Teach you a new way of getting the cotton clothes in your hand, the warm winter sun is handsome to wear out

Standling cotton clothing+plaid shirt+solid color guard


Shoes: Personalized stitching shoes


Cotton clothing is particularly easy to wear bloated effects for novices Xiaobai; today I teach you to get cotton clothes to wear, and the sun is handsome and handsome in the warm winter!In this mix, the upper body selects an apricot cotton jacket, the choice of apricot color, neither white is not resistant to dirt, nor black is too heavy, visually there is a must -have in autumn and winter, and it will not seem too difficult to be too difficultTake;; collar, placket stitching lamb hair material, which increases the warmth of the style; selects a black pants, the strap design of the foot mouth, can be adjusted according to its own needs;Essence

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