How to solve the rising car window?

How to solve the rising car window?

When the car window is not turned on, you may feel frustrated or panic. You may also feel very nervous, because there is a work meeting or rushing to school to pick up children, but the car window has a problem and cannot be closed. When people are not in the car, many people are unwilling to let the window open. Here we introduce some methods that can temporarily solve this problem so that you can continue to fulfill your daily responsibilities without having to let the window open. There are many reasons why the windows will not rise. Let us see what causes this problem and solution.

How to work automatic electric windows

Today, most cars are installed with electric window systems. In fact, the most common working organization of electric windows is very simple. This electric window usually has a simple regulator, similar to the regulator used on the hand -shaking window. If the window is not up, you need to view a few different parts, holder, lifting rack and cable drive. To know where except the problem is, you need to remove the inner panel of the door. You have to unload the door panel to see where the problem is and repair.

It is important to determine whether all windows have problems or just a window. Each window is operated through the fuse. These are high -current equipment, so sometimes the fuse may be burned. If the fuse is burned, you may find that all four windows do not work. The fuse is a very necessary part that makes these windows work normally. At this time, the simplest repair method when replacing a fuse. Another important part of the automatic window is the motor in the door. The motor is responsible for providing the motivation required for the upper and lower movement for the window. All these components need to work to move the window correctly.

What should I do if the window is not closed upward?

When you realize that the window will not rise, you usually need to do the following things.

Check the fuse: If the window is not up, the first thing you want to do is to check the fuse box. You don’t know where the window glass fuse box is? You can refer to the car manual to find where the fuse box is, and which fuse is responsible for your window switch. It is important to find the correct fuse box because different fuse boxes have different functions. Once the correct fuse box is determined, check the fuse.

Does the fuse seem to have burned? If so, you need to replace it. If your fuse box does not seem to be damaged, then you will need to check the manual to see if you can find the reset button. Sometimes all you have to do in these cases is to reset the fuse box. This is very common among new cars with automatic opening and closing windows.

When you open the door, some windows will move up and down about one inch. This may cause problems to the fuse box, but it may only need to be reset. Before disassembling anything, you should always try to reset the fuse box. If this is the only problem, then this may be the easiest issue. If the reset fuse box does not work, you can always send the car to the repair shop. The technician of the maintenance store will help you determine where the problem is.

Manually pull the car window: If you check the fuse box and everything is normal, you can try to pull the window to close it. Most people do not want the window to drive and leave the car, so this is a temporary method of solving problems. The best way is to press the two palms tightly on both sides of the glass plate. Then you can slowly slide the window glass along the window frame.

When performing this operation, you may separate the window glass and the bracket. At this time, you can keep a wedge between the door frame and the glass and keep the window at the original position. Once you have time, you can investigate the problem yourself or drive the car to the auto repair shop. It is important to remember that this is just a temporary solution. You should not rely on it for too long. In addition, once you pull the window glass up, you should not try to put it down again, which will cause more damage and may risk the risk that cannot be recovered. It is best to keep this state until you can further check and solve the problem.

Method for repairing the window to be closed

The window lifting system involves many parts. This means that there may be many reasons why the windows cannot be closed and opened. Some problems may be very simple to repair, and some problems may be negatively complicated. The important thing is that you need to understand the principles of the organization of the automatic window in order to solve the problem as soon as possible. Once you find the problem, how to solve it is no longer difficult. Here are some common methods that cannot be moved by repairing windows:

Repairing the windows of the window: If the window cannot be upward, it may be that there is a problem with the windows of the window. Due to the accumulation of dust and fat on the windows of the window, the window glass cannot be closed. With the increase of cars, this may be a common problem. The dust particles are stuck in the sealing pad, which may eventually cause the window glass to stuck and stop running normally. If you find that this is the problem, you can use acetone clean and sealing pads. When cleaning and sealing, be very careful, and do not fall the acetone on the carpet or paint. Acetone may peel off the paint on the car. After clearing all the dirt on the pad, try to close the window.

Replace the fuse of the fuse: Assuming you want to drive to the city in the hot summer day. After stopping the car, it was found that the window could not be closed, which may be burned. You need to find the fuse of the window to determine whether it is burned. User manual can help you find the right fuse. If this is the problem, you need to take out the fuse of the melting and replace a brand new. You have to ensure that your fuse is exactly the same as the original, so that your car can work normally.

Replace the window lifting mechanism: If the windows cannot rise, you may need to replace the lifting mechanism. To this end, you must take out the entire door panel. This work will involve several screws, so you must have some basic tools to complete this task. Several parts of the window lifting mechanism may fail. You need to check each part to determine which part is wrong. You may need to replace the regulator or change the motor.

Replace the fault button: Another factor that affects the function of the window may be the button itself. If this is the problem, it needs to be replaced. When you connect to the new button, don’t forget to reintegrate into the wire connector. After completing all these operations, check whether the new button is working normally.

Why can’t my window rise up?

As you know, there are some special components in the door that can guide the window to move up and down. If you find that the windows will not rise, you must first see if the fuse of the window circuit is burned. Due to the large current using the window circuit, the fuse is fused. Over time, the fuse may also fail due to normal wear. With the aging of the car, the fuse may pop up.

Therefore, suppose you noticed that the fuse is burned, what should you do in the next step? No matter how many times you press the window button, you will not raise the window without the fuse. If you can hear the sound of the motor, you can determine that the fuse is normal. If the fuse is burned, press the button and you will not hear the sound of the motor. If you don’t know where the fuse is, please check the user’s user manual. If you still can’t find it, then you should send the car to a professional technician. They should be able to show you the position of it.

If you take out the wrong fuse, you may interrupt the power of the engine. This will restart the computer system and reset all the buttons on the dashboard. This may make your car unable to drive for more than 30 minutes. Therefore, if you can’t find a fuse yourself, you should go to the mechanic.

In addition to the fuse burning and making the window unable to open, you may still encounter other electrical problems. The connector in a place in the system may be corroded, or the window button may have faults, or the motor failure and other electrical problems. If you have no ability to diagnose the problem yourself, it is best to send the car to the repair shop. They will be able to determine the root cause of the problem and provide the best way to solve the problem.

in conclusion

The window cannot be opened is a very frustrating problem, and there are many reasons for this failure. Usually, fixing this failure is not complicated. If you have a certain hands -on ability, you can try to check and repair yourself, otherwise you should hand it over to the repair shop to solve it.

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