What is the use of network transformers? Production plant/product schematic/common type and model

What is the use of network transformers? Production plant/product schematic/common type and model

HQST Ying Sheng (Huaqiangsheng) Electronic Guide: Today we will comprehensively talk about the product of the network transformer from the latitude of various systems in various aspects

Network transformer comprehensive narrative

What is the network transformer?

On the network communication motherboard, there will be a small black block between the PHY chip and the RJ45 connector. This thing is called a network transformer, the title “data mercury”, people often call it a network isolation transformer, LAN Transformer, local network transformer, filter, etc.

It has two main functions on a network device interface;

The first is to transmit data. The differential signals sent by PHY with differentials coupled with differentials coupling filtering to enhance the signal, and coupled with the conversion of the electromagnetic field to the other end of the connecting network cable at different levels;

The second is to isolate different levels between different network devices to prevent damage equipment through network cables by different voltages.

In addition, data mercury can also play a certain role in lightning protection for equipment. It is mainly used in network switches, routers, network cards, hubs, to play signal coupling, high -voltage isolation, impedance matching, electromagnetic interference suppression.

Network transformer production factory

The network transformer production plant is roughly divided into two types according to the main production processes.

One is the production plant in the previous section, which is mainly concentrated in the centralized production areas of each Mainland. For example

The second is the production factory in the post -section, which is mainly based on the production of full -series products. It has strong brand operating capabilities and quality management and control capabilities, such as Mingpu, Jingwei, Huaqiangsheng, Youte, etc.

Analysis of the price influencing factors of the network transformer

(1) Cost

In actual work, the price of network transformers is formulated according to three parts: cost, profit and tax. The cost can be decomposed into fixed costs and changes. The price of the product is sometimes determined by the total cost, and sometimes it is only determined by the change cost. Costs are sometimes divided into social average costs and individual costs. As far as the market prices of similar products in society are, the main thing is affected by the average cost of society. In the case of sufficient competition, the individual cost of the enterprise is higher than or lower than the average cost of the society, and it has little effect on the price of network transformers.

When the network transformer production enterprise is priced, the cost should not be treated in isolation, but the same factors such as production, sales, and capital turnover should be considered. The cost factors should also be considered with other factors affecting the price.

At present, the main costs of my country’s network transformers include packaging plastics and copper wires and other products and labor costs. In recent years, my country’s main production materials and labor costs have shown rising areas. Industry companies can only obtain profits or high -tech products through large -scale benefits.

(2) Supply and demand

In addition to the cost of network transformers, the price of network transformers is also affected by market demand. That is, affected by the relationship between the supply and demand of goods. When the market demand of goods is greater than the supply, the price should be higher; when the market demand of goods is less than the supply, the price should be lower. Conversely, changes in price affect the total market demand, thereby affecting the sales volume, and then affecting the realization of corporate goals. Therefore, the company must understand the impact of price changes on market demand. One indicator reflecting this influence is the elasticity of the price demand for the product. When the demand is greater than the supply is, the price of network transformers rises, otherwise, it decreases.

Common network transformers type

Common network transformers types are: POE network transformers, POE+network transformers, 10G network transformers, automobile -class network transformers, car regulations network transformers, 10D network transformers, BMS transformers, military -level network transformers, civilian -level network transformers, civilian -level network transformers, civilian -class transformers, civilian -class transformers, civilian -class transformers, civilian -class transformers, BMS vehicle regulatory network transformer, conventional network transformer, industrial network transformer,

Common network transformers model

H82463S,H84802D,HX84802SP,H81608S,H81613SP,H80803D,H82404SP,H82409S,H80408S,H82408SP,HX84808S,H80610S,HX84803SP,HX82410SP,H82422SP,HX82401SP,H84802SP,H80410S,H80808D,H84803SH82463SP,H80802D,H83601D,H80811S,H82405SP,HX82410S, H80808S,HX84001SP,HX82411SP,H82412SPHX82405SP,HX84801SP,H80802S,H82423S,H81608SP,H80801D,H88802D,HX81608S,H80411S,HX82404SPH88801D,H87202D,H82401SP,0362-49–F,TM2179,B1201S,H1205DG,A10101SG,G9001DG,HR681680,MR -76451,RJ-032TC1,TG07-0206NSRL,24HSS1041-2HF,EPR1541,HR051001,LU1S041-LF,PT22-1554,T16105MC-R,14ST0001PLF,EPF8115S,HFJ14-2450ERL,LG1P109NLLF,PH722001G,ST-JK012,YL18-2077S ,EPC1018H,H82412D,LAL1225-51,PE-68383NL,ST7011,UT20259S,EP9206,H5201NL,JX00-0065NL,PE-53935NL,SI-46041-F,TX1284NL,C851-2X8R-54-F,H24201MK-R,J3011G21DNL ,P8202NL,SF1113,TX1066NLT,C1062NL,H16113MCG,23Z128SMNL,EPR1512S,HN60012G,LTC1111-03A,PT22-1478,T16110DF-R,15F-21NL,EPF8143S,HK-015,LG88502DF,PM36-1002K,ST-S1075,0TG1G -S202nlv6, EPE6059GM, HA-063D, LCM002R, etc.

Cyber ​​transformer schematic diagram

The schematic diagram of the network transformer must first be talked about from its internal structure. Generally speaking, the network transformer is divided into T, K -part, and K3 pieces. The T -piece Transforme is a transformer device, that is, the subcontiser voltage of the secondary end -end sensor of the transformer through the magnetic circuit coupling. It will be marked on the network transformer drawings of each type of network transformers.

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