Injury and coma, causing fracture! This kind of child toy that hurts people and hurts yourself, your child is playing

Recently, I accidentally brushed a news, which can be shocked by the boldness of the bacteria!

Urumqi’s 1 -year -old male treasure was drove out of the car because he was not a seat belt, and he was thrown out of the car after the obstacle.

An old man who was walking in the square was fractured by a child toy car.

After reading the news, the bacteria were distressed from the heart and the innocent elderly.

I believe Bao Da Bao’s mother did not expect it,

Such a popular children’s electric toy car actually hurt others.

Here, a small research on children’s electric toy cars for children’s electric toys to see how you think of children playing electric toy cars.

All the Bao and Moms and Moms who choose the B option, the bacteria will give you a praise,

Playing this toy for children must be more vigilant.

Earlier, some professionals did a series of experiments on children’s electric toy cars. Please take a look at it carefully for the safety of the children!


Small toy electric vehicle

There are so many hazards


There are three scenarios in the experiment, all of which are the most common situation of children’s electric toy cars.

And cause children to varying degrees of physical damage.

◆ Experiment 1: “Little Andrew” without a seat belt


In the first experiment, you can see that the children’s electric vehicles are constantly moving forward.

“Little Andrew”, who was not a seat belt, drove a child’s electric car collision to the obstacle directly rolled out of the car, and his head was fiercely ground.

This situation will inevitably cause certain damage to the baby’s head,

If you are light, you will be injured, and your brain shakes,

What’s more, like the little man in the news, he was unconscious.

◆ Experiment 2: “Little Andrew” overloaded by “one car”

The second experiment was to sit on the car with “Little Andrew” and another “Little Andrew”. One of the “Little Andrew” was sitting on the front of the car to simulate the scene of children’s electric toy cars.

When the electric vehicle accelerated, the “Little Andrew” sitting on the front of the car was shaken violently, accompanied by a turbulent, “Little Andrew” sitting on the front of the car fell to the ground and was crushed by the wheels.

This kind of unconventional overload driving behavior,

Not only do the child’s head hurt the head, but also the wheel crushing causes physical damage in the body and crushing to the neck to cause the child to suffocate

,The consequences could be disastrous.

◆ Experiment 3: “Little Andrew”, who is unattended

For the third time, “Little Andrew” drove his car, and continued to accelerate forward without overloading the seat belt. This time, he encountered ten home glass doors.

With the continuous acceleration of “Little Andrew”, 8 pieces of glass stopped. The broken glass undoubtedly fell on his head, face, and seat.

Children are most likely to encounter obstacles when they usually play such electric toy cars, because children cannot respond to danger in time because children are too small.


In addition to being injured after impact obstacles, there are also accidental risks such as rollover and injury, crushing by wheels.

The bacteria know that the child’s injury is unwilling to see every parent.

If the child really wants to play, Bao Da Baomao must

Help children take safety protection measures.

Therefore, the precautions for children to play children’s electric vehicles today are clear.


I want a child to play hidden

What are the cases to pay attention?

The following are the most easily ignored details. Each Bao Da Bao mother must keep in mind when taking children to play children’s electric toy cars.

To take a good measure of safety protection to prevent problems before they occur.

◆ You must tie a seat belt

Before letting children launch children’s electric vehicles

Be sure to check whether the child’s seat belt is tied well first.

In addition, Pay attention to Bao Da Bao, pay attention

Is there a situation where the seat belt and the seat are connected or loosen. If there are hidden safety hazards, do not play for children.

Step of the seat belt:

first step:

Press the button to unlock the seat belt

Step 2:

Spread the upper part of the seat belt to the child’s waist

third step:

Connect the upper part of the upper seat belt

the fourth step:

Finally check whether the seat belt is buckled up and down

◆ It is strictly forbidden to be overloaded by “one car”

In the case where a car can only sit in one child, Bao Da Bayao must strictly obey.

Some cars have double seats. If two children are riding at the same time, they must guarantee a seat belt.

At the same time, a child is strictly prohibited from taking anywhere outside the electric vehicle seat to prevent falling and being crushed by wheels.

◆ Must have adult care

On the one hand, adults’ care is to ensure the safety of children, and on the other hand, it is to supervise and remedy dangerous behavior when accidents.

Therefore, bacteria feel that adults’ accompaniment is the primary prerequisite for playing children’s electric vehicles.

Some Bao Da Bao Ma watched the baby who was playing happily by himself, playing mobile phones or chatting with others and ignoring the children.

Bacteria still want to remind Bao Da Bao’s behaviors that do not happen as much as possible. The little male treasure in the news is the lesson of blood and tears.

◆ Choose a reliable toy car

Bao Da Bao Mom, don’t be greedy for cheap or choose to buy children’s electric toy cars given to children’s supplies promotion. In these cases, children’s electric vehicles are very likely


No quality assurance.

So Bao Da Bao’s mother wants to buy children toy electric vehicles for children

Be sure to choose a product with guaranteed quality.

So what points need to pay attention to when choosing a children’s electric car, the intimate bacteria have already prepared for everyone

All right!


Pay attention to these 5 o’clock

Help children choose safe toy electric vehicles

Bacteria suggests that Bao Da Bao can pay more attention to the following points when choosing a children’s electric toy car for children.

Try to choose a safe and safe children’s electric toys.


◆ Choose a brand with a certain reputation

Children’s toy cars on the market are all kinds of variety and different quality.

Bacteria recommends that when choosing a children’s electric toy car,

Be sure to choose a brand with a certain influence,


This also means that the quality is guaranteed and has more reliable after -sales service.

◆ Comply with the national “Toys Safety” standard

The current national standards are

GB6675.1-2014, GB6675.2-2014, GB6675.3-2014, GB6675.4-2014

Wait for multiple execution standards.

Parents can try to choose these types when choosing, and make certain guarantees for their children’s health.

Remarks: From GB6675-2014 “Toys Safety” National Standard 1-4 and Toys Routine Test Information


◆ Recognize the 3C logo

my country implements a compulsory product certification system for toy products.

Pay attention to the product packaging or logo when buying

“CCC” certification logo, or selects American electric toys such as ASTM certification; CE European certification and other children’s electric toy cars.

◆ Examine the body details


The details of children’s toys cannot be ignored.


Try to buy a children’s electric toy car to go to the physical store as much as possible, which is more convenient for the details of the body.


Such as the sensitivity of the steering wheel, whether the brake is flexible, and whether the seat belt is firm is reliable.


◆ Pay attention to matching the child’s age

Some Bao Da Bao Mom can’t wait to give the children the best things that I think, which is of course. Children’s electric vehicle mainly


Applicable age is 3-7 years old

(37 months-95 months)

The general load bearing is about 30-40kg.

There are differences in each brand, mainly product parameters.

Too small babies do not have the ability to drive by themselves, and they have no ability to protect themselves. Therefore, it is recommended to wait for children to be anxious.

Children’s electric vehicles are very popular and are very popular with babies.

Choose a reliable quality and correct way of use,

Is the key to ensuring the safety of babies.

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