LED underground lights and LED underwater lamps, what is the difference?

LED buried lights and LED underwater lights are very similar, so many people confuse them, in fact, they are a bit like twins, although they are like, but there will be different places. For LED buried lights and LED underwater lights, their use is very different.


The material is different: LED buried lamp materials are generally stainless steel polished panel housing, small size, cool heat-saving joint, silicone seal; LED underwater lamp material is generally stainless steel panel, aluminum lamp body, strong The advantages of corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and has a good waterproof design.

The protection level is different:


The protection level of the LED-buried lamp needs to reach IP65 or more; and LED underwater lamp

The protection level needs to reach the IP68 or more.


All differences in the application: LED buried lights are often used in park plazas, residential, flower beds, streets as night lighting; while LED underwater lamps are often used in pool, fountain, aquarium and other lighting projects.

In summary, although there is similar, the total use is different, and the name is different. The use is the most important, selecting the luminaire to choose from the purpose to choose the most appropriate.