Killing is invisible-China-Japan hidden weapon reveals

Killing is invisible-China-Japan hidden weapon reveals

The so -called “hidden weapon” refers to the weapon that facilitates the raid in secret. The earliest hidden weapon was the production tool for fishing and hunting. The “flying instruments” used by the Australian natives and the throwing buns used by the Gamanians and Tibetans were all hidden weapons. The darkware is small, light weight, and easy to carry. Most of them have sharp blades, strong concealment, and effective killing distance between crossbow weapons and portable weapons.

▲ Flying to the Comeor

The peak of China’s first hidden weapon was in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, and the halberds were fully utilized at the time. Dong Zhuo once “pulls the hand halberd and throws a raid”, and Xiaobang Sun Ce is also good at hitting the enemy with his hands. This type of hand halberd is very short. On the side of the straight blade, there is a horizontal oblique branch, the handle is wrapped around the thin rope, and the one -handed hit.

▲ Ancient Halberd

In the second large -scale application of Chinese hidden weapons, during the Tang and Song dynasties, the nomadic peoples such as the Khitan and Women’s True northern Khitan in the north invented a lot of hidden weapons used immediately, such as flying, backdrops, and plow flowers. The arrival of the Mongolians also fully played the hidden weapon. Weapons such as short -scale guns, cables, flying knives, and Qiankun circles were all hidden weapons used by Mongolians.

▲ Shaolin Iron Chopsticks, in fact, there are also Japan

Among the masters of these horses, the most famous master of the Tang Dynasty is Li Kaigu, the grandfather of the Tang Dynasty celebrity Li Guangzhang. History books described his hidden weapon: “The Khitan people also, make good use of Topo. Li Dengzhong’s defeat, Ma Ren Festival, Zhang Xuanyu, etc. and being extended. , There is no leak. The saddle immediately bits the gallery spear, like Feixian. “Grandpa Li Guangzhang was used as the Khitan Warriors in the Queen Empress Wu Zetian. Essence Finally, with this real effort, he was rewarded by Yan Guogong.

In fact, the background of these hidden weapons is the high -intensity confrontation between cavalry and infantry. When the distance between the cavalry and the infantry is within 10 meters, it is the best use distance of this hidden weapon. This is not enough for the long soldier. Zhang Gong took up his hands to take up his hands. Once the infantry was fast forward, it was too late to fight. The one -handed hidden weapon makes up for these shortcomings and fills the killing gap between the bow and arrow and the long weapon.

▲ The legendary mouth cannon is also one of the invisible hidden weapons

During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Chinese army entered the era of fire. Not only was the dark weapon in the Ming army alienated, but even the Manchu soldiers had left their ancestors’ riding craftsmanship. The proportion of the Qing army in the expedition to Junggar was as high as 60 %, and in the battle of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, the eight flags and Mongolian cavalry even left the musket and would not fight. After the bullets were exhausted, they could only be sent to death. However, in the folk, due to the increase in population, the gap between the rich and the poor is too large, and the number of people in Chinese society is increasing, and martial arts have also begun to flow from the large scale from the army. The hidden weapon has also become the main weapon in Jianghu fighting. The combination of hidden weapons and agricultural tool production tools during this period form a new type.

▲ The missionary scholar Lang Shining of the Qing Dynasty was painted by Ayusi Xi Shi Shi Xiang Tu Tu

After thousands of years of development, Chinese hidden weapons can be roughly divided into four categories: hand -throwing, cable, machine shooting, and medicine spray. Each category includes several types. Among them, the hidden weapon of the hand throw includes a javelin, money dart, dart, throwing arrow (throwing arrows), flying fork, flying (náo), flying spines (including triangular thorns, Emei thorns), flying swords, flying swords, and flying locust stones (Cobliite), iron olive (jujube nucleus), Ruyizhu, Qiankun circle, iron cricket, iron toad, plum blossom needle, dart knife (three -pointed and two -blade knife reduced), etc. There are two ways to throw hidden weapons to throw hidden weapons. One is the hidden weapon Ruyiyi that pops up with fingers; one is a hidden weapon thrown by hand, such as thick middle, iron olives with two pointed ends, flying stones, etc. Essence Cable hidden weapons include rope darts, meteor hammer, wolf tooth hammer, dragon hook, flying claws, soft whip, brocade cable, iron lotus (iron four fingers) and so on. The aircraft’s hidden weapons include sleeve arrows, slingshots, crossbow arrows, tight backs of crossbow (backdrop), crossbow, thunder drill, etc. The drug spray hidden weapon includes sleeve guns, spray cylinders, and bird’s mouth (chòng). The hidden weapons such as the arrow tub, the finger sword, the steel ring, the dagger, the hand cone, etc. are difficult to return to these four categories.

▲ These four pictures are selected since Shaolin Martial Arts Encyclopedia, and there are many hidden weapons. Shaolin martial arts have always had a lot

There are two sources of Chinese javelin. One is the shuttle gun used by ethnic minorities in the south, also known as the shuttleter, and most of them are bamboo. The other is that the Mongolians use a short javelin immediately, which is more than one meter long, and several shots are inserted into the horse -sided bag. They are more flexible than bow and arrows in melee battles. Chinese marked guns will not weigh more than three pounds. Most people can have four branches. The superb skills can hit the target within 50 steps, which is very powerful.

▲ Liangshan Haohan Hua Xiang Hu Gongwang is good at flying guns

Meteor hammer

It is a soft weapon that tied the metal to one or two ends of the long rope, only one, about five meters long, called “single meteor”; “Double Meteor”. The meteor hammer has a variety of shapes such as melon -shaped, polyphoric, spherical spherical, and round shape, such as duck eggs. The end of the hammer has a nose and eye, which is used for serial chair. The difference between the soft whip and the single meteor is obvious: in terms of shape, the soft whip is usually a section and a section (such as the common nine nine whip and the thirteen whip, etc.). Can’t be flexible than the ropes of meteors.

Sleeve arrow,

It is named for hidden in the sleeve, divided into two types: single and multi -cylinder, that is, two types of launch and multiple launch. The tube of the sleeve arrow is made of copper or iron, with hollow in the middle, about 2.5 cm inner diameter, and 26 cm in length. Put a butterfly -shaped steel sheet on the tube to cover the round hole on the tube cover. This steel sheet is exactly the role of trigger. The sleeve arrow body is about 24 cm in length. It is made of bamboo. There are iron clusters in front, and there is a small lack of slot under the arrow. The arrow body is loaded into the tube from the small hole in the tube, and the spring in the tight tight tightly. This small groove is stuck in the tube covering steel sheet, and the sleeve arrow enters the state of being ready. When used, a steel sheet, the arrow flew out of the injury by the effect of elasticity, and its range depends on the power of the spring. Multi -cuff arrows are generally six cylinders, so they are also known as “plum blossom sleeve arrows”, which are roughly similar to the single tube.


It is a long cable in the tail of the steel dart, which is slightly larger than ordinary darts, about 0.2 meters long, weighs about 0.3 kg, the head is wide and tail, and the tail is round. The rope is about 6.7-10 meters long, and the rope darts can usually be wrapped around the waist. The dart is the dart with the shaking power of the arm and wrist, and it can be retracted immediately after sending it.

Throw arrow,

Also known as “throwing arrows” or “throwing arrows”, because they must be sent out, they are named. The arrows are completely made of fine bamboo, the arrow rods are round, the front end is cut, and the back is not added with feathers, like a sharp bamboo chopstick.

Plum dart

The prototype is Zhuge Liang’s iron slugs against the Wei State Cavalry. This is the original of China. The Japanese just stood on the Island of Benju when the business was in China.

Iron ruler,

China’s iron ruler is an authentic law enforcement weapon. It is very popular in Fujian and other places. Later, it was introduced to Japan and was changed to a hidden weapon in Japan. Big strokes can be used as weapons or hidden weapons in Japan. With the popularity of “Ninja Turtles” and “Night Magic”, more and more foreign devils think this is the original of the Japanese.

Both China and Japan are called flying knives

In the ancient dragon’s novel, the little Li Feidao actually borrowed the novel of Yoshikawa. The effective killing distance of the flying knife was not more than 10 meters, and it was difficult to maintain a straight line by more than 10 meters.

Shirai Hand Sword

, Inventory of Edo Swordsman Baijing Heng. The inventor of this ninja hidden weapon is the authentic samurai, which also shows that the Japanese samurai can also use hidden weapons in the past. The sword in Shirai Liu is 15 to 25 cm long, and it is a tip of a tip of a grinding tip of 5 to 6 mm in diameter. From time to time, it has a longer invention time than the Eli thorns.

The killing range of the sword in the hand is 3 to 15 steps. The usage is hidden in the body. When you meet the enemy, it is best to kill the enemy. Its research is deep.


It is the most famous hidden weapon of the ninja. They used to assassinate Oda Nobunaga, but the record was terrible. Instead, the sixth day of the Devil’s determination to slaughter the ninja was the large -scale suicide weapon of the ninja. It is worth mentioning that the samurai also likes to take a musket as a hidden weapon. When the change of Sakura Tinmen, the warrior even killed the opponent with a left wheel pistol.

After the spread of Chinese folk hidden weapons to Japan, it also gave birth to the emergence of Japanese hidden weapons. Japanese hidden weapons lack a large -scale history in the army. In terms of varieties and historical origins, it is not as good as China. It is more used for samurai and the three abuses of ninja.

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