling pineapple fillings into 12 grams, and the pineapple filling is not soft. If it is too humid, put it back to the non -stick pan and fry it. Then divide the loose dough into 18 grams of small dough. The pineapple cake I use is 30 grams, and the skin filling ratio is 1.5: 1.

Step 14:

Take a small dough and put it in the heart, put it in the pineapple filling, then press the filling with one thumb, slowly push the dough up the dough up to wrap the pineapple filling, pinch it tightly, rub it into a cylindrical shape, put it in in the shape Press the mold gently in the mold, fill the four corners, and then turn over the mold. Gently shake a few times, both sides are flat.

Step 15:

After all the molds are shaped, put it in the baking sheet. The baking tray is oiling paper to prevent adhesion. The amount given can be used for about 18 to 20 pineapple cakes. The oven is 160 ° C up and down, preheated in advance, bake the pineapple crisp into the middle of the oven for 15 minutes, and turn it out of the oven to turn the noodles as a whole. After turning all over, put it back to the oven for 10 minutes, until the surface becomes golden.


Step 16:

Take out the baking sheet and let it cool, then take out the mold, and the cooked pineapple crisp will be separated from the mold. The role of the mold is to set it, and if not, it can not be used.

The good pineapple crispy sides of the pineapple are not cracking on both sides. Open the inside, the full pineapple filling, the aroma is strong, the freshly grilled skin is crispy, the taste of cookie biscuits. It will be integrated together, and the overall is the soft texture. Use pineapple to make stuffing, high sweetness and strong flavor. If pineapple is used for acid, the amount of sugar needs to be increased appropriately. If you like a bit of crispy skin filling, you can press 1.5: 1, like a sweet ratio and press 1: 1. The pineapple crispy is sealed, and the normal temperature can be saved for about a week.

【Summary of Pineapple Crispy Production Issues】


1. Selection of filling?

Pineapple cakes need to choose pineapple meat to boil the fillings. The pineapple aroma is strong, sweet but not sour, and the fiber is moderate. There is no sour taste for the filling. If you ca n’t buy pineapple, you can also use pineapple to replace, but the sour taste of pineapple is more heavy. Try to choose pineapple with higher maturity. Taste the stuffing.


2. Why add maltose?

Maltose can increase the stickiness and toughness of the filling, which can ensure that the fried pineapple filling is bright and easy to form. It is slightly sticky when eating and the taste is better. With no maltose, it can be replaced by water.


3. Why is the pineapple filling with a dish machine?

It is best to have the texture of pineapple fiber in the filling of the pineapple cake, so the pineapple meat in the soft part is best chopped, and the pineapple meat in the hard part needs to be broken with a cooking machine, otherwise it will affect the taste of the filling.

4. Why do the butter part of the meringue be softened at room temperature?


The softened butter of the room is easy to pass. If it is a very hard state or a melting state, it cannot be sent. Only the butter is passed, and the skin can be crispy.

5. Why does the puff dough refrigerate and relax?

The softened and passing butter is soft and sticky when the dough is just made. This state cannot be wrapped in the filling, and it needs to be refrigerated to let the dough be set. The purpose of refrigerating an hour is to let the wake -up dough relax the dough. The relaxed dough is flexible. The filling of the filling is not easy to break the skin.

6. How to determine how many grams of pineapple cakes can be made?

First put the mold on the electronic scale to clear, then take a piece of puff dough to stuff the mold, flatten it up and down, and then put it on the electronic scale. The stuffing ratio is specific to the gram of the skin filling.


7. Can the pineapple crispy billets be put in the mold higher than the thickness of the mold?

No, when the meringue is cooked, it will swell and the volume will become larger. If the raw blank is higher than the thickness of the mold, the high part will crack.

8. What are the causes of pineapple cake?


One is that the filling is too wet, and the other is that the dough is not relaxed well.

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