10 online celebrity sunscreen evaluation, tell you how to choose moisturizing and refreshing in summer, but not dark

10 online celebrity sunscreen evaluation, tell you how to choose moisturizing and refreshing in summer, but not dark

Regarding the importance of sun protection, I believe that through the countless times every day, I emphasize the deep popularity of the people.

Sunscreen has also become the same daily product that is the same as water milk essence

, So starting a suitable sunscreen is also very important.

This time, 10 sun protection evaluations were selected, from the perspectives of skin feel, film speed, moisture ingredients and sunscreen, whether the white effect is white. Everyone can find the most suitable sunscreen according to their skin and requirements.

Each choice of sun protection is my first choice, because skin feel also determines whether sensitive muscles can be used.

The sunscreen of the Swiss Youjia brand has been used since 14 years, and this year, Lin Yun has been led by fire not only rising prices, but also out of stock. The vacuum press pump packaging can truly achieve non -preservatives without fragrance.

Mainly chemical sunscreen, add some physical sunscreen titanium dioxide. Sensitive skin can also be used, which is more suitable for daily commuting. Ordinary facial cleanser can be removed.

An Naishi is also a brand that has been on fire for a few years, but alcohol taste is very heavy! The alcohol composition is also high, the film formation speed is slow, and the upper face has a sticky feeling.

The waterproof strength is good, and it feels like a thin layer of waterproof film. It is said to be a very powerful water sunscreen technology. Be sure to clean up makeup remover with powerful makeup remover.

The CPB sunscreen, the full name is very powerful, the sun -aged sunscreen cream, focusing on anti -aging. Contains 16.4%zinc oxide, which contains up to 60 ingredients. Do not consider sensitive skin. The more components, the easier it is to sensitize.

There is also the saying that the red light in ultraviolet rays to promote collagen regeneration. In contrast, I think I feel more like a skin care cream suitable for mature skin and sunscreen function. Oily skin will be a bit slightly sticky, so It is not recommended to use in summer.

Usually I rarely buy big -name skin care products standard in this mall, but recently this Lancome UV small white tube is too hot, and it feels itchy and follows the wind to see if it is really so easy to use. When I first squeezed out, I felt like a complex of Swiss Youjia Sunscreen and Singapore’s TSP Silk Sunshine. Traditional sunscreen on the market is too oily or too oily. This one is really just right. Milk -like essence. After use, touch your face as if you have nothing to use, and the skin seems to be softer and silky.

The refreshing and moisturizing effect is completely suitable for the feeling of summer. Physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen two -in -one can be used as isolation and directly put on the foundation. It does not affect subsequent makeup, nor will it be oily, and mild makeup remover can be removed.

Meipa invisible sunscreen is said to be designed for the skin that is easy to block pores. It will not directly contact the skin, so there will be no sensitivity. After reading the ingredients, there is no “extra” chemical composition, both pregnant women and children can be used.

Professional triple sunscreen mechanism, broad -spectrum sunscreen, is also 30 times the ordinary sun protection, and the seaside sunscreen is completely OK. There are also nicotinamide whitening, shell poly glycogen, and muscle peptide anti -aging. To adapt to all skin types, mild makeup remover can be removed very clean.

TSP silk sunshose is a purified sunscreen without any physical components, absorbing ultraviolet rays through organic compound sunscreen. It does not contain titanium dioxide and will not be white.

Because it is a chemical composition, sensitive skin needs to do a sensitive test before use. The sun protection ability is completely OK for daily work and commuting every day. If it is long for a long time, it is recommended to use excellent or Meipa more professional sunscreen.

Sophina refreshing sunscreen is more like a small golden bottle, but there is no small gold bottle alcohol and greasy feeling. Sophina has two series of small flowers and lace. The ingredients of Xiaohua better contain nourishing and anti -aging ingredients. They will not dry out and are very suitable for mature skin.

Without rubbing the mud, if you do n’t worry about the sun protection effect, you do n’t have a burden on the two or three layers. The slight luster effect, if you do not make up only sunscreen, the facial cleanser can be removed.

The newborn sun sunscreen of Manxiu Ritun was discovered in Thailand. The SPF130 index looks very powerful, but! SPF refers to the duration of sun protection, and the sun protection intensity is actually the same. If it is not for a long time to stay in the sun for a long time.

If you want to go to the beach, you can apply your arms and legs in large areas. After all, it is cheap and not distressed when it is used. Remember to clean the makeup remover.

I want to say another sunscreen spray, emphasize again

Sunscreen spray can only play a supplement to auxiliary effects

Do not expect a sunscreen spray to be enough. The sunscreen spray is just avoiding the milk -shaped sunscreen supplies too heavy.

It’s like that the fruits are also put in the refrigerator, and the fresh -keeping effect of plastic wrap is better

, But if you do n’t put it in the refrigerator, you do n’t have much effect on you wrapped in plastic wrap. There is no way to keep fresh.

It was also a product that was brought by a star last year, and the various exaggerated crystal spray on the entire network.

As for the sunscreen strength, a test seems to have no sunscreen effect. The PA +++ sunscreen index is afraid of being fake. If you must use it to supplement your arms and legs.

Rafra sunscreen spray, the sprinkler is more fine, the spray is delicate, and the distribution is more uniform. It can also be used with makeup, and it does not cost makeup.

The ingredients contain sodium hyaluronate, and sunscreen supplies are also supplies of skin moisture. Put it in the bag every day, and take it out every 2 to 3 hours. There are no alcohol components, and both sensitive muscles and pregnant women can be used.

In summary, the ranking of the use in my heart is: TSP silk sliding sunscreen & Lancome Youjia & Sophina & Rafracpb Anbei Sunflow Manxiu Crystal Crystal

We squeezed eight lotion sunscreen on white paper, and after 15 minutes, observed the amount of oil they penetrated.

Oil test results

Unsurprisingly, the highest oily content is An Naishi and Manxiu. Both products are very liquid, and oily is also proportional to it.

The remaining products have almost no amount of oil penetrating, and it is generally a small amount of water. and

Lancome and Meipa have low oily liquidity, and they have more good points.

I see a lot of numbers and like to use ultraviolet lights to test the anti -ultraviolet ability of sunscreen, but most of them will cause us to expose the dark sunlight.

Therefore, it should really be tested in the sunlight we are in contact with the sun that we really want to detect.

The friends of our studio scorned a magical ultraviolet test ball online, this

The test ball will change from transparent to dark in the sun

We wiped different sunscreens for each group of test balls to detect the protection of sunscreen.

After 45 minutes of exposure, the sun sunscreen spray visible to the naked eye is the worst! Followed by Manxiu, the remaining sunscreens give the test ball very good ultraviolet protection and excellent sunscreen capabilities.

Especially Rafra, I did not have much expectation of the sun protection effect of sunscreen spray, but it was really amazing when I saw the effect of sun protection testing.

The water content test results are from high to low.

The problem that sunscreen cannot escape is also whitening. On the surface, the white sunscreen whitening can give the skin a modification effect.


After a long time, gray will begin to start

, And it also has a great impact on the makeup in the later period, and it is easy to make the makeup uneven.

Youjia sunscreen

Contains titanium dioxide ingredients, slightly white, and you need to wait for ten minutes before applying makeup.

Anbei sun sunscreen

It also contains titanium dioxide ingredients, but is severely white.

CPB sunscreen

Not white, a little pink brightening, very natural.

Meipa sunscreen

Completely invisible, fast absorption, no white brightening effect.

TSP sunscreen

It does not contain physical sunscreen, and it becomes water when wiped out.

Lancome sunscreen

It is very moist and white, and it is the texture of moisturizing and luster.

Sophie sunscreen

The moisturizing luster, no color, and not white.

Manxiu Leidun sunscreen

Severe white! Intersection And if you do it, you may have dandruff if you lack water.

The last summary!

The dry skin can choose a hydraulic model:

TSP silk skid sunscreen and Lancome small white tube;

Oily skin selection control oil refreshing model:

Sophina Blue Flower and Rafra sunscreen spray;

Cooked skin selection:

CPB Royal Anti -Old Sunshine

(It is recommended to cooperate with the essence of hydration);

Sensitive skin selection:

Swiss Youjia; pregnant women choose to sunscreen;

The remaining skin feel or sunscreen is not qualified

I will help you pull the grass ~

Quality Skin Care Product Recommendations: OEM/ODM dark tanning oil suntan oil with vitamin E private label skin care

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