Large cold water primary fish, do not want to warm up and have individuals and fierce individuals. Is the following four types of?

Hello everyone, I am the old fish raising, and I can easily loosen the water with everyone and raise fish. Please pay attention to the fishermen!

I said that the fisherman now does not know what ornamental fish is raised. I don’t want to warm up, I don’t want to raise common ones.

Goldfish, Koi, Cao Goldfish

, I also want a large large fish in individuals, and

Fierce personality



Excuse me, is our fish tank big enough, can we feed?

If it is fed, the following four types may be large, fierce enough, and do not need to warm up.

1. Dogfish, absolute big block, super hegemon, long life

About the introduction of dog fish, I have already introduced it in my article before, in all, in all,


The individual is huge and the temperament is fierce

, Cruel and cunning, and

Healthy and longevity, high temperature.

The personality of dog fish is extremely greedy, and the growth rate is not very fast, but the amount of food is amazing.

The key problem is its life span, which can live

Over 200 years old

Because of its huge individuals, there are almost no natural enemies in the native waters. Let’s look at the pictures. It can imagine how big it can grow.

Second, catfish, known as the golden fierce fish in China

Relatively speaking, the individuals of catfish are also very large, and their habits are more fierce. They are often called

Water tiger,


Chinese gold fierce fish,

It can be seen that their freshwater hegemony.

The distribution of catfish in my country is also very wide. It is a large freshwater economy fish that eats various fish as a food. There is this in the pond. You cannot store fish. This sentence summarizes their character.

The larger catfish can reach 80 cm or one meter in length, the maximum individual can reach two meters, and weigh sixty or seventy kilograms.

Third, black fish, don’t underestimate its slender figure, raised, all know its fierce

Speaking of black fish, many fishermen will not be unfamiliar, and they can be seen almost everywhere. It is a frequent visitor in our local cuisine market.

A few days ago, I still saw black fish in the vegetable market, but the individual was too big, at least 50 cm. Such a large individual, I am still interested in the dining table. I was raised in the fish tank, and my interest was not great. Besides, my fish tank could not be installed.

In fact, if the black fish is carefully detailed, it is still a bit colorful. Although it is not as domineering as a dog fish, and it is not as beautiful as catfish, it is also become a thunder dragon in China?

Besides, there is also an albential variety. It is possible to raise it. It is too large to eat. Once the food is not in place, it may occur for self -killing.


Fourth, catfish, peach blossom flowing water fish fertilizer


Yes, it is the catfish with peach blossoms flowing water catfish fat, which is no stranger to us.

Their body shape, habits, and tiger and fish have a good fight, often called

Chinese tiger fish

, Fierce sex, there are many varieties, the individuals are not small, and the staple foods are all kinds of small fish.

What red patterns, ripples, long body, spotted, and so on. At present, there are already many fishermen who raise catfish at home, and there are a group of professional enthusiasts.

They are also wide -moving fish. The highest minimum adaptation of the water temperature is basically similar to goldfish and koi, which is the absolute meat nature of the habit. If you think about tiger fish.

Interested fishermen can also try to raise.


There is also a large fish, but it is not fierce, but the individual is large enough, and the above -mentioned native fish is completely different, and there are many artificial breeding. That is


Also cold water fish.

In addition to carmine, the above -mentioned cold water and large fierce fish are enough for us to choose and raise.

I am the old fish farming, so please pay attention to more ornamental fish, thank you!

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