How elegant is the “skirt” in winter? Look at them, you know, leggings cannot be compared at all

Although wearing in winter is more widely selected in jackets and inside, there are very few choices in the bottom. It is nothing more than skirts and pants, such as leggings, jeans or trousers. Although leggings are simple and practical, it is always a skirt to meet the needs of middle -aged women.

Whether it is A -line skirt, pleated skirt or knitted skirt, it can give a romantic atmosphere for dress. If you want to know how elegant is the “skirt” in winter? Just look at their dress, leggings are not comparable at all!

1. How to choose a skirt?

The overall skirt brings elegance, sweetness, intellectuality and romance, but the skirt style or length is different, and the effects created are very different, especially the middle -aged girls who are not perfect or take the advanced intellectual route. Be sure to carefully identify whether the skirt you wear is suitable for you.

1. Wear Jane or not


Compared with bloggers or models, many ordinary people are slightly inferior to the bottom of the match. Like many designs, too avant -garde or complex skirt styles, we must try to avoid it in daily life.


Choose some simple and generous knee or knee skirts to help reduce the difficulty of matching. It can create an elegant and high -end winter shape without effort.

2. Wearing long and not short


The reason why you recommend that you wear a long skirt or not to wear a short skirt, because the skirt is a girly overall, and it is not suitable for girls with legs. The intellectual dressing effect is the best choice for middle -aged women.

As an example, the small incense woolen skirt on the left is obviously not as practical and generous as the solid color tie -knee knit skirt on the right.


Of course, when choosing long skirts, middle -aged girls should also avoid the skirt length exceeding a certain range. For example, the black mopping gauze skirt above, although light, is very sophisticated in terms of temperament and matching.

If your head is short, a slightly fat body or a lack of combination, you must try to avoid it.


Second, the necessary skirt style in winter

Mastering the principle of “wearing simplicity, not wearing and complex”, “wearing long or not,” can help ordinary people avoid choosing some skirt styles that are not suitable for them. If you are still not inspired, you can choose the following skirts.

1. Cross -knee pleated skirt

If you want to be named for winter skirts, the high -waisted over -the -knee pleated skirt is absolutely among the best. The unique fold design creates light and dynamic dynamic, which is the best choice for Tibetan meat to be thin and enhanced personal image.


The most important thing to wear a pleated skirt is the material, avoiding fluffy fabrics and choosing a strong planting material, which is an effective way to use this type of skirt.

2. White skirt

The most common skirt in winter is black, dark gray or earthy style. In addition to these, you need a white skirt in your wardrobe, such as white straight knitted skirts, white umbrella skirts or white pleated skirts.

These skirts are very suitable for pairing with earth color coats or Morandi color coats, bringing other elegance and freshness that is difficult to reach.

3. Dress skirt

The dress has the same romantic and elegant as a skirt, and it is even more effortless to match. It is used as a base in winter, and a coat or knitted item is beautiful.

However, we generally recommend choosing a small floral dress, knitted skirt or lace skirt as a base. If you pursue a mature dressing method, you can also replace it with a suit dress.

Third, the dress style that skirts can shape


In winter, wearing a skirt not only has many choices, but also many ways to wear. It can shape a variety of fashion styles. It is a single product that most people can try.

1. Elegant romantic style

For middle -aged girls who have the requirements for elegant elegance, you must try the “coat+skirt” in winter. The coat is simple and elegant and the skirt is romantic and light. Program.

Especially for small children, choosing high -waisted skirts or long skirts are conducive to wearing a goddess.

2. Gentle light cooked wind

The skirt itself is more gentle and romantic, especially knitted skirts, pleated skirts or umbrella skirts. There is no attack power. If you want to further highlight your gentle temperament, you can use a skirt with a sweater.

The sweater is soft and waxy, and the match with the skirt exhibits the gentle and gentle side of the woman.

3. Keep warm literary style


Girls who pay more attention to warm -ups may wish to change their coats and sweaters to grow up cotton clothes or long down jackets. Not only are they more warm, they also use skirts to improve their lightness, and they are comfortable and comfortable.

All in all, wearing skirts is the correct way to open in winter, especially middle -aged girls. Wearing skirts according to these ideas is not only more beautiful than leggings, but also helps improve temperament!

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