What are the four-piece brand of cotton?

The market on the four-piece brands on the cotton cotton is full, which is difficult to distinguish between quality and bad. Which brands are trustworthy? PCHOUSE Take a look at you.

1, dream clean

Founded in 1956, Mengjie Brand has been established. Since its establishment, there have been more than 60 years of development, and is part of Memor Jie Home Textile Co., Ltd., headquartered in Hunan, and its brand includes “dream clean”, “” and “dreams Jie Baby “three influential brands.

2, Mercury

The Mercury Brand was established in 2000. Mercury Home Textiles is an important founder of China’s modern home textile industry. It is a comprehensive large-scale enterprise focusing on multiple functions. The comprehensive strength is the top three in the industry.

3, Boyang Home Textile

Founded in 1995, Boyang Home Textile has been adhering to the business philosophy of “being committed to improving life” since its establishment. Boyang home textile is the first company in my country to produce home textiles, and take the lead in proposing the concept of “home textile”.

4, Yalan


Founded in 1989, Yalan is affiliated to the Yalan Home Textile Group. It is a comprehensive professional bedding company integrating production, design and sales. Its products have laid the leading position of Yalan’s home textile industry with classic fashion and personalized taste.

In fact, there are still many well-known brands, please pick it according to your own needs.

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