The 36 -year -old princess is married, and the wedding lasts for a week.

The 36 -year -old princess is married, and the wedding lasts for a week.

According to the news on January 24, local time of the “Daily Mail”, Princess Brunei married Fadzillah Lubabul and held a grand ritual in the gold plating hall in the palace, but this is not The only wedding ceremony for her 36 -year -old, in fact, her wedding celebration has lasted for a week. The princess wearing exquisite crown sits on the “golden chair”. The fabric of the wedding dress is exactly the same as the groom’s dress.

This is a picture when the wedding kicked off a few days ago. The princess of the bride wore the exquisite crown created by gold and sat on the armchair, receiving blessings from Sudan’s father and queen. The 75 -year -old Brunei Sultan Hargie Hazannal Borkia is considered one of the richest people in the world, so his daughter’s wedding will naturally not be hastily. Princess Fazira ranked ninth among all 12 children in Sudan. She graduated from the University of Kingston, England. However, she is the captain of Brunei’s women’s non -Blocks Basketball Team. She led the team to participate in international games. In addition, she is also excellent in polo.

Faqira was the child of Sudan and the second wife, Princess Marian, but his parents were divorced in 2003. Queen Salah (wearing blue clothes in the picture) was the first wife of Sudan. Even if she married two wives after Sudan, her status was unshakable. Queen Salah gave birth to 6 A child. At the age of 56, Sudan secretly married the 26 -year -old news female anchor Azrinesas Mazar Hazim, but her marriage failed 5 years later. The third wife who gave birth to two children also left The palace.

Regarding the groom, the outside world knows less. I only know that his name is Abdullah Nabil Mahmoud Al-Hashimi. I know, a small newspaper of Brunei said that Abdullah was “handsome foreigner.”

Judging from the wedding photos of Prince Mateen, the Princess Bride is indeed the daughter of the Dafu House. The whole body is decorated with glittering diamonds, from the crown to the huge necklace to the earrings, bracelets, etc. It is extremely luxurious. Prince Martin, 30, can be called a popular star in the Brunei royal family, with more than 2.3 million fans on social media. The prince wrote on social media, “Congratulations to this newlywed couple, I am happy for them, and love my beautiful sister.”

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