In autumn and winter, with these three “minds”, your basic model can be different

Some people say “there is no fashion below 10 degrees.”


In the past, Yangyang lived in a warm big Guangzhou. In the past two years, he often traveled with his family members in the free shipping area of ​​Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, and was immediately conquered by the cold in Jiangnan winter.


The cold in the north is so cold, and it is warm, and it is warm when it reaches the wall and floor in the room. All coldness is dried, and everyone can nosebleed.


The coldness of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai is the cold wind and drizzle, wet and wet, into the bone into the medulla, and return to the room. The cold and moisturizing is attached to your skin, clothes, bed robes, quilts … … Really, after a month, I had no energy to match when I went out.


Isn’t this New Year? Mom and dad came over to help the baby. Ben Yang finally had a kung fu to think about how to make a sense of fashion under the real low temperature weather. ▼


The three basic models mentioned today with the “mind” are all the super practical summary of the seedlings in their own practice. As long as it takes a little time, we can make our basic models different from others! Let’s take a look together!


1. Stack through small high collar


In the past, I felt that fashion bloggers stacking small high collars were mainly for the shape. It was only after the free shipping area. It was discovered that there was a thin layer, and the warmth increased too much. ▼

When the weather is warm, use it to stack the “shirt+coat”. When the weather is cold, use it to stack the “sweater+jacket”. With it, we put on all round necks, V -neck sweaters and sweats. Afraid of cold neck. ▼

When choosing a small high collar, the seedlings found that the whole tall neck was the best. The half -high collar was put on the shore a little bit, which was missing.


The whole tall neck is strictly covered, and the neck lines will not be truncated visually, and it looks more on the neck. ▼


Among all the high -necked bottom shirts, black and white are the most used colors of bloggers, and they are right according to learning. ▼


If your shirt or sweater is not so deep, the gray, camel or striped turtleneck shirt is also very suitable. The color is not so strong, it is more special to match! ▼

2. Small silk scarf

It may be that I have not worn the high collar for too long. When I put on my little cashmere high -necked shirt this year, I still felt that my neck was a little itchy. In order to be comfortable, the seedlings tied a small silk scarf on the neck as a partition between the neck and the turtleneck (inspiration comes from the figure below). ▼

Wow, you will fall in love with you if you don’t try it! This “high -collar lattice scarf” is too fragrant.

First of all, it is comfortable. No matter how sensitive the skin is, it will not be allergic to the scarf! With the scarf as a partition, I dare to say hello to my body with all kinds of wool, cashmere, and even a bit of sea horse. ▼

Secondly, most of our turtlenecks in winter are mainly solid colors. I believe that many people are like seedling. The most solid color in the wardrobe is black. It is a bit boring in a black match. At this time, add a little silk scarf. It’s different.

With it, the basic turtleneck sweater has a high -level fan of “rich and idle”. ▼

In terms of color selection, let’s not choose too dull. Geometry such as stripes and wave dots is the best. It is versatile and texture. There is a Yang Caiyu in the same model, which is really easy to match. When everyone picks pattern, you can choose to be similar to this pattern. ▼

Or the more bright colors are also good, red, blue, green, yellow … Because the area is small, the color is more bright. If a small silk scarf and clothing color come with a small smooth color, the overall harmony will be stronger. ▼

Moreover, the big scarf may be removed indoors, but the small silk scarf does not need to be used, so if you have a meal with relatives and friends, even if you reach the room, the coat and scarf are removed. As long as you have the details of the neckline, you are still exquisitely responsible Oh! ▼


I don’t like to stack the small silk towel inside the high collar. It is also good to tie it outside. It can also create a small V face line. Looking at the smaller face! ▼

3. Fake exposed ankle


In winter, especially when the upper body is more “fat”, as long as the whole body can retain a short sense of lines of “not relaxing”, the whole person looks slender and light. ▼

After the experiment, the seedlings discovered that the slender lines that are most likely to achieve beautiful and warm are the ankles. ▼

Especially afraid of cold, we can learn the formulas of French women:

9 -point pants+tight -mouth boots

, The wind is unprepared and the lines can be maintained.


Remember to buy a zipper style, the ankle is tight enough, and it is convenient to wear and take off. ▼


It’s relatively not so afraid of cold,

“Flat shoes+medium long socks+9 pants”


Play happily. ▼

The most conservative person’s socks are black, you want to choose black. If you want to be particularly eye -catching, you can choose wine red, gray, and hidden cyan. ▼


If the socks can be close to the color of the shoes, we will look more harmonious in our eyes. ▼

In addition to the color mentioned above, turmeric, dark green, stripes, diamonds, and rhombus are relatively easy to match. Girls who want to be literary must try. The lower item is, there may be a new surprise if you try it. ▼

Nowadays, even men are so delicate, of course, we ca n’t be too particular about it! ▼

Well, is the whole content of today’s part super practical?


As long as we add a little basic model and “mind” and the basic style, we can also have a different personal customized style!


See the clothing product in detail. Taking advantage of the Spring Festival leisure time, let’s try it.

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