In the fall, I went to the season of sleeping bags, chatted with the best sleeping bag I used.

Autumn is coming, the weather is getting colder, many moms are asking sleeping bags, so I quickly arranged their sisters.

To be honest, many branded sleeping bags come to find me, domestic, there is no shortage, importing does not have high-end, but I stick to the only sleeping bag of Little Tiny, because this brand of sleeping bag, price suitable, design Rational, materials and composition materials are the highest cost in the same product, so I am a new year of the death powder in LittleTiny.

I recommend it for it. It is especially purely that I have been using the kind of feelings.

Irritister and Dagong have been wearing this sleeping bag, starting from its first-generation mint sleeping bag (summer), then the first generation of constant temperature sleeping bag (winter), I look at it generation generation update replacement becomes increment The more refined.

Figure is two small first little tiny sleeping bags – mint sleeping bag, mint sleeping bag is the summer main star of this brand, mint fiber is its product characteristics.

If you don’t exaggerate, you have always wear sleeping bags, which solves the neurasthenia problems that I have frequently cover quilt in the night, it is a greatest parenting invention. Before Little Tiny, I purchased Hoppatta’s mushroom sleeping bag from Japan, as well as the cotton of the honorary cotton bought in the foreign trade store. But when I first passed the little tiny, I was touched by it. In the sleeping bag in the same time, Little Tiny was the most reasonable, the most comfortable sleeping bag of materials.


Japanese goods and foreign trade can’t do it, and I have never thought. After all, two or three years ago, I still stayed in an inherent impression of imported goods would be better, Little Tiny is the first person who successfully breaks my impression.

For detailed information about the mint sleeping bag, please refer to the technical content of the Little Tiny sleeping bag, the details I can’t pick any problems! The new powder can not understand, although it is a group, but every time I write a message will be very detailed in actually recorded Little Tiny’s improvement details. I have read this evolutionary history. You know why I like it. .


After the summer, I got it in autumn, two small only won the second Little Tiny sleeping bag – constant temperature sleeping bag (winter main).

This is my first time to come into contact with space materials and constant temperature technology. Today’s first graph, Da Rong is also wearing this constant temperature sleeping bag. Once I have ever, welfare! Black technology constant temperature sleeping bag in the sleeping bag, it is coming in autumn, I want to sleep, I have to sleep.

This is the first generation of constant temperature sleeping bags … At the time, the first-generation constant temperature sleeping bag was already very good. Li Darong took two winter.


In the second year of opening, LittleTiny’s product line began to enrich, launched a 4-story gauze sleeping bag (four seasons), filled the sleeping bag of the spring and autumn.

Weakly speaking, my family later is hot, the legacy sleeps to sleep, there is a sense of security, so the constant temperature sleeping bag is hot, the sister is almost wearing this whole winter. Its thick given between the mint sleeping bag and the constant temperature sleeping bag, the perfect solution to the hot air room is too hot.

Once the text → open group Little Tiny sleeping bag! Dagong Deister is wearing four seasons in the year, and the price is super high!

In 2019, LittleTiny gave a new season’s constant temperature sleeping bag, which has more humane improvement from fabric to design.

The new upgrade of sleeping bags, the use of island elevated cotton (longer than Xinjiang long flip cotton fiber is better, and even more scarce, higher cost) plus Italian brushed closely snivollation, in pants and crotch There are more comfortable tailoring adjustments. For details, please refer to → Sleeping bag opening! 2019 new upgrade constant temperature sleeping bag, cost-effective than last year!

In this article, I still specially science what is “constant temperature sleeping bag”, how is it for a constant temperature method, a constant temperature sleeping bag? PS: The market is better than the “constant temperature sleeping bag” banner, but it is just a head. There are not a few constant temperature sleeping bags.

In the picture, the brother wears the old model, the sister is wearing new.


Although the constant temperature sleeping bag of the upgrade is good, but the size is only to XL. It has reached the biggest code that his brother can wear, so I didn’t give my brother, I didn’t give my brother, I didn’t change the big one. New. Later, a little mother in the breek also mentioned that LittleTiny’s sleeping bag really made people, they didn’t want to take off, but the number of codes was not enough … I have given a bad request, I hope Little Tiny You can consider adding a sleeping bag.

I have never thought, they later really showed XXL oversized, up to one meter three. This is almost in my brother to talk to the sleeping bones in your sleeping bag, surprises, continue to make the booth.

In the second year of opening, LittleTiny upgraded the four-season gauze sleeping bag, and the four-layer gauze bamboo sleeple sleeping bag, and the maximum breakded XXL, so I was justified to give my brother to the brother’s four-season four-season.

At this time, Li Darong’s height has been 124cm, and it is very suitable to wear XXL. Look at this big brother is happy.

Brothers and sisters come together. My sister is wearing a quarter, my brother wears a new flower, two small only finally unified on the number of sleeping bags. Saying that both are taken together, I really can’t pick it up.

In the autumn of 2020, the LittleTiny constant temperature sleeping bag has been improved to the third generation. The new year in this season has been upgraded to new technology.


Moisture wicking new upgrade


Because last year’s constant temperature sleeping bags have made the pants legs, crotch, collar, and even the number of different numbers, this time the main upgrade point is the cotton black technology upgrade. It utilizes fiber cross-sectional specification, so that the surface of the fiber is formed, and the skin surface layer moisture and sweat are rapidly absorbed by the core adhesive structure of the groove.

There is a picture of the truth, and the inner layer is fast and absorbed, so that the baby’s body is dry.

The outer waterproof is not easy to dirty.


This craft is particularly good, like my sister, every night is a bathing, sitting on the sofa, drinking milk, often can’t get it, there will be milk from the box, this non-stained fabric is very suitable When you eat, you don’t pay attention to a child who has lost, gets rushing away, just like it, you will not wet sleeping bag.

Constant temperature fiber gold ratio


The LittleTiny sleeping bag is in Germany imported Outlast thermostat and Sorona warm fiber gold ratio, hot and cold automatic temperature, light and efficient and warm, let the baby not cold, comfortable, sleep all night.


Constant temperature Principle: Outlast fibers bind to nano microcapsules covering technology, OUTLAST material absorbs storage calories during overheating, and release heat when it is too cold, so that the microclimation reaches dynamic balance. Sorona fibers have a soft feel, better stretching and warmth.

Not a sleeping bag can claim 100% Outlast warming materials, LittleTiny’s materials are officially licensed and certified by Outlast, everyone can be relieved.


Sorona fibers have a soft feel, long-lasting, bright colors, excellent color fastness, good moisture absorption, comfortable stretching, and the like. Sorona fibers and Outlast2 black technology fibers perform scientific ratio, double the warmth of the sleeping bag, softness, can keep the temperature in the sleeping bag 33 ± 1 ° C.

Island long velvet cotton

The cotton fabric is not particularly soft, belongs to the natural and comfortable texture, and many of the market is very silky, mostly containing chemical fiber components.


In order to increase the comfort and softness of the sleeping bag, LittleTiny is strictly selected to import the island of long-sued cotton, the fiber is easier, and the warm performance is superior. It is more soft than ordinary combed cotton, which is more soft than ordinary combed cotton.

From the process, according to the quality, it is divided into combed cotton> Semi-combined cotton> High-cost cotton> Putu cotton, LittleTiny is the best combed cotton.


In combst, it can be divided into strokes in the advantages and disadvantages> Combined tuning> Combined spinning> comb comb ring spinning, the general high-end sleeping bag is very good, The high-end series of the Bo, is this process.

When LittleTiny is used, it is combed close-up. The hand feel is more soft and delicate than ordinary combed cotton, and the anti-ball ability is better, and there will be no need to wear it.

Island Long Silvet + Comb Close Tight Combination Technology, almost

The top plan for cotton fabrics

It is generally Burberry, Dior, BOSS these luxury brands will be used, and LittleTiny uses it directly on the sleeping bag.

This is also the reason I am looking for it. The price of two or three hundreds of prices are looking for in the market. It is better than this configuration. It will be lost. It is struggling to handle the details and ultra high cost performance. I have always highly recommend it. s reason.


All materials meet the national infant Class A standards through international SGS certification.

Intimate design, invincible


The sleeping bag is used by Japan YKK and the Little Tiny brand to customize an angel’s wing zipper. The two-way zipper is small and smooth, and the bottom can be opened, and the wear is more convenient. Casually, how to bite the chain, it will not break off, safe and reliable.

Bidirectional design, cold to the baby to change the pants, don’t open the upper body, the action is slightly slow, not afraid that the child is cold, the baby is small, can pull a small cut from the bottom to replace the diaper, or from top Under the opening of half, replace the clothing, to maximize your baby’s cold.

Sleeve removable, long-sleeved short-sleeved free switching, meets more temperature needs. Unique leggings design, reduce the movement of the legs, deepening the crotch secondary, thread extension, reduce the problem of psi legs. Zipper protective cloth design, caring for baby delicate skin.

The size of the fiscal sleeping bag is as shown in the figure above. You can buy it as high as the child’s height, the maximum code to XXL, you can wear a sleeping bag on the child’s height, and there are not many markets.

In addition, the sleeping bag of this material is specially designed for 0-8 months of newborns, which has unique anti-surplus design, the best choice for pregnancy and full moon.

The previous constant temperature sleeping bag has only two thickness and thickening thicknesses, suitable for different room temperature ranges, this season LittleTiny has increased super thick, suitable for room temperature 13-16 ° C, for the southern wet cold, there is no air conditioning, super thick It is very suitable.



Ultra-thick money is still pre-sale


The goods have not yet arrived.

It is expected that you can ship from September 20th.

. The thickness and thickening are spot, and it will be sent.

There are not many sleeping bags that can reach this thickness and room temperature, and the quality is more featuring. I have to say that there is a lot of LittleTiny product lines, and all kinds of application scenarios can have a suitable single brand.


The color of this season is also more than in previous years. I have ever three men and three women in the past. This year is eight colors, LittleTiny has gradually wealthy. Ha ~ color is more and more. The girl is mainly pink, but the color of the boy is more diversified. The most satisfied is that I have a small dinosaur flower that I have done every year. This season finally gave arrangement.

The opinion of Ken listening to the user is also the advantage of LittleTiny.

I said that they have never been elapsed together with them … Brothers 126cm wear XX, sister 108cm wear XL, there is a surplus when the legs are standing, but it is not so much when it is lying.


The sleeping bag does not recommend everyone to buy a large code, because the necklines will be more relaxed, affect the insulation performance of the sleeping bag, you can use the size of the child to choose the size of the child ~

Some mothers will feel that they will not be able to score, this is a misunderstanding, you will find that there is no matter how big it is.

The legs sleeping bags take into account the comfort of the child, and the crotch will be relatively loose, so the child will still have a phenomenon in the legs when rolling, this is inevitable all the legs sleeping bag, even LittleTiny has tailoring Adjustment, reduce the movement of the legs, this phenomenon is still, I have to say honest.

Because my family has heating, I don’t quite in the face of the legs, if it is the winter where there is no heating in the winter, especially in the problem of the foot, may wish to consider the squeezing amount I want to say below.


See the two wonderful postures, don’t you fear your brother?

The careful little friends may find a pillow in the corner. Yes I also have a shadow pillow, sell a Cat, I said.

Gauze jacket sleeping bag – new + cost price!

When you open the summer sleeping bag this year, I will introduce the two wide different materials of the LittleTletiny home, the mint sleeping bag is the earliest core product of the LittleTiny home. It is also the main sleeping bag, because the mint fiber is not, but the cost is also It is more expensive.

So Little Tiny has a relatively bamboo cotton sleeple, more soft than mint fibers, and the price is low. This is the adjustment made by the brand in order to enrich the production line.

In the winter, the Little Tiny family has a new gauze, a small sleeping bag. The price is lower than the constant temperature sleeping bag. It is actually the same, but also adjusts the position of the brand, the different series of sleeping bags meet the needs of different mothers. .

The new gauze is sandwear, the outer gauze is selected, the plants are extracted, soft skin, delicate hand, the more it is, and it is called the breathing fiber, the summer bamboo cotton bag is also this material.

Inside the cotton, the US DuPont Sorona® warm fiber, the feather is light and soft, better stretching and warmth, so that the baby is comfortable to sleep all night.

This sleeping bag after a two-EU certification, comfortable ease.


Japanese YKK bidirectional bottom openable slider, easy to wear off.

Because it is new out of money, so all the details of the above follows the improved results of the thermostat sleeping bag. But one thing is not the same, I have to explain that folding feet mouth design, the design is unique to only this sleeping bag, sleeping bag quilted trousers can not fully open, so in order to have the folding design. Some mothers always afraid of the child’s feet sticking out cold, consider this quilted ~

The sleeping bag I gave Daiei came a child, my grandmother on the home, it feels kind of slippery feel, is very soft. There are two quilted sleeping bag thickness can be selected, the corresponding temperature shown below, is similar in thickness and thickening the thermostat usage scenarios:

But to explain, thin quilted is the spot,


Thick quilted section is now pre-sale is expected to be shipped on the 20th of this month.


FIG size, contrast thermostat sleeping bags, a slightly different:


There are four colors, high-level gray tone based, it is relatively clear that the prime pattern.

Silicone nursing pillow

In addition to the research and development of sleeping bags, littletiny has been in constant development of a variety of infant sleep and growth-related peripheral products, continue to enrich their product lines, to this season’s new silicone pillow from the cloud blankets, bed sheets, everything is high quality, user-friendly design.

We all know that when a baby is born do not need pillows, because they did not develop into cervical spine bent, do not need pillows. Pillow and there may also increase the risk of sudden death syndrome, so the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends not to give children before the age of 1 with a pillow.


But as children grow constantly growing, gradually they still need a pillow, the children choose the most important highlight of the pillow is: first to the right height, the height of the pillow of different ages are different, according to the selection of the child’s age appropriate the high pillow.

The second is from the viewpoint of hygiene, to choose skin-friendly material, good cleaning. littletiny this silicone pillow just are met.


First of all, why use silicone it? Because the silicone than latex pillow, it has unique advantages that can be washed, blanched in boiling water can wash disinfection.


Food grade silicone pillow, can withstand 200 ° C boiling sterilization. Into the drum washing machine, it can open the era of deep cleaning, drying washable, milk stains perspiration that is a red net. But to be in the cool air dry naturally after silica exposure can not wash the pillow.


4D three-dimensional arrangement of the openings, doubled breathable, quick drain away heat, comfortable sleep overnight. Pillow opening ratio up to 97%


Multilayer structure, 130 + wrapping head pressure point pressure release, a variety of precision bonded sleeping baby.

The island is long-staple cotton pillowcase with black technology upgrade, fast moisture, sweat or rejected. While adding nano-ion antibacterial function, mite suppression rate of 99%.


Pillow safety and environmental protection does not contain fluorescent agents, throughout the pillows were no zippers, do not worry zipper scratch baby’s delicate skin.

littletiny segmented silicone pillow is designed for the width and height of different ages pillows are not the same.


A total of four colors, but also with the colors of this year’s heated sleeping bag on the perfect match.

This is the glory of the box diagram mother.

When I got my pillow, just hand bend, and instantly restored to their original, special Q bomb, feel is soft to the touch, the difference better than latex. But just to get the time, the pillow is a little taste, air dry enough.

Lida Rong had been no pillow pillow, because he had no way to a quiet place to sleep, often Manchuang blind roll, so he actually have no access to the pillow. So this time I only gave my sister bought a pillow supporting small dinosaur sleeping bag. Not wanted, one day early in the morning, I looked at Lida Rong holding a pillow to sleep can be incense …… this be considered dove over the magpie’s nest?

After my sister woke up and found my brother does not know when to occupy her new pillow, and immediately not happy, kept on pulling, my brother he just deliberately do not give, according sister anxious eyes on the moment. Tips, the family has two children must not buy a pillow, no pillow pillow because once people become a favorite pillow pillow people ……

Notice the open group

Open group Time: 2020.9.16-9.23, week

Open group mode: Go to the little tiny Lynx flagship store, because the Lynx flagship store is not supported to change the price, so we need to buy the store price,


Remarks signal and “Ma Rong fans”


. After confirmation of receipt, contact customer service to return the difference in accordance with the group price. PS: Do not mention the price and buy the evaluation.

Open group and commodity group price:

Heated sleeping bag (sub-leg style / infant section)

Thick section (20-23 deg.] C room temperature) Original 398 yuan,


Group value 288 yuan

Thicker section (16-20 deg.] C room temperature) Original 458 yuan,

Group price 328 yuan


Laid thick section (13-16 deg.] C room temperature) Original 518 yuan,

Group price 368 yuan

(Thick section is a special pre-sale, expected around 9.20 shipping)


Bamboo cotton cloth sleeping bags

Thin quilted section (20-23 deg.] C room temperature) Original 358 yuan,

Group value 258 yuan

Thick quilted subsection (16-20 deg.] C room temperature) Original 378 yuan

Group value 278 yuan

(Quilted thick section is pre-sale, expected around 9.20 shipping)

Four bamboo cotton cloth sleeping bags Legs original price 328 yuan,

Group price 238 yuan

PS: This is the spring and autumn, no quilted, 4 layers bamboo cotton cloth, especially if home heating hot, room temperature is often above 25 ℃, then this would be more appropriate. Because it is spring out of money, so there are individual color and model of the broken code, and are able to take stock of Ha ~


Silicone baby pillow care type


Small Original $ 218

Group value 158 yuan

Original No. 268 yuan,

Group value 188 yuan

Large original price 338 yuan,

In addition, because the state has adopted a policy for environmental reasons, littletiny sleeping bag from the beginning of 2019, it becomes a beautiful packaging + PE bag liner form, as shown below:


If you need to give it away, then, the store has an extra gift ($ 10) and bags (6 million) link to a single shot, contact customer service if you can not find too. Have any questions I can give under article leave a message or direct customer service consulting the purchase of commodities.

Finally, the two offer a small lie only love each other a little pillow picture as the end of it ~


PS: in accordance with the figure Daiei sister wearing littletiny mint sleeping bag.


I was Rongrong mother, concerned about the micro-channel public number [] Rongrong mother raising children in mind, a look at how ordinary second child with mom crying and laughing with older children, most of parenting dry ground gas, to ensure that is different from the sexy stuff, more Parenting and ultra cheap buy good paper waiting for you.

Group price 238 yuan

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