Light luxury gold velvet, hip dress, small wind temperament, luxury sexy style

Hello! Hello everyone, I am a cute little swallow, I am very happy to bring today today’s fashion wear sharing, like my friends, please help you pay attention, Xiaobian is here, thank you, Xiaobian will bring better Fashion dressing experience. The so-called fashion trend is to reflect more value on himself, so that you can show yours more charm, so fashion wear, you must choose your own, pay attention to me, Xiaobian takes you to learn different wear every day.


The golden velvet is born, breaking the fashion situation of knitwear, especially on the aspects of the inner, compared to the colorful color of the knit, seems to be more suitable for women’s knowledge, The unique temperament of retro dry practice. So the gold velvet is fashionable, luxurious, so that you are more vivid, show more vitality.


Today, I recommend a light luxury wind long-sleeved velvet’s bottoming hip dress, the temperament of small fragrance, bringing you more luxury style. The color is bright purple. The professional model is designed, using the slim version, showing female S-shaped figure curves, the design of the atmosphere, it seems to be luxurious, the single-row buckle is embellished, so that the overall skirt is more beautifully designed. The design of the bag hips has played the effect of hips, and the body is more full, it looks so elegant atmosphere. Absolutely achieving the weaning effect.

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