Handbook Entering the first anniversary of the special commemorative sum of paper tape

Handbook Entering the first anniversary of the special commemorative sum of paper tape

Dear audience friends good morning

As the first show on Aunt Zhang, let’s show the tape paper that the girl has entered the pit in the past year.

The full name of the tape should be called “harmonious paper tape”, and the transparent rubber strip used to change the wrong word before is not a good thing. It’s not just a more beautiful adoption. The reason why it is called a paper tape is because of the texture, which can be torn by hand. However, as the Moon Virgo, it is not neat with scissors. How can it be torn by hand?

Someone must think of the new world. No, the gate of the new universe is opened. “What do you use to buy this?”

Because there is something in this world called: handbook.

What is the handbook? The handbook is actually a classification diary. Yes, garbage must be classified. For example, in the past year, my diary, no, handbook, is divided into travel hand accounts, cats raising accounts, and daily crushing handbooks and work accounts.

It sounds interesting!

Since entering the pit a year ago, most of the tapes were brought back from the Japanese who returned from the Japanese. Japan is simply a paradise for handbook -of course, this stuff itself came from there. There are still a lot of books to teach how to write handbooks, but I think how can this stuff teach, we are not publishing books, we are writing a diary ourselves. Isn’t it too boring. Well, they teach others how to write handbooks to cheat money.

This is the girl’s life. In fact, how to place these things has always been very headache. I saw a girl with MUJI family’s drawer before. I think it is good. When I run to the store, I can put it in 40 volumes and 40 volumes. The girl now has 370 volumes. The rhythm. So I finally bought the double -layer drawer of MUJI’s house. Great.

A little girl can consider using the storage below, at least the effect of taking pictures is the first level

Is there any fun to collect tape. The fun is simply too big. Because the patterns are different, they will unknowingly start collecting a series of patterns. For example, the tape similar to the encyclopedia series below. The texture is very retro, and it is like a ledger into an ancient roll.

Tape tape paper is to install ~ decoration ~ so geometric patterns and pattern patterns are still the most. Specifically how to use these to decorate the handbook, depending on how well you are. I saw that the gods in the 11th area used this painting, and that feeling was simply.

Of course, there are some very interesting patterns.

There are also some Special Collections series. Of course, it is not necessarily MT or RT. For example, the girl likes Mayday Axin, and his own brand STAYREAL has a tape, and silently collected a set. Thinking back to the first set of starting days to buy it in the store, I told me to sell it! how is this possible! Then the niche things are embarrassed to tell me to sell out. Finally, we picked up a set from the clerk’s own pocket hahaha.

There is also the joint model of HelloKitty and MT. This HELLOKITTY store in Japan is easy to collect a set of no pressure.

Next is the Tokyo Disney series. Searked one by one in each store in Tokyo Disney. The patterns are Disney’s own cartoon characters, which are slightly naive compared to other tape. But it is more meaningful to collect and commemorate.

The Blue Fatty Series received at Fujiko F Fuji Hiroshi Museum. This should not be a joint model, and the protagonist of Mr. Fujiko’s other comics is inside.

Next show you how the effect of the tape pasted. To be honest, in fact, before I know the effect of tape paper, I feel unsightly. At that time, I went to Taipei and bought a lot of returning to send them very generously. Later, I slowly knew the effect of posted and began to obsessed with handbooks. There was no more thing about me in the world.

Put it in my tape paper memo, and finally there will be a hand -written display I have written, first feel what the posted. Is there any amazing? Anyway, Shock came to my colleague, and I tried to work hard, and she might jump into the pit.

In my eyes, tape paper is divided into “Qi Bian” and “lace”. Because I am open to them. Living in an emperor, which is more likely to fall into the ground, protecting the lace of lace is the daily life of handbook dogs. So each roll of lace band was packaged into the packed bag. Feel the effect of the lace. Because the pattern is very extensive, the fun is super strong.

In addition to decorative handbooks, tape paper is also a weapon for decorating MUJI. Personally like to buy a plain book and stick tape on the cover. But don’t be too fancy tape to destroy the overall atmosphere.

Of course, the writer’s account is not just decorated by tape. In fact, as a handbook dog, what you can encounter with a happy mood every day, even the experience of confusion and unhappy, is actually the most important. And to maintain this long -term record, to maintain each word with decorative books and carefully, it becomes much easier (so I think it is boring to write a diary alone and cannot persist). The following shows the tools for other handbooks. Of course, many girls who have painted great paintings themselves make their handles beautiful. People who are not art students can only be discouraged.

Finally, the handbooks I have written in the past year. The new one has not taken pictures. This is old, please make up for a smile.

The above is the display of tape paper. There is no need to explain more about understanding this field, but you can drag the webpage to see everyone who has not yet touched the account. I must feel that the door of the new world has opened. It turns out that there are people who play these things in the world. I think the most important thing in the world is to find the hobbies that they are willing to waste time and money. Although I don’t know how long it can last, at least now I am very happy to play. In the end, “Why is it not beneficial?

Handbook Entering the first anniversary of the special commemorative sum of paper tape

The above is the introduction and description of Paper Tape, I hope it can be helpful to you.

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