To depreciate fixed assets, it can actually be very simple

To depreciate fixed assets, it can actually be very simple

Company Profile:

Foshan Winmei Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. was established in 2014. The company is located in Foshan Nanhai Lixi Industrial Zone No. 7 Factory. The company is a company engaged in stainless steel materials, processing and sales. Convenient and efficient consumables. Main products: stainless steel edge bands, light -emitting stainless steel split materials, 201, 304 stainless steel coil materials. The surface status is: Titanium rose, black and black titanium 8K mirror -frosted surface treatment. Our factory has a precision split machine equipment production line. It can be integrated according to customer needs “how much, how wide, how wide and wide”.

Enterprise pain point:

1. Our company’s accounting is mainly based on diary accounts, with a lot of flowing water. It is necessary to record expenditure and income every day. You must also check the total monthly expenditure and income at any time.

2. Because the company’s industry is stainless steel, the calculation of fixed asset depreciation is cumbersome, and it takes a month to make depreciation vouchers and increase the workload.


1. You can fill in the journal of the reimbursement directly. You can check the daily bookkeeping. After the accounting, there will be reports. You can check the total expenditure and income at any time. Our company’s flow is WeChat income. After flowing water, you can use the fund statement to view the total data, or you can use the profit statement to view the details of the expenditure income, which is particularly clear.

2. There is an asset module with a successful reimbursement. You can set the assets first and customize the residual value rate. The system will automatically depreciate every month. When checking out, it will automatically generate depreciation vouchers. It is a different residual value rate. After the asset module is set, the system is automatically depreciated. The depreciation is only required when checking out. It is particularly convenient to automatically generate vouchers.

Customer uses speech:

Achievement reimbursement allows our companies to clearly clearly, see the total expenditure and income, and allows our time to save manual depreciation fixed assets.

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