What lights do the aisle lamp design requires the aisle corridor?

The corridor, especially the small corridor, the light source is a very important issue. In addition to using sunlight, this purpose can also be achieved through the reasonable layout of the lamp. In the home environment, the main role of the aisle is to undertake the family’s transportation, handling furniture or items. Therefore, the aisle requires a high degree of illumination to provide sufficient brightness. So, what is good for the corridor light? How to arrange the small corridor lamps, let’s take a look.

Design requirements for the aisle corridor

1. Lighting: Bright light can make the space look spacious, and it can also relieve the tension generated by the narrow aisle. Multiple renderal lights, spotlights, and wall lights are commonly used in the aisle to create a light environment.

2. Photo: In the home environment, the main role of the aisle is to undertake the family’s transportation, handling furniture or items. Therefore, the aisle requires a high degree of illumination to provide sufficient brightness. It is recommended that you provide a main lamp, or a main light and several co -lights to ensure the illumination according to the depth and width of the aisle.

3. Color temperature: The family environment is more suitable for people to feel warm and comfortable. For example, the warm colors of the incandescent lamp are more suitable for providing lighting for the family environment. Therefore, as a frequent family aisle, lighting can not be used to provide lighting with cold tones. It is best to use warm -colored lights that are uniform or approaching with other space temperatures to light up for lighting.

4. Decorativeness: The choice of the aisle lighting requires the appearance of concise and bright appearance, elegant shape, and avoiding too complicated and gorgeous lighting. In the actual setting, it is recommended to set a main lamp at the center point of the aisle, and then use the special structure of the aisle to cooperate with the corresponding shooting lights, downlights, wall lights and other decorative lamps to achieve good decorative effects.

What is good to use in the aisle corridor

1. Flat lamp

Press the structure of the structure beam on the corridor. This method is most commonly used in engineering design. Suitable for dormitories, apartments and other residential buildings, industrial, teaching, office places, and scientific research buildings, especially on the corridor, especially on the corridor. The ceiling lamp is equipped with a dust -proof cushion ring, which has good sealing performance. It can avoid small flying worms from entering the lampshade. It is suitable for places with more wind dust and mosquito in the outer corridor. The level of illumination of this lighting method is not high, but the cost is low. For these types of lamps produced by regular manufacturers, the materials selected by the lampshade are good, and the light is soft, the light is soft, the color is not easy to change, and the lamps are more efficient to achieve good results. Try to choose high -quality products when designing. This laying light method can be calculated by the point illumination calculation algorithm.

2. Discut lamp

Use embedded down lights. This method is applicable to the corridors and staircases of residential buildings or hotels, hotels, or other entertainment venues with ceiling dormitory, apartments, and other entertainment venues. The light source of embedded trap generally uses a warm -colored small -power energy -saving lamps to create a warm, peaceful or romantic atmosphere in order to coordinate with the overall function of the building. Because the depth and width and width of the downlight cup are different, the pour lights are divided into vertical downlights and horizontal downlights. Each form has a variety of styles, with different light curves. Lights. When the design is selected, pay attention to the height ratio of the lamp to prevent the illuminance on the corridor from being uneven and obvious. Taking the height of the ceiling 2.5 m as an example. Generally speaking, the spacing of the layer of the mid -to -light light is 1.75 to 2.5m, and the spacing of the cloth lamp with a narrow light -loaded light is 1.25 to 1.75m. This laying light method can use the point illumination algorithm calculation of the illumination value.

3. Box -type fluorescent lamp

Use a box -type fluorescent light to suck the top installation or grille -type fluorescent light to embed the top evenly. The degree of illumination of this method is suitable for the inner corridor of office, scientific research, and teaching buildings (a closed dustproof type should be used) to create a bright and efficient lighting environment. The use coefficient method can easily calculate the average illumination of corridors and stairwells.

4. Shooting lights

The shooting light is a typical lamp and a fixed -scale lamp. If a row of small shooting lights is combined, the light can change the wonderful pattern, which can be placed around the ceiling or the upper part of the furniture. In the skirting line. At present, the quality of the spotlights on the market is uneven, and it is difficult to distinguish the quality of the naked eye. Therefore, it is best to choose a brand product to buy a spotlight and choose a high -quality transformer with each other.

5. Wall lamp

The wall lamp is generally equipped with a glass cover. The reflex light of the wall can make the light softer, and the multiple effects of projection and blooming light can show different styles due to the different residential materials. The decoration of the wall lamp is generally more obvious than the lighting, so when choosing, first look at the effect it is installed on the wall before deciding. When choosing a wall lamp, pay attention to a few points, first choose a protective cover, and the second is to pay attention to the quality of the lampshade and bracket.

过道灯设计要求 过道走廊灯用什么灯?

6. Light curtain wall design

There is also a commonly used method in the design of the aisle lighting, that is, the light curtain wall. Comfortable, but this lighting design requires high requirements for overall lighting and design of the home, and it is best to match each other.

Outer corridor lamp selection

For the outer corridor, it is generally used in courtyard or park, so more useful outdoor lights are usually used, such as outdoor wall lamps, outdoor wall lamps, and outdoor column headlights are more suitable. What types of wall lamps to be installed depends on what kind of decoration style of your corridor is. Generally, many of the outer corridors are mostly Chinese, so you can choose Chinese antique outdoor wall lamps or European outdoor wall lamps, colors, colors, colors There are more copper colors.

Inner corridor lamp selection

The inner corridor is generally set at home, so you can choose indoor lights. Generally, it is commonly used to suck top lamps, ceiling lights, wall lamps, etc. This depends on what light you like or the corridor design. Where is the design? If it is designed at the top, you must choose ceiling lights or ceiling lights, downlights, etc. If you are on the wall, you choose to choose a wall lamp.

How to design home improvement aisle corridor lights

1. Putting a mirror in the aisle, using the reflection effect will play a good penetrating effect and expand the horizons.

2. Placing a gorgeous retro crystal chandelier on the top of the aisle, making light, is a good choice.

3. The design of the wooden wall skirt is beautiful and practical, and the exquisite shape and gloss can well set off the simple European style.

4. The walls on both sides of the aisle to create a photo wall or a family gallery are an effective way to avoid single and add emotions.

5. Building a large storage cabinet hidden in the wall in the aisle is the most effective use of space. 6. Install the decorative lights under the aisle floor, and at the same time, you can also fill beautiful small things, such as flowers, pebbles, etc., which will be pleasing to the eye.

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