Glass preservation box, potential chemical material harm, perhaps only the manufacturer knows

The glass preservation box, I used to bring meals to the office in previous years. I have been using it all the time, so I did not find any abnormalities. At the end of last year, I did not use it to bring rice, washed it with detergent, and then hot with boiling water. At the beginning of this month, I planned to take it out and then use it. When it was taken out,


See the following pictures:

From the picture above, you can see the cover of the glass preservation box

White sealed ring becomes

Yellow, and the feel is oily


My first reaction felt that the sealing circle was aging. But think about it, no,

How can the materials in the sealing ring be aging in a year and a half. There are pictures of oil on the sealing ring as follows:

What is the material of the glass preservation box, what is the sealing ring on the lid?


It turns out that glass fresh -keeping box

The material for the sealing ring is called

Thermoplastic elasticity


, Also called artificial rubber,

Referred to as TPE

Essence This material

Environmental protection and non -toxic, easy to color, smooth and soft feel. The temperature -resistant range is 130 ~ 150 ° C, which will decompose by aging than this range.

The problem is that my clean glass preservation box is placed in room temperature, cool, dry wooden storage cabinets. In common, the sealing ring will not occur at normal temperature.

What is the oil on the sealing circle? Is it that I did n’t wash the cooking oil, or what other oil?


After understanding the production process of TPE, I found this



The main raw material of artificial rubber

It is SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene embedded section), PP (polypropylene),



Filling agents and other additives.

The oil here is: paraffin oil or cyclopec,

The purpose of refueling is to make SBS have good liquidity, otherwise the finished TPE products produced in terms of hardness and stretch strength are not good.


Add a lot of oil during production

, Produced


TPE will have the risk of oil leakage

Essence In particular, some TPE manufacturers use in order to reduce costs and use

Circular oil, which will be more prone to oil leakage than paraffin oil.

In summary,

After I washed it, put the glass preservation box in the cabinet, and the oil appeared on the sealing ring. It is not yet determined whether it is the oil added in the TPE production.

What is the specific reason will cause the material of TPE to analyze oil. Perhaps only the manufacturer knows it.

At present, it seems that the material of TPE is used in the sealing circle of daily necessities. I personally think


Essence It is recommended to buy a sealing ring with a sealing ring with a sealing ring.


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