Hamster eats the color of the color of the light, the red blue light flashes “alarm”, pet hospital trick

Extreme news reporter Xie Mao

After the hamster eats a lottery, the wishes are like the neon light, which is a crying scene that happened in Xianyang, Shaanxi on December 30. The video capture introduced, and then picked the lamp with a cotton swab.

The video taken by netizens shows that a hamster’s wishes keep flashing with red blue lights, appearance is awkward, hamster is still normal, and the laser in the video laughs forward. Seeing this scene, netizens have renamed this hamster. “Electric consumption” “flash mouse” “Hamster Sheriff” and other names have emerged, and there are netizens say “this will never find hamster.”

The video capture introduced that this hamster is raised by his house, “Life is more”, which has fallen before, went up, and ate a lot of light this time. “I can’t help it at the time, we are also very worried, but I don’t dare to catch” the photographer said, then they picked the lights with cotton swabs.

The reporter search found that this is no such thing in the first time. Beijing I love the green garden. Animal hospital has also released a similar video. One of the hamsters that were treated in the hospital ate the lacquer, good in time. take out.


The staff told reporters that hamsters are not like colors. As long as it can eat, they will go to their mouths, the nature is so, but the hamster will temporarily put it in the bugbus on the side of the mouth. After discovering, you can try to spit the light ball with a cotton swab or squeeze, if it is the operation, it can go to the pet hospital for help. It is easy to take out after breathing, and will not harm the hamster.

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