Don’t re-enhance the lattice, it’s not everyone needs everyone.

“A pillow = 10,000 mites”, “Three months without sun, Million aphids sleep with you” Many people have seen it, so many 螨仪 brands began to be crazy and Amway’s own skills – UV sterilization, super suction, so that the mites are nowhere … then,

Is it necessary to “remove the mites”?

01 Do not buy 螨 螨?

It is undeniable that the existence of mites will really bring some troubles: asthma, allergic rhinitis, and swelling, itching and other symptoms, these symptoms are in a mites. but,

别再入坑 除螨仪真的不是每个人都需要

For those who are not allergic, it is really not so terrible.

The number of microbes that are in peacefulness, most people are not allergic to mites, only some people will have allergies, and merchants are catching this pain point, unlimited to enlarge the harm of mites.

In fact, if you are not allergic to the mites, keep the quilt for a month, replace the habit of changing the sheets, and the tools can be unable.

02 I want to remove the mites you know who is “the culprit”?

Of course, if you are allergic to mites, or some old people and children in the home, there is still necessary, but it must be correct.

If you want to remove the right, the first thing is true to understand the mites. There are more than 50,000 mites that have been discovered, and the quantity is second only to insects, and we have two kinds of mites, which are often mentioned, one is parasitic in the face of the mites called “Face”, one is in bed The mites in the air dust are called “dust mites”. The allergies that often say in home life is dust mites, dust mites and dust, often hidden in the sofa, carpet, bed linen, plush toys, can say everywhere, and we will get along with us.

If you have an allergic reaction to the dust mites, do you think it is a disaster that is dusty? Only three or four days, dust mites, dandruffs dropped by the human body, dandruff swallowed by dust mites with the help of its body enzyme, and this enzyme is in dust mite, and Dust mites have a certain amount in the egg.

The allergic reaction of the human body is caused by this enzyme,

So dust mites, feces and eggs

It is the culprit leading to “skin allergy” and “respiratory disease”. In the face of the problem, we should not walk into how to kill the misunderstandings of mites, the key is to clean up the entire ecosystem of the mites and completely cut off allergens.

03 Is it really useful to buy the dermatis product?

How do you know how to remove 螨仪? actually,

Pre-needlers are the vacuum cleaner.

I believe that users who have used the vacuum cleaner know that there is a mitan brush in the fitting, which is specially in the bedding, and then subdivided the category, join the beat, add UV, and formed the present extension .

In addition to the emergence of 仪, the product’s fine sequence promotes the upgrade of consumption, starting with a soap to wash everything, now? Soap, soap, shampoo, laundry liquid, washing mix …

However, some extensions are really IQ!

Many of the dermatter products are mixed with ultraviolet, and the propaganda point is that ultraviolet light can kill the mites. Is it really?

In fact, it can only be used to sterilize a bit of use, and it is a bit exaggerated.

Can ultraviolet light kill dust mites? Yes, but the conditions are too harsh. It takes 30W of ultraviolet rays to expand 60 minutes to kill the mites. During any objects, there is no other object to block the ultraviolet rays, and remove the 器? 3-5W of ultraviolet power, mites in the mattress or under the sheets, it can be seen, and it is true.

别再入坑 除螨仪真的不是每个人都需要

Of course, if your home has a great suction vacuum cleaner and has an anti-tip of the tip, there is no need to buy in addition to the 仪 产品; After all, there are still some sterilization.

别再入坑 除螨仪真的不是每个人都需要

04 How to choose this in the end of the product?

Before you say how to remove the mites, you have to understand, what kind of products can be removed.


别再入坑 除螨仪真的不是每个人都需要

Ultraviolet dermatis is still calculated, can only say that it has some bactericidal functions, you can choose to remove a large suction vacuum cleaner and vibration instrument product with a suction tip.

Vacuum cleaner:

It is mainly to absorb the mites on the bed or on the sofa, you can use allergens that are deep in the deep dandruff, the excrement of mites, and the rudely destroy their living conditions, from the root cause of dust mites and Its ecological chain is initiated.

In addition to the 仪 product, the shooting effect, the larger the amplitude, the better:

Small amplitude, the frequency of the frequency is not obvious, so the effect of cleaning will not be too good, so when choosing the product, the product is high, not the frequency of vibration.

Vacuum cleaner, the greater the suction:

别再入坑 除螨仪真的不是每个人都需要

Value of suction You have to see AW, KPA and AW are two values ​​representing suction, KPA is the meaning of pressure, and the larger value, the larger value of the vacuum cleaner has a certain impact. The AW value is called pneumatic power, which is better to reflect the performance of the vacuum cleaner than the product power itself. Therefore, in the field of industry, I will think about watching AW is more convincing.

Healthy investment is always worth it, but this is based on the basis of really affecting your health. Do you really need to remove 仪, you need your actual situation in your roots, if your family is normal, or The home has a large suction vacuum cleaner with an anti-tip, then the room maintains ventilation, dehumidification with air conditioners, often drying the clothes is both economical and effective.


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