Standing at the outlet of industrial lighting 4.0, Ou Jie Lighting will fly with wings

LED is known as the fourth -generation lighting source, and it is popular in the market as soon as it is launched. Because it is widely used in scenes such as life, office, industry and other scenarios, it is the perfect substitute for traditional lighting. Coupled with its natural excellent genes: energy saving, environmental protection, long life, and small volume. In recent years, the penetration rate in the market has become higher and higher.


Ou Jie Lighting

In recent years, the voices of energy conservation and emission reduction of the country have become higher and higher. Landscape lighting and industrial lighting need to strictly control costs. Highlight soft and not dazzling becomes a new goal of LED development. The pursuit of lighting is also comfortable to be comfortable. The fourth -generation LED Lighting has become the ideal choice for residents and industrial lighting.

With national policies, with the green and environmentally -friendly Dongfeng, LED products began to penetrate into work life. my country is a major industrial manufacturing country. In the past, the main battlefield imported from Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea has gradually shifted to mainland China, and a number of outstanding enterprise emerging brands have emerged. The impact of the policy will inevitably bring a lot of dividends to the development of the enterprise. In order to collect subsidies, some enterprises distribute a lot of good and bad products to the market. The industry began to fight a price war. Excellent products cannot be truly recognized by the market, industry standards and profits cannot continue for a long time, and many companies fall in the night before dawn.

In 2017, Shenzhen Ou Jie Lighting came out. After several years of tactics, he has established a foothold in the domestic market and has made popularity. In the process of development, Ou Jie Lighting always follows market laws, has a clear planning positioning, and insists on being a fourth -generation LED light with a low cost of affordable people.

The market is survivable, and business and the world are ups and downs. Ou Jie Lighting took over the pressure and adopted multiple tests such as quality, price, and appearance. In order to actively research and explore and continuously win scientific and technological innovation, Oujie Lighting products are beautiful in appearance, excellent quality, and high cost performance. Dark horse.

Good wine is not afraid of deep alleys. Since 2019, Ou Jie Lighting has continued to dedicate major exhibitions.

In 2019, Ou Jie Lighting appeared at the Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo for the first time, and was highly evaluated by customers of the exhibition.

In the Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition in September 2020, Ou Jie’s lighting focuses on LED machine tool work lights. In just one year, the Oujie machine lamp has a large market share in the southern region of the country.


In the 15th China International Machine Tool Exhibition in March 2021, Ou Jie Lighting entered the booth through the intelligent manufacturing industry 4.0 exhibition area, combined with new products and classic products, allowing new and old customers to experience the practicality and advantages of the product more intuitively. At this point, Oojie 4.0 intelligent lighting technology has jumped to a new level.

In the same year, the 22nd China International Industrial Expo was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from September 15th to 21st, 2020. Ou Jie Lighting staff actively appeared invited and exhibited, and they gathered together with new and old customers to carry out together to conduct. Deep technical exchanges.

Ou Jie’s lighting is always the same. With professional technology, new products, and creating exclusive solutions for customers, they always make customers.

Ou Jie Lighting

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