This skin care likes to persist, you will look younger than your peers

This skin care likes to persist, you will look younger than your peers

Hello, I am Muru ~

Many people do not pay much attention to eye care. In fact, our skin around our eyes is very weak, and it is easy to have a series of small problems such as dry lines and fine lines; it is very easy to affect our face value!

Like a normal cream, it will be thick and not easy to absorb. If it is applied to our eyes, it is easy to produce fat particles. At this time, we need some mild and refreshing moisturizing eye creams to do our eyes.

Long -term use of eye cream will make our eyes more perfect and look younger, so be sure to use it ~

When do I need to use eye cream?

There are many types of eye problems, such as: vascular dark circles, pigment dark circles, dry lines, fine lines, fat particles, etc.

At this time, we need to understand the eye problems that we want to improve in advance, and then find the suitable product to “apply the right medicine”;

How to use eye cream correctly?

Here is an eye cream with a wide range of applicable products.

Having said so much, I will recommend a few ace eye creams launched for different eye problems. At present, there are young sisters with this need to take a look ~

1. L’Oreal’s full face light -striped eye cream 289RMB

The main ingredient of L’Oreal’s light -patterned eye cream is Big factor, micromolecular hyaluronic acid, caffeine and vitamin E ~

Bolometer and hyaluronic acid can effectively improve the moisture of the skin, repair the bottom of the muscle, and reduce the production of wrinkles; caffeine can brighten the skin around the eyes and reduce the precipitation of pigments. Vitamin has antioxidant and aging function ~

So this eye cream focuses on moisturizing, brightening and light patterns ~

The official claims to be used for multiple effects. In addition to the skin around the eyes, it can be used to prevent diluted by the skin around the eyes, such as raising head, decree pattern, lip lines, etc.

I personally think that the moisturizing effect of this eye cream is not bad,

It is more suitable for young girls (18-26) to do some basic water replenishment and prevent dry lines.

If the skin around your eyes has serious fine lines and decree patterns, I don’t recommend this ~

2. Load Qingwei Ah Eye Cream 139RMB

Luxqing this eye cream is mainly anti -wrinkle and fine lines. Its main ingredient is real A, hydrolyzing fragrant peach and wood leaves;

True A alcohol can promote the growth of collagen and dilute fine lines; with the effect of hydrochtlocity peach and wood leaf, it has the effect of adding light stripes, which can quickly repair our eye flickering fine lines ~

However, A alcohol has a certain stimulating effect, so before use, we have to establish skin tolerance, and the sensitive muscles should be more test ~

The texture of this eye cream is relatively thin, moisturizing and easy to absorb. Long -term use of fine lines still has a certain dilute effect. It is not recommended to use it during the day, because real A alcohol will be decomposed by ultraviolet rays ~

If you are not older (18-26), the eye week has begun or prepared to appear some small dry lines, and usually the eye cream is usually dry, then you can consider starting this eye cream ~

3. Perlaya double anti -small night light eye cream 259RMB

Perlaya has a lot of wind in the past two years. Many people say that domestic brands are getting more and more powerful. Today, let’s take a look at whether Perlaya’s eye cream is really as powerful as everyone says ~

The main component of this eye cream is Bacillus extract, which can inhibit the dull accumulation around the eyes and brighten the skin around the eyes; composite caffeine, accelerate the cycle of the eye, eliminate edema, antioxidant ~

So now we know that the function of this eye cream is to help us alleviate dark circles and swelling.

It is the texture of the frozen frozen, very smooth, refreshing and not sticky ~

I recommend young skin (18-27 years old), pigment dark circles and little sisters who need to alleviate the fine lines around the eye ~

4, Marumei Xiaohong Pen Eye Cream 331RMB

“Bouncing ~ Put the Croana Tail” ~

Poromi has been making eye creams for many years. I heard that their eye cream is easy to use, and there are many counters in the malls ~

This little red pen eye cream is new in their family in 19 years. The sales volume is NO1 of the entire store. The reputation is also very good ~

The main component of the little red pen is snake-like peptide SYN-AKE, which can fade wrinkles and smooth skin; acetyl tetrapeptide-5, dilutes dark circles, improves the skin dullness; ~

In addition, there are

Patented “Gilt Crystal Micro Earthquake” massage head

, Precise massage, promote the better absorption of the eye cream ~

“Face Beauty Instrument”

,Why not do it?

The texture of the essence of frosting, refreshing and easy to absorb, long-term use can improve dark circles and dull eyes, dilute fine lines, and have a certain tightening improvement effect; suitable for people aged 20-30

5, Lancome Big Eye Essence 680RMB

Everyone should be familiar with Lancome’s small black bottle. Today I will recommend the big eye essence of their home ~

The main component of this eye essence is 2 major yeast essence (fading fine lines), European seven -leaf tree saponin (rejuvenating eye bag) and caffeine (brightening eye week) ~

The overall texture is very thin and moist. It has a unique massage head that can help our skin get fully massage and absorb;

If you use long -term use, you will find that the fine lines around the eyes have been improved, and the moisturizing effect is also good. Because the texture is relatively thin, it will not produce fat particles ~

If you want a product with a good moisturizing and fine lines, I think you can try this big -eyed essence ~

It is recommended to use girls around 20-35. This essence can also be used in other functional eye creams in the future ~

6, Iris Eye Cream 490RMB

Iris is a mid-end brand under Shiseido. I personally like their products very much, so I also recommend their ace products today-retiner eye cream ~

The main ingredient of this eye cream is the retinol, which can effectively lighten the fine lines of dry lines; although it is an eye cream, because its main component is more resistant, so like some headprint, decree pattern, etc., we can use it all with it. Come to smooth, the effect is still very good ~

The retinol has a certain stimulation effect, so we must also establish a certain skin tolerance before using it. It is not recommended to use it during the day ~

Its texture is also relatively refreshing, a faint fragrance, absorbing fast, I have two empty pipes ~

If your eyes are tiny and dry lines or face decisions are more serious (recommended age section 23-35), you can consider this eye cream, long-term use effect is still good ~

Alright, this is here today’s recommendation ~

Let’s see it next time ~

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Quality product recommendation: anti aging retinol eye cream

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