Chinese ancient lock: exquisite art on the door!

Lock is the crystallization of Chinese civilization. As early as the Neolithic era, our ancestors began to use locks. The earliest lock is a simple organ set by the owner to prevent others. The simplest lock on the door is the door. During the Shang and Zhou dynasties, the smelting technology continued to mature, and there were copper and iron locks that could be opened with keys. With the rapid development of science and technology, mechanical locks have also made great progress.


What did people use in ancient times? Follow the editor and learn about the strange ancient locks of China!


Fushou Shuangquan copper lock



The magpie is the auspicious and happy bird of the Chinese nation. Niu Lang’s “Seven Seven” Bridge is a widely popular mythical story.

Ben Niu Lock

Ben cattle lock belongs to the Qing Dynasty.


This Beniu lock appears in front of the front, the front legs are bent and contracted, the hind legs are kicking the tail and bending upward, the ears are stretched outward, and the two corners are bent inward, as if in the field of the field.

Instrument lock

This instrument -shaped lock, I thought it was a pipa at first, but it was not carefully. It has only three tuning shafts. I don’t know what instrument is to do it. It needs to be verified.

Northwest lock


Most of the ancient locks will be marked on the historical imprint at that time. From the carved characters and styles, we can see the local customs of the other land. This is not an ancient lock is no exception.


From the shape and key, this is a typical northwestern lock. The key is unique, the shape is complicated and exquisite, and it is opened from the bottom of the lock body. This lock is sufficient and exquisitely carved. What is more interesting is the above topic, not auspicious words, but “increasing production” and “hardware club”. It can be seen from this history.


Central Unlock

This lock is different from the general wide lock that the opening position is neither on the side nor the bottom, but in the middle of the front.


Give open on the left upper part

This lock opening method is the same as the lock, rotating. But the part of the key is different, in the upper left corner.

Rich man

Copper lock. It is named because of the word engraved on the lock. The lock body is large and thick, as well as the word life and blessing. From the perspective of exquisiteness and size, the owner of this lock should be a good family.

White copper dual -lock


It is said that Shuangxi is a word created by Wang Anshi. At that time, he won the heart of the beautiful woman with a couplet. When the wedding was held, the Jiebao came from the scorch to obtain the medium champion, wrote the two hi characters of the couplet, and passed through the world since then.


This lock is the Qing Dynasty, white copper. In addition to being engraved with double joy, there are characters, simple and vivid!


My Jun Wannian Guangluo

This lock -up word has been a little meant of meritorious merit. I do n’t know if it ’s the mighty of the emperor.

Lin toe Chengxiang Guangsu


This lock is specially carved with a special craft.

Rich Peony Lock

The opening method of this lock is quite different from the general lock. After inserting the key, you need to rotate 180 degrees, and then push forward.


The interesting thing is a rich word, there is no point on the top. It means that wealth is not in his early age, and the essence of the golden mean. The other layer means that wealth has no end!

No flower secret door lock


This lock is simply a model of practical ideas. But the opening is quite expensive, it is a secret door lock.

Maybe the owner is worried that the lock is too fancy, which will attract the attention of the thief, so the kung fu is used on the key of the lock. Brother Kong Fang leaked the master’s mind!


Turtle lock

Copper is a relic of the late Ming and early Qing dynasties.

The turtle is the longest -lived animal. In ancient China, people made the official seal into a turtle shape, and the “Turtle New” became a general name for official seals. Therefore, not only does the turtle represent longevity, but also expressed official transportation.


Chang’e running the moon lock

White copper belongs to the Qing Dynasty.

The lock body is round, and the Chang’e runs to the moon.

Toad lock


Copper, belongs to the Qing Dynasty.


Leaf -shaped lock

The ancients used the leaf shape as the lock. In addition to the beauty, there was a tall tree height and the meaning of fallen leaves.


Mu Zhen Suo


Copper, drum -shaped. It belongs to things in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties.

This lock body is small and smooth, and the lock beam is a round hook -type direct lock body. The lock hole is set in the middle of the drum waist, and the key is introduced into the lock hole to the lock beam.

According to various research, the ladylikes are used in the waist of the trousers. Because the “Thousands of Sutra” has the words “Women Mu Chuang, the male effect is good”, it is famous for Mu Zhen.

Shrimp lock

It belongs to the Qing Dynasty.

This lock is like a shrimp swimming in the water. The production process is exquisite. It is both practical and vivid. There are two bend beards. The locksmith added three hoop on the lock body to make the shrimp vividly. Generally used in waterways, warehouses, etc.

Taiji map lock

Rosewood, belongs to the Ming Dynasty.


This lock is carved into a “Tai Chi Map”. The Taiji map is a picture of the phenomenon of the universe in ancient times, indicating that yin and yang are the unity of opposition. The gossip position outside the graphic is used as a sign.


The ancient lock is made in the shape of “Tai Chi Map”, which is extremely rare, indicating that the lock has the philosophy of “opening” naturally.


Wenwang Baizi Lock



The so -called “password lock” is engraved with graphics on 3 to 7 wheels to form a password. Turn the small wheel to the set combination when it is opened.

White copper four -ring password lock

There are four rings in this lock, and there are four Chinese characters on each ring.


White copper five -ring password lock

There are only five rings in this lock, and there are four Chinese characters on each ring.

Bronze lock: Qing Dynasty with lock leather pillow

Copper lock: Copper Dark Gate Lock in the Qing Dynasty

Copper lock: Copper horn password lock in the Qing Dynasty

Copper lock: butterfly copper lock

The ancient locks mean rich and far -reaching. It is like poetry and painting. It is not only a history of development of lock culture, but also a precious cultural heritage of the Chinese nation.


Golden Wanwan Ruyi Lock

Copper, belongs to the Ming Dynasty.

The lock body is as well, engraved with the words “Golden Wanwan”, there are two copper coins below, and the middle is a thousand -year -old map. When you connect the lock body and the pattern, you can see the word “money”. Although the money in life is not a panacea, it is never possible to have no money. Wan Nianqing said that longevity is not old.

This lock can be seen that health and longevity and money are equally important for ancient people.

Cloisonne blue gourd lock

This lock is made of Jingtai blue, which is relatively rare. After many years, it is even more rare to have a pair of pairs.

Jingtai Lan is a traditional handicraft that originated in the Jingtai period of the Ming Dynasty, named after being translucent in its color.


This pair of cloisonne locks, the word “Shou” above, the shape of the two copper coins below. It is said that health and longevity means higher than money.

Special lock of postal bags

Copper is a thing in the early days of the Republic of China. The lock body is arched, and the active section is set outside the bending. When used, you can quickly block the bag of the bag.

This lock is specially used for sealing, which is simple and convenient, so it is called “special lock for postal bags”. Strictly speaking, this is not a Citi lock. Because of its peculiar shape, it is temporarily attributed to this category.


Later, people improved the special locks of the postal bag so that they no longer appeared in combination, but they were originally one, which was easier to use.


Guqin lock

This lock is a guqin. Qinqi calligraphy and painting are “gentlemen four things.” The story of Boya and Zhong Ziqi has been circulating for more than two thousand years, so many people are fascinating.


Guqin is not just an utensil that entertains at home behind closed doors. It is a “literati” and an expression of gentleman’s heart character.


Round character lock

This is a copper lock with a round shape. The lock body is engraved with a semi -hollow method, which is vivid and exquisite.


It is particularly rare that the vicissitudes of years have not destroyed its beauty at all. The place where the rust is not the key to the face of the characters is like a proper stamp, which increases its value.

Plum blossom pile lock

The shape of this lock is strange, it looks like a stump, and the plum pattern is engraved on the lock body, so it is called a plum pile lock.

Plum blossoms, also known as “Five Flowers”, are traditional Chinese famous flowers. She symbolizes happiness, happiness, longevity, smoothness, and peace. Plum blossoms are not only praised by the ancient and modern poet painters, but also the world’s essence as the essence of the nation with its ice muscle jade bone and Ling Han Liuxiang. Its high -clean, strong, and humble character gives people incentives. In the severe cold, Mei opened the flowers first, and the world was spring, so Mei was often used as a sense of auspicious symbols for the spring of the spring.

Coin lock


Today, the coin lock in the supermarket is a deposit or lock on the shopping cart. It’s not the same as the coin lock of the ancient lock.

The coin lock is inlaid with copper coins that can be circulated, so it is called a coin lock. In addition to using copper coins that can be circulated as locks, the so -called spending money is used as locks.

Spending money is cast by the folk. You ca n’t use money for money, just used as decoration. Now because of legal reasons, the renminbi is not used like this.


In ancient times, the coins were locked, expressing people’s desire for a wealthy life, and the meaning of locking wealth!

Sifang Life Lock


Cloisonne craftsmanship belongs to the Ming Dynasty.

There are four bats with wings in the middle of the lock body. The overall pattern design is exquisite and reasonable. Why display the square locks and round locks together? As the saying goes: “No rules are not round.” There are also squares in the lock.

Han Zhongli Person Citi Lock

Bronze texture, Han Zhongli, one of the eight immortals as the shape, has a smile. Bird, beards, Maitreya -like belly, and robe fans are properly proportional, and the shape is vivid. This lock is one of the treasures of our museum.


The Eight Immortals are a fairy that people like, and its story is widely circulated in China. With the eight immortal characters, he hopes that he will descend the demon and protect the side of peace.

Fish lock

Such locks are common in Dandong, Northeast my country. In ancient times, the fish locks were used to make the fish lock, and the fish lock was always open because of its fish eyes. The fish also means “more than ease” and “more than the year.”


White copper belongs to the Qing Dynasty.

Copper, belongs to the Qing Dynasty.

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