What kind of film products does Japanese chemical giant Dongli company have?

What kind of film products does Japanese chemical giant Dongli company have?

Dongli Group is a world -renowned textile fiber representing enterprise, with internationally leading carbon fiber and composite materials. As a century -old company, Dongli Group has spared no effort to develop new technologies and products.

In recent years, Dongli has abandoned the steady -type business model with independent research and development as its cornerstone, boldly adopted sharp reforms, actively implemented open and cooperative technological innovation, and took the initiative to move towards the offensive business model, and continuously deployed new areas of new fields.

In the field of new materials, the company’s thin film products mainly include Lumirror® polyester film, Torelina® polystyrene sulfurum membrane, TLT® PET/PET/PPS film, KApton® polyanide film, TUFTOP® hard coating film, ToreTEC® Self -viscosity protective film.

Lumirror® polyester film

Lumirror® takes into account the multiple characteristics that other thin films do not have, such as mechanical strength, electrical performance, high and low temperature tolerance and chemical resistance.

Lumirror® Products (Source: Dongli)

Lumirror® is a two -way stretch polyester film, which is first produced by Dongli in Japan for the first time in Japan. It is widely used in many professional fields from electronics to packaging, magnetism and industry.

The white reflective membrane is suitable for displaying reflex boards. It has multiple holes formed by stretching the resin through PET, and is widely used as the main component of the LCD display backlight.

Source: Dongli

Torelina® polystyenzenzenzenelsulinum membrane

Torelina® PPS thin film is widely used in the entire industrial field due to its excellent heat resistance, flame retardant, chemical resistance and electrical characteristics. Compared with the PET film, it can be used for a long time in high temperature.


TLT® is composed of Torelina® polystyrene sulfur, and PET film. It is a three -layer heat -resistant insulation material. The composition is shown below.

Because of its excellent electrical, heat -resistant and mechanical characteristics, and flexibility, this thin film is widely used in the F -type insulation system and used as a thin electrical insulation material. Both thin films that make up TLT® are stretched in two -way, so it can be used in the same treatment and installation process (automatic insertion, etc.) in the same process as a polyester film, and can greatly improve its feasibility.

In 2020, Dongli successfully developed a PPS film with a 5G antenna. The film maintains excellent dielectric characteristics and the chemical stability of PPS polymers.

Polybenzene sulfe ether (PPS) film suitable for 5G circuit substrates is increased by 40 ° C. Compared with ordinary PPS thin film.

Under the heating test of 250 ° C at a high temperature of 250 ° C, it will not deform. Coupled with the size stability and the characteristics of the dielectric, Dongli will use these characteristics as the product requirements to obtain the use of a flexible printing circuit base (FPC) for high -speed transmission.

Kapton® polytamide film

Kapton® supports high -level characteristics and widely used in its many outstanding characteristics. It is highly evaluated by multiple fields as an important necessary material for advanced industries, and has excellent mechanical, electrical and chemical characteristics within a wide temperature range of -269 ° C to +400 ° C.

* Kapton® is a registered trademark in the United States. In 1964, Dongli and DuPont jointly established Dongli DuPont Co., Ltd. to engage in the research and development and production of PI materials.

In 2019, Dongli DuPont developed a PI (polytamide) material suitable for 5G communication, which can be widely used as high -speed and stable communication technology that transmits a large amount of data, and the millimeter wave radar electronic component for automatic operation.

This material combines PI’s heat resistance, mechanical properties and adhesion characteristics, and the low -agency loss performance required for high -speed communication, so as to better improve the performance of high -frequency components used for these constructed.

TUFTOP® Hard Coating Film

TUFTOP® is a hard coating film. By applying Treay Advanced Film’s proprietary coating technology to the PET film, it can achieve ultra -low foreign objects and low -siphomes. In addition, a series of recycled film can be provided to quickly repair the impact and scratches on the surface. It can be used for various optical applications, such as touch panels and decorative forming applications (such as mobile phone cases).

TORETEC® self -viscosity protective film

TORETEC® is a self -viscosity surface protective film made of polyethylene. It is a product of Treay Advanced Film. It can be used as a paper used in the manufacturing process of liquid crystal optical film, and a surface protective film for other plastic boards.

Picasus® nano -accumulation film

Picasus® is a film that uses Dongli’s proprietary nano -layer pressure technology. It can show metal luster without using metal materials. It has extremely high forming ability and can also be integrated with resin. Because it does not contain metals, it has functions such as electromagnetic wave transmission, which can be used as alternative materials for electroplating, coating, etc., thereby reducing the impact on the environment.

In January 2020, the company developed a new light from the front, and the slope was a reflected film “Picasus VT”.

“Picasus VT” is a film that uses two PET polymers with a thickness of nano -size interaction of about 1000 layers and a thin film with a total thickness of 100 μm. Compared to the existing “Picasus” series of products is the light of reflecting a specific wavelength, “Picasus VT” can control the reflection of the light and the direction of through. Therefore The light from the sideline is reflected like a mirror.

The left figure uses Picasus® VT (Source: Dongli)

If it is applied to the anti -spy film of the computer or mobile phone, and the next -generation device is used in optical components, “Picasus VT” is expected to improve the function of the display with its high passability and multi -angle. Because “Picasus VT” has a lighting function, the light of the backlight can only penetrate from the front.

On the other hand, “Picasus VT” also has excellent surface smoothness, which is expected to be easily processed with other optical components to promote the briefness of manufacturing engineering. In addition, the general anti -film can only play a functional direction only in specific directions. “Picasus VT” is 360 degrees, and the same function can be exerted in all directions.

Source: Dongli

Source: Dongli

Source: Dongli

Source: Dongli

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