The brand shoulder bag was checked and unqualified on the black list

The State Inspection and Quarantine Administration adopted the “mysterious buyer” method to extract 502 batches of e -commerce products produced by 359 companies from e -commerce platforms such as Tmall,, Suning, Amazon, Dangdang, No. 1, and Fanke. After inspection, a total of 131 batches of products produced by 110 companies were unqualified. There are 7 types of unqualified product detection rates of more than 30%: leather shoes, 56.3%; plush cloth system toys, 40%; cashmere knitted clothing, 35.6%; backbone, 34.3%; casual clothing (woven), 33.7 33.7 %; Mobile sockets, 33.3%; indoor heater, 30.4%.


The phenomenon of unqualified physical mechanical performance of shoe products and backpacks is outstanding. Among them, the main problems of shoe products are concentrated on fold resistance; the main problems of the backpack are concentrated on the two durable capacity indicators of suture strength and oscillation impact performance. A brand of women’s bags, shoulder bags, oscillating impact is unqualified.


So what is the standard for shock impact detection?

QB/T2922-2018 Bag oscillating impact test technical requirements

Scope of application: suitable for various daily luggage.

Test principle: Load the specified load in the luggage. After lifting the luggage to the specified itinerary by raising the luggage through the handle, the strap (or the completely opened tie rod), do The absorption and release of the impact force of the spring make the luggage impact and oscillation, thereby testing the oscillating impact performance of the handle, strap, lever, box (bag).


Corresponding instrument: XK-7002 bag oscillating impact test machine

Equipment structure:

1. Institutional device: Including lower suction cups, upper shock -reducing rubber blocks, shock absorption springs, downshumin blocks, impact rods, and commonly used fixtures (bilateral band fixtures).

The total mass of the lower suction cup, upper shock tape, impact rod, and commonly used fixture is (8.1 ± 0.2) kg.

The impact device can move up and down, one -way itinerary (150 ± 5) mm. The itinerary is set on the shock device with 30kg.

2. Upper suction cup and noise reduction device: The upper suction is equipped with gas pressure regulating noise reduction device, and the bottom surface of the noise reduction device is compressed to the elasticity of (110 ± 10) n when the bottom surface of the suction cup.

3. Shock -absorbing spring: the spring constant is (17.54 ± 0.88) n/mm, the spring section of the spring is rectangular (8.5mm × 4.2mm), the length (165 ± 5) mm, the outer diameter (44.5 ± 0.5) mm, and the inner diameter (25 ± 0.5) mm.

4. Shock absorbing rubber block: The ends of the shock -absorbing spring are equipped with a cylindrical shock absorbing glue block, the outer diameter (100 ± 5) mm, the height (30 ± 3) mm. The main material is the thermoplastic polyurethane, the hardness is Shao Shao Er A (85 ± 3). The central hole of the lower -end shock absorption block should ensure the free and smooth passage of the impact rod.

5. Plecee: Including commonly used fixtures and bipned bidding fixtures, the shoulder strap fixture can be installed in the commonly used fixture. Common fixture bone sides should have soft films to avoid wear samples.

The quality of the back strap fixture is (1.35 ± 0.05) kg, and the product of the back straps should be fixed on the shoulder strap fixture for testing.

6. Control device: adjustable oscillating impact rate, set and record the number of impact tests, and have the function of falling into the automatic shutdown in the middle of the sample. Test requirements: After the test is over, the inspection handle (side handle), whether the tie rod is dropped or damaged, the metal accessories are damaged, the sewing line is broken, off the line, the box (bag) is not deformation, damage is damaged, damaged Or other defects that affect the appearance and use function. Put the box and bag with a tie rod to the tidal rod fatigue checker, pull the pull rod 5 times, and measure the tensional force value of the trolley.

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