Consider the key factors of summer work clothes

A comfortable and combined work suit can make employees more handy at work. Simple and stylish work clothes are the favorite of many employees. If we want our work clothes to be unified and unique, you need to pay attention to some aspects when making summer work clothes.

1. Summer work clothes to make the choice of fabrics. It is also particularly important in the selection and matching of work clothes. It can be used reasonably to use these techniques to play more perfectly. The selection and design of materials should be studied from many aspects such as the theoretical performance, biological performance, texture and processing performance of the materials to meet the special requirements of work clothes as much as possible. Working clothes must consider the operating environment to reduce the damage and impact of environmental factors and the nature of the operation on the human body. The requirements for protectiveness, safety, and comfort have different performance requirements for clothing materials. For example, flammable and explosive working environment must have anti -static performance, and at the same time, there is flame retardant; low -temperature environment must keep warm. Wet -absorbing and breathability; heat insulation at high temperature environment, high temperature resistance. Good hygroscopic and breathable; underwater environment, waterproof, moisturizing, and hygroscopic; nuclear magnetic environment, radiation prevention and high temperature; chemical pollution environment, must be resistant to acid and corrosion, oil -proof, waterproof, breathable, and warm; Light, elastic and wear -resistant clothing fabrics.

2. Design of appearance. For the design of work clothes, it mainly determines the style of work clothes, which is the first step in designing perfect clothing. For the appearance of the clothing, it is mainly for the industry’s industry category and the crowd, so as to maximize its effect. Used for workwear logos need to meet specific signs and identifications to display social symbols and identity symbols; professional work clothes for functional protection, rationality in shape, restrictions on the local design of clothing, and the strictness of the “three mouths” protection of clothing cannot be impossible Ignore and strict regulations.

3. Color matching


There is no need to explain too much about this point, that is, the color matching should give people a visual effect, which cannot cause visual fatigue. The specific match depends on which age group facing the crowd, and then it is integrated with reasonable colors and design according to the environment. According to professional analysis, good visual effects can make people happy, make people a pleasant psychology, improve work efficiency, and it can be seen that good color matching is also important.

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