Women are lazy, wearing leggings, don’t match sneakers, look at the people like this, fashion is high-level

In the winter wearing, everyone’s wardrobe is definitely less leggings, and the legs of leggings are warm and fashionable. Smart women know how to learn from the leggings. If you don’t want to become cheap, try not to match sneakers, and combine with leggings will appear too dull.

In the following sharing, we will introduce some hipster high-end wearing, learn different shoes with leggings, make your fashion greatly improved, it looks beautiful.


[One] Woman is too lazy, don’t wear leggings with sneakers

1. The correct selection of leggings

× Avoid reflective and meat styles

Winter leggings are quite a lot, in

When choosing, you should pay attention to the style, try to choose the light-transmitting material or the material of the meat.


It is easy to cause cheap, smart female friends, most of them prefer to wear solid colored leggings, pure black is very touched.

For example, the blogger wear comparison is worth reference,

The leggings on the left bind to the material of the meat, looks very popular, but the solid colored leggings on the right look very thin, low-key atmosphere, 40-year-old women also have the ability to control the ability, not always And bloated.


The material of the meat is also very prone to fat. It is even more friendly for a girl who is thick, and everyone will avoid it.

2. What shoes are more fashionable?

Speaking of the choice of shoes, many people are always more tangled when wearing, let us continue to follow the blogger’s trendy matching, wild and dummy, wearing a few decades is very ok of.

First paragraph: high heels

The most basic high heels are actually equipped with leggings. With fashionable leggings with exquisite high-heeled shoes, you can easily explain your taste.

By the way, it can also combine the matching of the same color, such as you can try black leggings with black high heels, a black dress looks quite slim.

Combined with some bright-colored skirts or coats, you can brighten your shape, full of vitality, you can be aged in minutes, basically will not feel liable.


Second article: Loyifiu shoes

When wearing leggings, it is best to arrange some trendy low-key shoes. At this time, you can take the wild Lucky shoes.

Lefu shoes are full of gentle charm, combined with leggings, really super fashionable, mature women can also drive very well.

The following bloggers have chosen

Various low-key brunette leggings

It is very good, suitable for the crude eyebrows, and combines the basic colorful Loyifiu shoes, full of high levels.

White leggings are also very equipped with white shoes. The law of the same color is very refreshing, plus pink coat mashup, strong layering, significant age.

PS: Small child chooses low heel shoes


Loofu shoes have a lot of style. According to the design of the sole, it is divided into design and flat design. If you want to match more fashionable and tall,

You can choose Low-heeled Loyifiu shoes, comfortable comfort, but also instantly increase, let your charm show.

By comparing the picture below, we can find that the thick and design will be very fashionable, so that you will get the wind, but the flat design is more monotonous, which is not conducive to modifying the body.

The third: grandma shoes


Finally, this year’s super popular grandma shoes, don’t listen to this name is some old, in fact, the fashion of your grandmother shoes is very high, grandma shoes refer to flat shoes,


The grandmother’s people can wear, plus the grandmother’s shoes is not limited to the age, whether you can control your own temperament.

Grandma shoes are also extremely gentle,

Choose a pair of simple dark grandmother shoes with black leggings, thin and duty, even in winter, we will not feel monotonous.

When you choose a grandmother’s shoes, it is recommended that you can match a skirt in the next half, after all, the skirt is more feminine,

You can give your temperament and look at the glamor. When you choose a grandmother’s shoes with a skirt, the charm of the whole person has been very strong, and you can attract everyone’s line of sight.

Even some bloggers will also consider some grand grandma shoes, such as lamb hair material’s grandmother shoes and leggings look very gentle, white lamb hair highlights women’s flavor, winter wear too suitable .

No matter how lazy, don’t match sneakers when wearing leggings, you don’t want to be, it will be more beautiful, you can choose your grandmother shoes or La Fu shoes, wear a super temperament, matching different styles of shoes will bring different style of. At the same time, you can use the same color matching skills to ensure that the color of the lower body is unified, and you will better modify your proportion.

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